Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Starlust Motel

I know, we're being mushy today. But it's the one year anniversary, and that gets you all teary eyed.

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My name is Allegory Malaprop, and I'll be your tourguide to Starlustland for a bit.

Starlust Group Shot

(left to right: Crystyle Bukowski, Stein Shilova, Melatonin Hax, Apatia Hammerer, Allegory Malaprop. Not pictured is Kiki Cunningham, as sadly we weren't able to schedule her into the group shot)

Once upon a time, there was a group of girls who had a dream. A dream to create a strange offbeat little shopping area that wasn't quite your typical mall. A strange little motel, a bit rundown and out of the way, in which we could hawk our wares and have a fun little place to hang out. Thus, the Starlust Motel was born.

Starlust 1 pics

Starlust 1 pics

I was astoundingly lucky, and met this group by chance shortly before this all got started (through a chance meeting with the unpictured Kiki, I ended up running into her and she started up a conversation and we stood around talking for hours that first night, and the rest is history), and when offered the chance to do some building for it, I jumped at it. Building spaces was something that really appeals to me in this world of ours, and the stars aligned just right for me to be a part of something amazing.

Starlust 1 - Cubana

One year ago today, the Starlust Motel opened in a little sliver of a sim named Cubana, after a while of building (and swearing) and texturing (and swearing) and setting up (and swearing). At the time, it was just a little one story motel with Bagley, La Sylphide, Amplify, SD Wears, GG Couture, Ki-Squared, HotBox, and Schadenfreude. Thimbles' new mainstore was in a big two story lobby on one end, Pudge was in a cafe on the other, and Violet Voltaire was in the same little violet traingle building she still inhabits. We had a weird selection of neighbors: this large Italian mall behind us, a German furry enclave to one side, and an open area of sea that had been occupied by a castle (before she decided that we looked far too scary and ran away). Apatia mentioned her a bit more- we really did love Lolita.

We've come a long way! Currently the motel is occupied by:
Room 1: Swallowtail, with a fabulous selection of fun and chunky jewelry, as well as shoes
Room 3: Bagley, with comfortable unisex casuals
Room 4: SD Wears, with alternative clothing
Room 6: Lotta, with quirky Japanese furniture and poses
Room 7: katat0nik, with fluffy lolita and casual clothing bedecked with original paintings
Room 8: Alchemy, with a selection of dresses for casual and dressy
Room 9: GiGi Couture, with stylish womenswear
Room 10: Gypsy Creations Photography, with art and custom photography, shapes, and poses
Room 11: Amplify, with edgy clothing and tattoos
Room 12: Kurotsubaki, with cute Japanese fashions
Room 33: Edelweiss, with frilly Japanese Lolita dresses
Room 13: Random Fashions, with bright hand drawn clothing for men (ladies, some is unisex, and Random Fashions does carry women's wear at other locations)
Room 16: Toy Hanauta, with interactive fun objects and furniture
Room 17: Draconic Kiss, with a selection of goth, lolita, and historical clothing, and skins
Room 23: Balderdash, with exquisitely detailed delicate jewelry
Room 26: La Sylphide, with gorgeous skins
Room 77: Long Awkward Pose, with a diverse selection of poses
Room 32: So Many Styles, with bright and fun womenswear
Room 33: lamb, with beautiful sculpted hair
Room 39: Periquita, with fun colourful shoes (there's an outlet with discounted shoes towards the rocking horse! Look for the quicksand!)
Room 42: Heartattack & Vine, with fun clothing for men and women

Thimbles, Pudge, Ki2, Violet Voltaire, and Schadenfreude occupy other builds in greater Starlustland. We were sad to see Hotbox's shapes close, leaving the motel last month, however Stein has moved on to focusing on other enterprises in Starlustland, including moving to prefabs of buildings like those she has created around the sims.

Happy birthday, Starlust!


Francesca Cazenove said...

Congrats ladies! Starlust is one of my favorite places to shop. And to share a little mushy story of my own - I met my sweetie there after accusing him of killing the floater in the pool and we just celebrated our 6 month anniversary last week :) So, thank you!!! *clinks a glass in celebration*

Allegory Malaprop said...

Awww, that's wonderful!

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Glad to see you're all still here after a year! Also, one of my favorite spots to shop. I rarely Sim shop(shop a whole sim) but I make an exeption for Starlust....and the surrounding sims.

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