Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MiaSnow and More

MiaSnow, who has an outpost in Elliott, has just released a new line of skins for guys called Jake. There are four different styles (rockstar, chops, fight and goatee) that come with options as far as hair and makeup, and there are Jake shapes as well. The following pics feature the Jake skins and many other items from Starlust vendors in a big crazy mix (shops and sims are all noted below). Who loves to shapeshift? Me.

SKIN: MiaSnow -- Jake (Rockstar) (Elliott)
EYES: Hoot -- Into the Depths (Harold)
HOODIE: Acid & Mala -- Black Zipped Jacket (Bill)
SHIRT: Reek -- Baseball Tee (Harold)
PHOTO HUD: MiaSnow Photo FX -- Grunge 1 (Elliott)
PIERCING: The Habitat (Elliott Freebie)

SKIN: MiaSnow -- Jake (Chops) (Elliott)
EYES: Tacky Star -- Simplicity (Harold)
SHIRT: Thimbles -- I <3 Plaids: Alec Baldwin Hybrid (reopening soon)
SHAPE: Symetrie -- Axe (Bill)
TEETH: RC Cluster -- Wooden Teeth (Floyd)
POSE (top row, second from left): PDA -- Gently I'll Wake You (Harold)
PHOTO HUD: MiaSnow Photo FX (Eye Grey) (Elliott)
Note: the teeth are not on the skin, they are an attached accessory.

SKIN: MiaSnow -- Jake (Fight) (Elliott)
PHOTO HUD: MechanizedLife FilterCam (Harold)
POSE: PDA -- You Are On My Mind (Harold)

SKIN & SHAPE: MiaSnow -- Jake (Goatee) (Elliott)
HAT: Split Pea -- Hedonistic Inclination (Lloyd)
PHOTO HUD: MechanizedLife FilterCam (Harold)

MiaSnow also has a cheapie clown skin for girls out now in her shops that is just 69L, so snag that while you can!

SKIN: MiaSnow -- Isis Tan Clown (Elliott)
POSE: PDA -- Long Was The Year (Harold)
EYES: Hoot -- Into the Depths (Harold)
HAIR: @Waffles! -- Fargo eats tofu (Horst)
SHAPE: Beautiful Girls by Abra Exonar -- Odette (Available at Free*Style on Horst)
TATTOO: MiaSnow -- Tainted Heart cutout (Tainted Love hunt prize at Mia's mainstore until the end of February)
DRESS: KATAT0NIK -- Wish Dress: Starlust edition (Lloyd)
Note: the heart tattoo is not on the skin itself, it's a separate item.

SLurl to MiaSnow in Elliott:

Have fun,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Final Hunt Prize Roundup!

One last set of prize pics for you guys -- I've covered almost all of the many fantastic prizes in the Starlust Valentine Hunt, which runs through February 22nd. If the item is credited below, it's a hunt prize!

POSES: A Fine Line - Warrior poses set

FEMALE POSE: Adore & Abhor - Zinger
FEMALE DRESS: Touche - SmexiSweater Dress Burgandy
COUPLES POSE 1: Dismorph - Carry Me Away!
COUPLES POSE 2: DmD - Amazed

POSES: Pink Pebble Poses - PPP Starlust Hunt Gift Poses

TEXTURES (on walls): Made by Moo - Vagine Textures (5 colors and textures with baseboards included)

SCENE: Kusshon - Valentine's Cuddle Cave


What more can I say, really? Bottom line is that this is an awesome hunt and you need to get your Starlusty booty out there and do it! Starting point is in the motel in Lloyd -- just search for Starlust Motel or check Apatia Hammerer's picks. Yes, there is lag. Yes, there are cryptic clues. Yes, there are locations you may not be familiar with. This is all part of the adventure, people.

Thanks to Rach for helping out with this post!

Have fun out there, and happy hunting!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And Yet More Starlust Hunt Prizes!

There are over 80 prizes in the Starlust Valentine Hunt, and you have until February 22nd to grab a HUD from the motel lobby and start the journey towards claiming all this fun stuff. If you get stuck, ask for help in the Starlust group chat. All items credited below are hunt prizes and can be yours!

MALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Axe
MALE SHIRT: Kid Asia - V-Day V necks Pink
MOUTH STUFF: Pink Yummies - Heartums Cookie
NECKLACE: Peanut - Love Stinks Necklace
FRIEND: Malizz Yiyuan - WodooDoll
FEMALE CORSET: Astraia - Starlust VDay Corset
FEMALE TATTOO: Adore & Abhor - Love me true tattoo
FLOWERPOTS - Split Pea - I'm gonna skin it and wear it as glove
HANDHELD: /ME - My Little Priorities coinpurse

HANDHELD: TOSL - Lollipop Heart Bouquet
BACKPACK: Mixed Nuts - VDay Backpack (2 colors included)
PANTIES: SD Wear's - SD Panther Crave Undies
FURNITURE: Atomic Owl - Three Legged Large Valentine Stool

FEMALE HAIR: Epoque - Lovefest
FEMALE POSES: Olive Juice - Bubblegum Coquette, Dangerous Curves Ahead, Love Letters to Japan
FEMALE SHIRT: Not Without You - Muse
FEMALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Demi
FEMALE SHOES: Ingenue - Audrei Be Mine
MALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Axe
PANTS: The Stringer Mausoleum - Its In The Veins
DEVIL'S RIG: MnM - Devil's heart set (includes horn, tail and wings)

SHAPES: Symetrie (both male and female shapes included)
SHOES: Duh! Red Moccasins (both male and female versions included)
SOCKS: Strumpet - Lover's Quarrel Stockings
FEMALE SHIRT: Thimbles - 1983 (from dress)
FURNITURE: Ponitee - Record Shelf

Have fun,

Monday, February 15, 2010

More Hunt Prizes!

Valentine's Day is over but the Starlust Valentine's Hunt continues through February 22nd! Besides, every day should be Valentine's Day if you're with someone (my someone told me to say that) and there are plenty of prizes in this hunt that you will be able to use and wear long after the pink candy heart season has passed. If the item is credited below, it's a hunt prize!

SKIN: Imagen - Clara - Este - Deep Purple skin
POSES & HANDHELDS: Don't Freak Out - I Love You poses and holdable hearts
JEWELRY: Bliensen + MaiTai - Blue Valentine necklace, Ticky Tacky - Woe is My Black Heart necklace, Weather or Not - Tough Love Arm Band Silver/Emerald
MOUTH STUFF: Mouth Hugs - heart, Ticky Tacky - Key to My Heart mouth key
WINGS: Sanu - Succubus Wings (also comes with a tail)
LIGHTS: Dash of Romance - Lava Lamp Valentines, Blue MoonPie - Unchain My Heart Hanging Light Set

SKIN: Polar - Sweety skin (2 versions included)
EYES: Hoot - Into the Depths eyes (three colors included, Sweet Valentine and Violet Valentine shown)
JEWELRY: Le Melange - Hey Diddle Diddle choker and dish and spoon earrings, U&R Dogs - Wood Louse necklace, Glow Studio - Red Diamond Valentines earrings
MOUTH STUFF: Detoxx - Sour hearts: Sweet (9 different words included)
GLASSES: Nala - Love Glasses

SKIN: Polar - Sweety skin (2 versions included)
EYES: Schadenfreude - Heartflake Eyes
SHIRT: NUT - Art Tee
SCENE: NUT - Hidden Sunrise Skybox

SKYBOX: NUT - Hidden Sunrise Skybox
INTERIORS (from left to right): La'Licious Designs - Peek A Boo Bear Topiary, Shabby Flamingo - Loveseat, Molto bene - L'amo Photo Board, Mr Tentacle - Huggable Valentine Squid (on loveseat), Herbalys - Gmok the wise, Republica - Heart String Lights

AWESOMENESS: Schadenfreude - Rotating Pasties and Really Tacky Underthings
Yes, Schadenfreude's items get their own gloriously ridiculous photo (though the skin is still the Polar prize). The animation built into the pasties has to be seen to be believed. Bonus: there is a lighthearted Satan theme on some of the underthings. There are lots of options to select from -- choose between different buttflossings, pasties and tassels. How can you go wrong, really?

HANDHELD: BP - Stewpot w/Particles
TREE: Beloved - BCD Love Tree
LIGHTS: UrbanizeD - Catch a Falling Star (you can wear these too)
PANTS: Glow Studio - Vintage Flowers Baggy Pants
SHIRT: Tomoto - Flifla dress (top portion)

As you can see (again), there are tons of cool prizes on this hunt. And hey, don't get discouraged if you're hunting and get stuck -- ask for help in the I <3 Starlust Group! Get your hunt HUD at the motel in Lloyd and have fun with it!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Look at Some Starlust Hunt Prizes!

The Starlust Valentine Hunt is on! The photo above shows the pink prize boxes that are currently dotting the Starlusty landscape in most of the sims. Remember, you have to find all the heart pieces and fill the Valentine HUD (available at the motel in Lloyd) before you can start gathering your prizes. For incentive, here's a look at just a few of the many, many awesome gifts available in those pink heart boxes -- if it's credited below, it's a prize!

DRESS: Thimbles - 1983 Calling (three colors are included)
SHOES: She's So Unusual Shoes - Red N White Hearts Flats

GIRL'S ENSEMBLE: Pig - Ambrosia for VD
FEMALE SKIN: Peaches - Starlust Hunt skin
FEMALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Demi shape
GUY'S SHIRT: Pig - Uncle Charlie VD Special
MALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Axe shape

LINGERIE (left): Exodi - Lusty (two colors included)
FEMALE SKIN (center): Pie Hole - Love Cuts skin
FEMALE SHAPE (center): Symetrie - Demi shape
BRACELET (center): Yellow Snow - Queen of Hearts Bracelet
DRESS (center): Urbanista - Glam Mini Dress
MALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Axe shape
GUY'S TEE: Blacklisted - Love Cry Diva-T
GIRL'S SHIRT (right): Vanitas Vesture - Autumn Soft Tank
GIRL'S PANTS (right): House of Hucci - Hucci Plush

WEAPON: Ki2 - Women's Cupid Bow Pink (Male version also included)
SHIRT: Lark - Karen Blouse
GLASSES: Bubble - Retro Glasses Pink

SWEATER: Twosome Comfy Cardi (three colors included)
TIGHTS: Twosome Square Tights
SKIN: Imagen - Clara - Este - Deep Purple Messy skin
PANTIES: C'est Moi! - St. Valentine underpants
NECKLACE: Scribble - Starlust Hunt Gift Necklace

A lot of variety, including some cool skins and shapes! So far, the things are mostly for girls (no surprise, really), but there are indeed a few items for the guys. The hunt runs through the 22nd of February, so your friendly neighborhood blogging staff will keep featuring things we find. Meanwhile, get out there and start hunting!

Have fun,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd annual Starlust VD hunt begins TONIGHT!

OH it'll be a hoot!! All you have to do is go to the motel lobby at Lloyd (here) and grab a super awesome HUD. Click that sucker, attach it and then go about trying to follow the hints to find the 14 pieces of a heart that are hidden around the Starlust sims!! It's not easy but it's also not really super hard either - especially considering that there's the I <3 The Starlust update group for you to receive support and heckling from on your hunt journey! After you've found all 14 pieces the HUD works like a magic super awesome key that unlocks all the gift boxes the wonderful Starlust vendors have put out in their shops for you!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Horstian Wildlife

Greetings from the snowy land of Horst. I was wandering around and ended up raiding the FreeStyle trailers. There are tons of freebies to be had and it's a great place to hit with a new avatar since shapes and skins are some of the most readily available items. I created this little av out of various products from Horst vendors, including the FreeStyle things.

That's the Tres Blah unicorn behind me, of course -- a great Starlust landmark! What I'm wearing is sort of half-assedly unicorn themed. Starlust knows all about unicorns, after all, and lots of unicorn-ish freebies are available in the motel in Lloyd, but I kept it light. And yes, I'm standing on a giant piece of delicious sushi.

Head pet: Pididdle wearable Unicorn, sweater - Pididdle Unicorn Sweater (Girl), skirt: This is a Fawn (from the Francophile Dress)

FreeStyle items (all 1L or less):
pose: Free Male/Female AO from Roenik Newell, shape: Beautiful Girls by Abra Exonar (Nile), skin: StarLight Mods by Sileny (Perma Happy -- yeah, it has teeth), leggings: Punch Drunk Heart Leggings (Blue)

After morphing back into my usual self, I did some more wandering and couldn't resist snapping a few pics. Butterflies move through the cool, colorful trees by the FreeStyle trailer as the Ticky Tacky giant ice cream cone, the sittable sushi and ZsaZsa's House of Beauty (inside the giant bra) create a uniquely Starlustian background landscape.

Climbing the unicorn's horn. A Starlusty stairway to heaven.

Looking out over Travis, the undeveloped and lesser known Starlust sim. One of Apatia's sheep stops grazing the Horst shore to wonder if I've caught on to the evil plan of virtual world domination he's been brewing in his head (yes, I have).

Have fun out there,

Giant Sittable Sushi (the sheep are nearby):
FreeStyle Trailers:
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