Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Herman Melville


The fifth of our little cluster of sims is a bit different from the rest, a homestead sim that, while part of our little family, is Quinlan Quimby's domain. The whale shaped island of Herman Melville, with its colourful treehouse of awesome, serves as the mainstore of TOSL.


TOSL (Tree & Ocean SL) is a strange little wonderland of all sorts of goodies, including an assortment of foodstuffs to feed your poor starved avatar.

tosl bakery

Up in the treehouse is a selection of cute clothes, including some very ambitious sculpted items. Down below, there are assorted things for the house (the dog lamps are adorable).

tosl interior

TOSL floats off the south coast of Lloyd. You can row over to it in the boat behind the Smersh duck.

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Herman Melville Fan said...

Herman Melville has an island named after him?

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