Saturday, April 11, 2009


Allegory Malaprop - I have been trying to write you epic love poems since that time we sat on the Thimbles roof for hours talking about Lost and other things but mostly we talked about Lost that night, I think. Sometimes I sit in the bathroom and I've come up with one or two lines, here and there. They never rhyme... I'm not great with rhyming epic poems.
I remember the very first time I'd ever been to Alle's store, Schadenfreude. At the time the plaza was called La Reina or La Riena or maybe the R was lower case. It's been a while. At any rate, the word schadenfreude has been one of my favorite, and one of my sister's favorite words for as long as I can remember. It means to take pleasure in the failure or tragedies of others.

I don't wear jewelery often in real or second lives... In fact very very rarely. And Alle's shop, when I first went there was mostly jewelry - but I kept going back, always always because I loved so much that someone else would use the word Schadenfreude and name their store it... and this person must be very interesting as well as intimidating and so began the hero worship I still feel for Allegory Malaprop. And then Kiki met Alle, and Kiki brought Alle to a night of standing around on the Thimbles roof, which was sort of a sandbox kind of set up for us. And then Alle and I got to talking... and hopefully you've read the other blog posts so you know how this all goes. I won't bore you with ramblings from my mind, where chunks are missing and I get dates wrong and could start talking about the sound of running tap water from upstairs that's been going on for an abnormally long time. Let me please, instead, talk about Alle's skills and creations and wonderful brilliant mind.

Alle's style, if I had to guess or describe what I believe it to be... stems from a love of darker, rich fantastical things in life. Perhaps Gothic, perhaps Steampunk... though she's explained to me what that is and I'm still not entirely clear on it. Her clothings range from simple perfect staples like pants and the notorious skelebeaters... which anyone from any sort of style background will appreciate for the skill involved in making them so perfectly textured, to unholy elaborate costumes for men and women. Trench coats, lolita dresses, gowns, and my favorite of all... The Tease corset ruffle bustle outfit with a top hat and feathers. Jesus I didn't take it off for at least two weeks. I sat there with my mouth open putting on all the attachments and layers and then switching color folders to try on all the colors. The detail work on every aspect of this outfit is a screaming example of Allegory's skill. And her dedication to presenting, quite literally, the absolute best that she can. You'll find this exact same level of perfection and beauty in every single item Alle makes for her shop or builds. It is just simply unbelievable and sometimes I wish that she were very small so that I might be able to lift her with my arms above my head and shout for the world to come and bask in the glow of Allegory Malaprop, for I see her as a humbleDeity looming around this amazing world we've created together. And now I will let some pictures speak for themselves... But I want to end with a sentimental note.

Allegory Malaprop - I want you to know how completely appreciative I am of your friendship. I know that I am a terrible writer... but the task of ever describing what you are capable of... is enormous. I think you're tops.

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Grady Echegaray said...

What a lovely valentine! Allegory is indeed one of the special ones. ^:^

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