Friday, October 31, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Starlustland Lucky Fortune Vendor Items!!

LLOYD - From zee magical Travis Bagley (my new hero) We've got a fatpack of his button up shirts in the most lovely colors!

FLOYD - From the ever delicious KittyKitty Catteneo and her store Scratching Post are these scribbly wibbly jeans!

These items are only here for a week... so bring your cosmic matches and hit em' up!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Big Booty, Big Money on Floyd

BBBM is one of the first shops in world that I ever fell madly in love with. I just thought everything from the textures to the ads was so incredibly visually interesting and unusual for what I'd then been exposed to in SL.

The Big Booty, Big Money Navy Zygote Tiger Dress is one of my first SL purchases and still one of my favorite dresses to wear. Oh I just heard the strangest noise behind me. It was like a cricket really fast and loud or a cicada... only just for a split second. So weird. This next dress, the Big Booty, Big Money Space Ball Sunshine Dress I love more than the first. I love it because it's f'king huge. It flounces. It's princessy but not in a frilly little girl way. I'm not a frilly little girl. I wore it to the grand opening of the first Motel, Hank loved it. I think he wished he could have worn something equally grand.

Recently we've had the serendipitous luck to host BBBM in a giant sunken ship on Floyd. It's weird, it's awkward to walk through, it's dusky and filled with dangerous man eating piranha. I'm flippin overjoyed that Evelyn took the space and made it booty and moneyfull. It's neat, it's fun to explore and there are definitely worthwhile reasons to!

Evelyn's new dresses are so incredibly gorgeous. I've seen so few in world with the same quality and creativity behind them. Her Big Booty, Big Money Epilogue Dress, Metal isn't even my most recent favorite, but it's so lovely I wanted to put a photo of it here. The textures are rich, the colors are so complimentary. If you haven't been to BBBM and think your inventory is sorely lacking (which, I agree... it IS) then click on over and come see for yourself. Look around for a mystery gift as well as a stack of her older releases marked down so low it's a crime not to get them! BBBM on Floyd!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Meat Carver - Devo on Floyd.

So last week Meat Carver joined our sick little family of Starlustland and ever since... every day it's been hard to stop playing with his toys and do work and stuff. A lot of people are already familiar with his products from his shop at Hotel Dare and/or knowing him personally. Since I'm a shut-in who rarely leaves Starlustland I wasn't and boy howdy did I nearly crap my pants.

I love trees and since we're always in favor of adding more to the boys, I plopped the "DEVO" ORANGE TREE down on Lloyd to see it in action before moving it over to the mountain area (which I haven't done yet... so if you wanted to see it in action too head on over to the Motel Lobby and look around for it) and I don't think this photo does justice to how awesome it is. It grows oranges that perpetually fall from the tree and roll away, it's genius.

Stein and I went over the other day together and immediately she started serenading me with her "DEVO" ACCORDION, which plays an addictive little tune on a loop. There are animations included that make your av. play it and we did for about an hour and a half. Nonstop

Lastly I think I got the most fun out of the "DEVO" PETS. It's as many pets as you could possibly imagine rezzing, all attached by chain leashes to a handle or stick that you hold in your hand. They follow you around, they're ride able... they wreak havoc. And havoc... well... I do so love to wreak it. Stein and I ran around the sims until she crashed, and after that I wrought some havoc on my own around Lloyd. Then I let them off their leash and sat down while they perpetually collided with people.

Anyhoo. I f'king love this store and I' m so glad Mr. Carver's finally joined us! Go visit DEVO on Floyd!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

naith Smit Designs on Floyd!

Walking into naith Smit's shop is like walking into a shop of creature comforts for me. Mixing my two favorite things... black tank tops and hooded sweatshirts. Mr. Smit has really lovely neko tails and ears, menswear and women's alike in his shop. This blog post isn't going to do the quality of Mr. Smit's designs justice. I simply love this shirts and you probably will to. So go!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Introducing Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary

New Shops - New Sim - New Fun!


Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary!!

The prison on Horst (located on the new sim next to Lloyd/Starlust Motel and the sim of Polly Jean) is opening tomorrow, Saturday October 11th. There are 19 new shops for your enjoyment. That means loads of new stores to see and loads of new freebies to enjoy. Come visit the shops (Zanzo, Rainbow Snail Design, Crimson + Clover, SINdecade, KessKreations, Hourglass Shapes, Pink Fuel, Draconic Kiss, **Trixi Stix**, Thistle Homes, Figure Eight, Ekstras, Sugar Mill, Zaara, Pink Outfitters, Thrashed, The Sea Hole, and Pixel Dust) and have fun exploring the prison.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

For a good time call on Floyd at 1pm or 6pm SLT

Tonight (oct. 6th) at 1pm SLT and then again at 6pm SLT the Mr. Starlustland Pageant will wreak 9 kinds of havoc on the humble sim of Floyd.
23 men and 1 penguin - 4 categories - Competing in an epic battle for the glorious title (and responsibilities involved therein) of MR. Starlustland 2008!

To get there - Land at the Starlust Motel Lobby and follow the trail of pink to Floyd.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Say HI To Polly Jean!

Oh Dear. That 'Marlys' woman has found her way onto the Starlust Motel blog!! 


I just wanted announce that The Starlust Motel will be opening it hearts, minds and Melatonin's pants to Polly Jean. The 4th sim installment to this glorious mecca of design, pagentry and procurement is filling in nicely.

Part A: Pleasantville
This is a old slash new "look" at residentials in Second Life. Fashioned after the 1950's suburbia, the genius prefab designers of Nook & Cranny put this community together lickity split!  Now, it has been quasi-infested with a bunch of weirdos... heh. god bless 'em.... and their prozac.

Part B: Polly Jean - The Reckoning
I am delighted to announce ONLY SOME of the amazing vendors that have joined the Starlust Motel community: JuJu’s Closet, Naith Smit DesignsMayaMaya Creations,UnzippedLeague and the ever delicious after-dinner-mint BLONDE. As in the Starlust Motel fashion, we are building these vendors unusual shops that are magically enhancing in every way! 

Here’s a picture of JuJu’s Closet, which is now open for busines on Polly Jean: 
There will be more prettyness to follow as stores are built and Melatonin's pants loosen in my mighty grips! Stay tuned for more news!

Pre-judging is complete, the battle begins.

Pageant Applicator - Jed Brimm

We had a wonderful time weeding through the applications to determine which men would pass through to the official Mr. Starlustland Pageant 2008, which will be held October 6th at or around 1pm SLT (though please don't hold me to this time, we might have to work out a better time so as to accommodate as many Mr. Starlustland Pageant participants and the judges).

The finalists are:
Mr. Batusi Bosatsu
Penguin God Garbage Prototype
Mr. Johnny Barbecue
Mr. Lawless McBride
Mr. Longfellow Foton
Mr. loveless Losangeles
Mr. Marsellus Bombast
Mr. Palmindan Whybrow
Mr. Rance Alva
Mr. Subversive Writer - Hero of Kittens, Internationally
Mr. Sven Marx
Mr. Marty Courier
Mr. Bri Reifsnider
Mr. Timothy Morpork
Mr. Travis Bagley
Mr. Aaren Reyes
Mr. PirateDucky Constantine
Mr. Staige Aker
Mr. Krishan Rieko
Mr. Jed Brimm
Mr. Kenry Klaar
Mr. James Schwarz
Mr. Xi Ballyhoo
Mr. Zieen Nordberg

Men: You are ALL winners to me. Thank you for applying, making us laugh, flattering us beyond the levels bullshit meters can possibly handle and all around putting the lust in Starlustland.
Keep your ears alert in the I <3 Starlust update group for news and notices when we randomly make these men compete in pre- pageant obstacles or put them on display.
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