Sunday, April 5, 2009


southern belle thimbles

Thimbles means a lot to the Starlust- for without Thimbles, there would be no Starlust. The new plot in Cubana, aside from being a bigger area to be able to play with and have more shops as well, was Thimbles' new mainstore. The Thimbles girls, Melatonin Hax and Apatia Hammerer, had had their mainstore on a little sliver of mainland (I have never made the plunge into land ownership myself- I've considered it, but the tier thing is a bastard), and the Starlust Motel happened when they decided they needed more space.

plaid angel

These girls are madly prolific (they don't even bother to announce new releases most of the time because they'd be spamming constantly!), and create fabulous wardrobe staples- perfect fun floofy dresses, all sorts of tops and pants and accessories (the scarves!), and the plaid, oh the plaid. Thimbles is my "comfort food" when it comes to clothing. I built the Starlust Motel in Cubana largely in a Thimbles hoodie, with plain black pants and my mohawk pulled back in a ponytail (and socks, without shoes most of the time).

The thimbles not boobs

Inside the thimbles not boobs

Thimbles is also the building that's gone through the most incarnations- at Cubana it was the big yellow brick lobby with the huge awning. At Neverdie (which never saw an opening), it was a huge truck stop, with a giant round staircase entry. The first Thimbles on Lloyd was the two round domes, which were demolished to make way for a tower, which is turn was demolished when Thimbles moved to Floyd, in the huge pair of Thimbles (which might actually stick around for a bit! Although I expect the basement will fall prey to their desire to remodel, at least).

daddy's plaid

I have made it a hobby to park Curio Obscura Oui Coupes on top of most of the later incarnations of Thimbles- getting up to the top of the notboobs and managing to stop without overshooting was a challenge (so is getting up that ramp in the new one! But then, so is walking up it, which I dearly enjoy as I get dizzy and fall down repeatedly). (Sadly I haven't made a hobby of taking pictures once I DO get parked, and I leave my cars unlocked for people to drive around the sims.)

thimbles picnic

Thimbles currently resides in a pair of thimbles, with a huge flooded basement below, nestled in a corner of Floyd, behind the boardwalk and the Pudgeburger, in the shadow of Mount Lolita, covered in flowers. The biggest thimble holds the newest releases, the smaller thimble holds the slightly older but still rather new releases, and the basement entered from the stairs in the small thimble contains yet older stuff. They also keep a new release blog, but lots of things don't actually make it into it!

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