Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fashionably Dead Skins on Lloyd

I had written four paragraphs describing the mental image I have of Toast Bard doing interpretive slow motion dancing to the song "God Moving Across the Face of the Earth" by Moby. But I just deleted them because I wondered where the creepy line was... and if I would be crossing it.
I put these skins on and wondered also about the line between creating a skin so that your avatar looks more human and creating one so that your avatar might be virtually walking art.
It's inarguable that what Toast creates is by far so creative, so ingenious, sometimes completely taking my breath away.

These 12 skins range from novelty to sweetly poignant and everything in between. You can find them here in the Dinosaur at Starlust.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Toys on the Boys!

Earlier today Allegory brought me to Katat0nik's shop to try her new Lucky Fortune chair (for a most adorable dress! Alle won it... it's gorgeous) and then we mused over what a great invention this Lucky Fortune machine was. We so loved it that we went over to Shep Korvin's store and bought the copyable one. What we've done is placed one by the motel entrance on Lloyd and one by the Harbour entrance on Floyd. What I'd like (ideally) is to start a mega battle between the Lloydite Vendors and the Floydite vendors over who can contribute to the Fortune Machines most, ultimately culminating in an bloody scene of drunken and/or discombobulated merchants streeeewwwwn about the boys. Failing that... a boxing match. Failing that... macaroni and cheese wrestling. In any case... you're the winner and your prize will be a lovely outfit or product from one of our many many talented content creators!

First Up: A battle between Elate and Heartattack & Vine.

(To clarify - There is one machine on each sim. Each machine holds a prize from a vendor on that sim. To win, you must make a 100% cosmic match with the person you're sitting with. If you and that person are not 100% cosmic match, you're percentage will always be the same on that machine but ONLY for that prize. Each new prize the machines will be reset. If you and your partner are not a match on Floyd, you might be on Lloyd! and if you're not on either... then try different partners. Most of all... have fun!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kurotsubaki at The Starlust Motel

Room 12 is Kurotsubaki. Who's designs and creativity I think really aided in pushing a lot of virtual designers to start thinking outside of their boxes as well. Sato and Nico are full of fresh and inventive ideas, creating some of the most interesting places to shop that I've seen. Swing on by sometime, if you haven't already!

Photo Courtesy of Gypsy Queller: Gypsy Creations Photography

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hiccup at The Starlust Motel

You're almost guaranteed to walk into a Hiccup shop and squeal and find a hair that looks delicious on your avatar and go home happy. That's of course if you haven't already done so. Room 33 is where you'll be wanting to head to hit up Tilly Tokyo's little spot of hair heaven.

Photo courtesy of Gypsy Queller - Gypsy Creations Photography

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pantie Hunt Ends Tonight!!

If you haven't already swung by and tried (hopefully not in vain) to find yourself some panties... This is your last chance!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Swallowtail Jewelry at The Starlust

Room #1 at the motel belongs to Natsuko Paravane and her delicious jewelry line, Swallowtail. I'd never really worn virtual jewelry before walking into Swallowtail and seeing something so reminiscent of jewelry I wear in real life (when obligated to do so). Her prim work is beautiful and delicate, so finely crafted. If you haven't yet discovered Swallowtail you might very well enjoy heading over to her main or to Room #1 at the Starlust Motel.

Photo courtesy of Gypsy Queller of Gypsy Creations Photography

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pantie Hunt till Friday

1) you are all troopers, amazing troopers. 2) I love Johnny Cash 3) There really are clams hidden all over BOTH sims.

Let me explain - (no sleep, lots of coffee... bare with me) I want to thank each and every one of the vendors who've participated. They didn't have to. They are my heroes for their enthusiasm. Johnny Cash is brilliance. And a lot of people have been chattering about not being able to find the clams. In the photo above, the tineh one is actual size. Yes... they're a little bit small... but considering that there are probably over 100 of them now... the chances of running into them are very good.
-Tip to get you going: There is one placed in the lower left corner of the window directly on the right of the main motel lobby door. Also there is one on top of the Schadenfreude Elephant's trunk.

Hunt ends Friday so you've plenty of time. Remember... not a mission... just some under pantie fun.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Aug 11th Pantie Party and 5 Day Pantie Hunt at Starlust

Please join us Tomorrow (Aug. 11th) at the Motel for a wee party celebrating all that is underpant. Starting around 6pm SL DJ Jhuzen Ketsugo will be um... spinning the phat beats? Yeah? I'm pretty sure that's what they're called. Even if they're not phat, they'll be good sized and really confident with themselves so do come.
Also there's a 5 day hunt with almost an uncountable amount of clams holding underpants from almost an uncountable amount of vendors going on. The hunt covers both sims of Floyd and there are underpants for men as well as women. Sexy and casual, fun and then some very serious ones. I do think you'll have a good time!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pantie Raid - Aug 11th 24 Hour Party and 5 Day Hunt

Please mark your calenders - 24 Hour pantie party and a two sim hunt that will last for 5 glorious days. August 11th, starts whenever you log in! Come hang out with your friends, with us and dance around to the wonderfulness of DJ Juhzen Ketsugo!

Underthings (well... lingerie... let's not include that in this blanket statement) may well be the most understated part of an outfit. Let's get together and celebrate them and what they do to keep our privates private. Such hard workers, for some of us.

It's only Friday and we've already got upwards of 25 underthings* hidden or clammed** up and ready to be hidden.

* Underpanties as well as socks and stockings
** Goodies hidden inside lovely yet relatively small golden clams.

SD Wears at The Starlust Motel

Room 4 of the Starlust Motel is occupied by Desdemona Young and her wonderful brand SD Wears. Regardless of your style, you'll find a lot of goodies here to outfit your avatar. Excellent variation, great prices, good quality...what more are you looking for? Shop your heart out in room 4

Photo courtesy of Gypsy Queller - Gypsy Creations Photography

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MimiEden at The Starlust Motel

Room 10 of the Motel is occupied by the adorable Mie Rang, designer of MimiEden. She has a lovely assortment of dresses and outfits, kimonos and a very sweet freebie purse. I also have to add that I covered my castle in her princess curtains, which are for sale in a megapack for only 150L and 30L for individual colors. Mie is a honey of a girl and one of the many Japanese designers we have here at Starlust. If you've not yet seen her clothes you might very well be glad you clicked teleport here

Photo courtesy of Gypsy Queller - Gypsy Creations Photography.
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