Saturday, April 4, 2009

An open letter from Apatia Hammerer.

Starlust 1 Cubana

Dear Renters of, and anyone who's ever been to The Starlust Motel (except those of you who've rezzed... looked around and thought "ugh" and left).

It's an entire year - today - since we cut the tape and cheese and clicked the settings to make The Starlust Motel public. Allow me please to ramble and be all wistful and sentimental and foolish while I type here. Get yourself some coffee and/or potato salad because unless our respective attention spans give out... we both might be here a while. Except of course I had to go take the dog out. I'm back now, and I've completely lost my train of thought. Also I have a headache. Also it's not actually today for me... I'm writing this on Thursday night... did I just blow your mind? No? Yes?
I think it was sometime in 2007, late 2007... very late 2007, in fact probably 2008... but Anyways. I think it was then that the idea that eventually morphed into Starlustland was born. It was in a conversation that kind of went something like "Hey, I wish there was a way to put your junk with my junk. Then maybe if people come because they like my junk... they'll see your junk and maybe like your junk too." And lo... the idea was birthed from the addled recesses of our minds. We went looking for land. We didn't know our heads from our butts about buying land in world. That land on Cubana... the plot next to the "German Yiff Paradise" and across from what we tenderly referred to as "Mount Lolita"... the parcel that Lolita the Gor Sex Princesslave had her castle and sex dungeon on... but had banned us from... ignorant that we could *totally* cam in and appreciate her art choices and sex machines from our plot, until she terraformed her entire parcel into a sort of mountain and plopped her castle on top so we couldn't cam in from the ground, no we had to fly up to be perverted peeping Toms, and we so did... Anyways. That was the most awesome thing ever. That parcel of land that was ours and we could put out as many blow up dolls and prims as we wanted (until we hit 2k, of course). And we did put out prims and blow up dolls. It was a lot of trial and error. Trial on Allegory's part. Error on mine. And a LOT of laughing.
And then The Starlust Motel on Cubana opened. And it was crazy. Stein had gotten Lolita's parcel after she put it up for sale in what I like to think was a self righteously incensed fit of Gorpower... Though dunno, she could have been ordered to. We had to move our skybox over to that parcel because we were rapidly eating up those 2k prims. Cubana was about to burst. It simply could not contain the force but we couldn't afford anything bigger and we started a fundraiser. Good god that was touching, I think we were all humbled and surprised at how much was donated to the Starlust Expansion fund. I'm not sure if it was ever mentioned publicly... but to those of you who donated to that - Thank you. You will never know how much it was appreciated. We were able to buy the land on Neverdie (which was also next door to a pre-existing sex dungeon castle, a rather nice one at that).

There is a chunk here missing about Lloyd and memories between here and there and what Starlust has kind of grown up into... It's late and I will save my ramblings on Lloyd, Floyd, Horst, Herman Melville and the new and gorgeous Harold... for another day.

"Hey... what about..." and "Holy shit I spit coffee" are probably the most over used sentence starters if you were to go through chat logs and tally them up.
I have a pretty shoddy memory sometimes. I wouldn't call these last few years of my real life sparkling wonderful times... and my brain tends to try to smoove badness over like a blur brush in photoshop. We're all going to remember the early days of Starlust a little differently, or remember more or less things than the other person. But it's been something we've all done together in one way or another. And that was the goal, mission: accomplished (i hope).

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Kellie Iwish said...

Congratulations, Appy! You all deserve every bit of success you've got.

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