Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hello World

After a tandem marriage proposal by Apatia and Melatonin, which lead them to asking me to blog for the Starlust I am!!  Hi, my name is Hallie Galli and I have been wandering around the Starlust for about a year.  If I could move into one of the motel rooms, I totally would.  That's what happens when you have a shopping addiction and you find somewhere where every store imaginable is all in one place.

I wanted to do my first post as something "blogworthy" but I found myself getting all sappy/emotional/cheesy.  The fact is...I LOVE THIS PLACE!  It feels like one big dysfunctional family with the perfect blend of people who love to create amazing things and people who wait with baited breath for notices of new releases.  It's just a great group of individuals who want to have fun, shop and be yourself (even if you have a unicorn/David Bowie/bacon/Bea Arthur/all of the above fetish).  It's my second home and I couldn’t be more honored than to be asked to be a part of it

For my first blog, I had this urge to attach as much to me as possible from each area of the Starlust to showcase the amazing finds here.  However, I began to realize that I didn't have enough attachment points and didn't want to crash the sim.  So, I had to grab some friends to help me out.  And where is a better place for a photo shoot than right...

on top of the Starlust Motel sign?  

Hallie Galli, Melatonin Hax, Mr. Kailiana Anatra and Annunziata Macchi.  

Collectively, we have every area represented:  Floyd, Lloyd, Harold, Horst and Herman Melville.  
What we're wearing:  

Hallie Galli
Skin:  -MiA- Tan Skin – Sweet (Horst)
Eyes:  -MiA- Brown Eyes  (Horst)
Hair:   BP* -autumn chignon/side/coffee  (Lloyd)
Necklace:  Kunstkammer la porte des reves necklace
Dress:  H&V:  Dotty Dress  (Horst)
Socks:  Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Purple  (Horst)
Shoes:  ::Duh!:: Croc Sandals White/Silver  (Harold)
Wand:  DEVO wand (my favorite in-world toy EVER)  (Floyd)

Melatonin Hax
Skin:  (IS) – Este – Harry (Harold)
Eyes:  Decollage – Blue Eyes  (Lloyd)
Hair/Hat:  Pudge:  Back in your head (Natural Red Head)  (Floyd)
Outfit:  Schadenfreude – Alice Wolsey  (Lloyd)
Shoes:  ..::A.Y.Y::.. Melatonin Awesomestars Sneakers  (Harold)  

Annunziata Macchi
Skin: MiA – Tan Skin – Sand  (Horst)
Eyes:  MiA – Brown Eyes  (Horst)
Lashes:  MiA – Blast Eye Lashes  (Horst)
Hair:  !lamb. – Lovetones – Snickers  (Lloyd)
Dress:  Twosome – Frilly Summer Thing  (Floyd)
Wings:  SaLsA! Angel Wings (in-store freebie)  (Harold)
Bow & Arrow:  [MnM] Angel’s bow & Arrow of heart (Starlust Valentine’s Day hunt/no longer available)  (Harold)
Boots:  TOSL  Sweater Wellies v1.6 Snow  (Herman Melville)

Mr.  Kailiana Anatra
Skin:  MiA – Male Medium Skin – Strapping  (Horst)
Hair:  *RC* Stevie.2 Hair [Brown2]  (Harold)
Jacket:  [Random] – 2 Buttoned Blazer – Purple  (Lloyd)
Jeans:  [Random] – Blue Brand Jeans 202  (Lloyd)
Sneakers:  ..::A.Y.Y::.. CandyGalore Sneakers  (Harold)

(Special thanks to Mel, Anna and Kail for helping me out <3)

I look forward to blogging more and I'm not used to the "blogger" format so please be advised I'm going to screw up occasionally.   Hallie <3


Melatonin Hax said...

ALSO we offered you pies...PIES Hallie Galli.

And also we love you - welcome to Starlustland.

Apatia Hammerer said...

she's right, we did offer pies.

Hallie Galli said...

You didn't say which I didn't want to be vague. <3

Gage Windlow said...

Great first post Hal, I love it!!! ...and just for the record, I remember hearing you were offered a lot more than just pies ;)

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