Monday, August 31, 2009

VPoses and Devo

I meant to post this...a bit ago, but I suck and kept getting distracted. As it is, the panty hunt officially ended last night...but you might get lucky and still be able to find some. After last year's hunt, we were still finding clams for months.

And by "months" I mean "I saw a clam from last year's hunt out in this year's".

Our community manager got a cheat sheet from everyone (in theory), so maybe, just maybe, they will have been returned if people haven't picked theirs up...but I haven't logged in today so I don't know if she's done that yet!

But anyway. Now that I've apologized for not wearing pants...again...and possibly taunting you with things you can't have.

vposes exterior

Nestled up in the foothills behind Thimbles is a little building that houses VPoses. It's got some glass walls as well, so there are some great views from it.

vposes stand

I don't know about you, but I'm always on the lookout for more good pose shops, and VPoses has a lot of nice "model" poses (including some with great attitude), as well as fun poses and group sets for snapshots, and a great sofa with a number of poses (especially tuned for couples. Awwwwww).

devo piano

Devo is located at the foot of Mount Lolita, down the stairs from VPoses, and is full of all sorts of scripted wild and wackiness. The piano I'm posing on here actually plays when you touch or stand on it, and you can record songs to play back as well.

devo no legs

Yes, I do have no legs (and put on a more skin tone skin as the legless attachment isn't really meant for someone as blindingly white as I usually am! Regardless, it is still made of awesome, and I am willing to get a tan for it), courtesy of a thresher accident, and Devo. The picture behind me is something I halfassedly drew- you can play with it with your whole ass and draw pretty pictures on it too.

VPoses and Devo are located in scenic Floyd, below and to the side of the giant flowers scattered across Mount Lolita.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Second Annual Starlust Panty Raid

Just in case you did not see, the sims of Starlust are having a panty raid. There are panties, hair, baskets, mouth funs, tshirts, and entire outfits packed into these smallish golden clams hidden on the sims of starlustland. Here are some of the gifts:

on Mel:
Panties: [Decoy] Cheeky Panties - Plaid Green

on Hallie:
Underwear: Silent Sparrow

on Hallie:
Tanktop: Elate
Panties: BALACLAVA!!

on Mel:
Bra & Panties: ::HH:: Hucci Organic Panty

on Hallie:
Underwear: House of Hucci
Basket: RC Cluster

on Mel:
Panties: Doppelganger Inc. ~ Miss Crabby Pants
MouthFun: *panty (mouth) - Malizz Yiyuan

Hop on over to the Sims of Starlustland and get started finding golden clams

Links to the Starlust Sims:
Herman Melville:


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Starlust Panty Raid and WHERE ARE YOU?

The second annual Starlust Panty Raid hunt started on August 14th and will end sometime later in August (forgive me I am horrible with dates, people have to always remind me that today is Thursday or yesterday was Monday). There are MILLIONS OF PANTIES on all of the Starlust Sims (you know there are 10 sims attached to the Starlust Motel).

If you have not had time to go find these clams that have panties and other goodies inside of them, you are missing out. Here are a few wonderful items to be had:

top: (Elate!) Tank Top (White) - SL
panties: BP* denim under pants/blue/THE 2ND ANNUAL STARLUST PANTY RAID
ALSO - in the hand is the clam you are looking for!

Gritty Kitty: Blue Starry Manpanties

panties: (Madsy) perfect day for a picnic undies
shirt: ponitee::GEISYA Girl(pink) 1

hair: Wot? - Hair 017 {Panty Raid}
undies: *1800-B*Onesie Top - Wht Eyelet

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's coming.... the 2nd Annual Starlust Panty Raid!

It's been a year... you open up your top dresser drawer where you gingerly store your delicates, and moths fly out. You hold up an old, dingy, moth-eaten pair of underpants and think to yourself... wow, I really could use a new pair of these! Lucky for you, the Starlust has anticipated your needs!

The 2nd annual Starlust Panty Raid is about to begin!

The hunt begins Friday, August 14th! Start in any of the sims of Starlustland and look for the golden clamshells! With hundreds upon hundreds to be found, your underwear drawer won't be looking so sad and empty much longer!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Split Pea

split pea sign

Split Pea is the brainchild of Melatonin Hax, she who is one half of Thimbles, the high muckity muck in charge of the Area 408 half of Harold, and the new sim Elliott. A little over a year ago, she branched off from Thimbles into millinery- creating fantastical creations, mostly to be worn upon the head, in room 13 of the motel when it moved to Lloyd.

split pea mime

Eventually this little side project grew beyond the bounds of just a motel room, and moved into, of course, giant peas. Those peas inhabit the space in Lloyd that had been devoted to Thimbles, before the move to the giant thimbles in Floyd, keeping that plot in the family, as it were.

split pea princess

Quite a few head adornments (there are hats- but there are also feathers and vines and bows and glasses and birds) in Split Pea are created to go with things made by other designers- there are hats to go with dresses by Heartattack&Vine, feathers and bows to go with Clawtooth by Clawtooth hair.

split pea fishing

Split Pea is located in the southwest corner of Lloyd, a stone's throw from the motel and next to ZsaZsa's bra on Horst.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Drumroll please...

Thanks to everyone who entered this year's Flickr contest @ Starlust! We had many many amazing entries, but finally narrowed down the field to this years winners-- and just FYI, some of the voting was very close-- separated by only 1 point from the other contenders! Congratulations to our winners! :)

Lloyd: Mako Kungfu
Lloyd's Winner: Mako Kungfu

Floyd: Griete Rasmuson
Floyd's Winner: Griete Rasmuson

Horst: Clink Monday
Horst's Winner: Clink Monday

Herman Melville: Ramona Forcella
Herman Melville's Winner: Ramona Forcella

Harold: Mako Kungfu
Harold's Winner: Mako Kungfu

Eugene: Willa Whybrow
Eugene's Winner: Willa Whybrow

Bill: Astrud Sands
Bill's Winner: Astrud Sands

Yayyy! Winners, please contact Averie Larnia in-world to receive your prizepacks! Also be aware that some vendors have opted to hand-deliver their gifts to you, so be on the lookout! Participation prizes will be handed out to all who entered ASAP!

We hope you all had fun entering and look forward to your submissions next year :-)
All our best,
The Starlust Management & Vendors
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