Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BLONDE Ambition

It’s time to introduce you to my favorite blonde, Zedellbee Zuhal. Zee owns the retro furniture shop (in the form of a giant radio) called BLONDE. Her home store is located on Polly Jean, so you can get the best selection right at Starlust!

Zee offers the usual standards like a full kitchen set. Her prices are EXCEPTIONALLY reasonable, as well as her prim count. However, she does everything with a special twist. The oven is UK inspired, the frig actually OPENS to show food, and the washing machine shakes when you sit on it.  *coughs*

Her latest releases are STOCKHOLM 1961 living room set and the BOAT BAR. I highly recommend picking these up. Not only do they go beautifully in any retro inspired home, but they each come with a little bit of humor.   

For example, STOCKHOLM comes with two chairs (one with a foot stool), sofa, coffee table and two versions of lamps (short or tall). There is also a matching area rug ANNNNND a vintage edition of Playboy to hide when the guests show up.

BOAT BAR gives you two stools for the ladies (of course, the men would stand) and an imbedded barman animation if you sit on the bar itself. If you can click on the boat, you’re offered drinks like Sandy Bum or Sunset Strip. Nothing like a smoke and drink at the bar to help you settle in after a long day of work, aye?

Please open your homes up to BLONDE, you will love it! 

My Get-UP In Peechurs……
HAIR: BP, summer pony
APRON: BLONDE, freebie pinnie
  Tre Blah, turtleneck
BOTTOM: VINTAGE, freebie pants (store now closed)
EYES: Minnu, sky
SKIN: It’s a shop in Dogtown on Lloyd… I can’t for the life of me remember the name because the store is a number. I’m terrible at remembering numbers. Sorry. I suck.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Stuffs -

Wow this is the first time I've ever wished to start a Holiday newsletter... you know? Like that one my Aunt Jo send, though now she sends it via email... and I just delete it without opening it from there instead of throwing it away into a real trash can. Anyways.

Holiday stuffs going on around Starlustland!

Down in the lobby we've got a gigantic Christmas tree out and many of the vendors of Starlustland have generously dumped some gifts down there! Here are some photos of me and Stein all dressed up in the gifts!

Not everything pictured is available down in the lobby - My Moose antlers are from Illusions and I have no idea where Stein's boots and hair are from.
Hourglass shapes has a holiday gift of 4 shapes (two male, two female) down there as well... allow me to show you a photo of one of them!

We will not be holding any hunts for Christmas or New Years. There's already so much going on with wonderful things to hunt for around the grid anyways, I'm sure you won't miss one more.
The tree in the lobby is still being populated with gifts from our amazing vendors so if you stopped by earlier today you might find more stuff there tomorrow!

Around all the sims Allegory has put out snow ball fight thingies where you can actually pelt one another and there are stats and all that fancy stuff. Mind the yellow snow while you run around slaughtering one another with snowballs... we're not known for our strong bladders around here:/

Thinking... thinking... I think that's it!
One more photo - for posterity and a linky thing so you can easily teleport to the tree!

Friday, December 5, 2008

There may be snow on the mountains...

...but there's still a fire in the furnace.

Starlust in Snow (sun) 7

Winter has come to the Starlust! There's been a bit of a blizzard, covering the sims in a soft blanket of snow. That's still new enough we haven't gotten it horribly black and filthy....yet.

(Just don't eat the yellow snow.)

Starlust in Snow (fog) 1

Starlust in Snow (fog) 6

Starlust in Snow (fog) 5

Starlust in Snow (fog) 3

Starlust in Snow (fog) 4

Many thanks to Amyla Wakowski for taking pity on my poor no Atmospheric Shaders self, and taking lovely pictures for me!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sisters is having a Sale!!

*Sisters* on Halflust Harbour is having a huge clearance sale! A TON of items, normally priced 100l and up, are now 10L - thats right 10L! Dream Fizzle, the owner of Sisters, is making room for some new items! Sale will end when she's ready, so you better hurry before its too late!

TP to *Sisters*

JuJu’s Closet on Polly Jean

Allow me to introduce you to the wonders in JuJu’s Closet!

Designer Juwan Lane is fiercely fashion savy and not afraid to be a little naughty at times! Here are my picks as some of her hot items as seen on the Polly Jean sim (aka the giant shoe box!)

The Millennium is offered in many colors, depicted is Ruby. I’m a big fan of rubies and recommend them highly as gifts for moi.  The cost is a mere pittance at $280L for a stunningly sculpted prim skirt and more legs than a bucket of chicken.

The next item is the Austin Jacket.  This jacket is the SHIT. For $200L you get jacket layers with undershirts, prim sculpted collar/pockets and the ever-endearing POOFER. The texturing is flattering for men and women. It’s worth every linden.

SO! There you have it. A peek into one of the best closets this side of the grid. Stop by Polly Jean, spend some time and some money at JuJu’s Closet. You won’t be disappointed.


Other Items Featured in this Blog Spotlight, BlogLite as I call it, are as follows:

Dress: Millennium, JuJu’s Closet
Skin: Lotus Shojo 4, Fleur
Hair: Glam’s Teen Dream, Marlys

Jacket: Austin Jacket, JuJu’s Closet
Jeans: The Abyss
Skin: Lotus Shojo 4, Fleur
Hair: Olivia, Tousled

Friday, November 21, 2008

Deliciously Repressed

I wanted to finish my store at the wonderfully quirky Starlust Motel and my new line of Deliciously Repressed shapes before I went away for a few days and WHEW, it is done! Ok, I'm off to sleep a bit before I head off to noooo yaaawk cittay.

Take this taxi to (HOTBOX) for the Deliciously Repressed Collection, including a special for the coupon-clipper. Each shape comes with eyebrow shapers and facelights. Demos available in the cookie jar!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who? What? Where?

Who is this Polly Jean?!
What does she sell?
Well, those are two fantastic questions!

The WHO.........
Polly Jean likes long walks, playful kisses, gin and tonics on the rocks with extra lime. Steve McQueen is the perfect man, and at bars, she can score on the first try.  She's vivacious, smart, and baths regularly...if she's so inclined.  

The WHAT.......
I pleased to offer you a current listing of all the DELIGHTFUL shops now a part of the Polly Jean and The Starlust Motel community. These shops where hand crafted by small elves that live in Melatonin's pants. *blinks* no no. wait. 

...spoonful of sugar (wee nip o' spice)
Bliensen + MaiTai
Nook & Cranny

Animals by Jon Haskell
JuJu's Closet
Mayamaya Creation
Mixed Nuts
Naith Smit Designs
Numb Skulls
Rebel X
Striking Pose
Worldwide Industries

These shops are fantastically fun, inventive and only further the brilliance of Horst, Floyd and Lloyd. 

Coming soon...... SPRAWL, AM Pro Rides and a Freebie Pill Bottle (duh. of course!)

In the near future, I will be spotlighting each of the fantastic shops and what they have to offer you and your wallets/purses/man bags. 

OX -------------- M.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Goodbye Girl at Starlust, Polly Jean

Marlys, found on POLLY JEAN
Where hearts are broken, legs are long and divine intervention is always an option.

Hair on Sale NOW
$155 for TWO or $775 for TWELVE

Eyes: SPRAWL - Anime eyes (blue)
Skin: Minnu, Moscow Line
Tattoo: Soon to be Released at Marlys

Monday, November 10, 2008


Dear 友達:

Do you know what my #1 favorite thing is? I do!
豚肉 (buta niku) - pork! I love it so much that I even love to wear it, which is why I was absolutely ecstatic to find the Heartattack & Vine Breakfast in Bed dress, Short Bus Moons Over My Hammy set (with matching bacon & egg earrings), and Short Bus Piggie Back tat. I even recently found a job at the Flopdog on Lloyd, just so I could stay close to the delicious smell of crackling pork fat all day long. It gets SO hot in that Flopdog stand, though, that I've got to keep my hair up in BP*'s Autumn Natural Chignon - which is actually just fine
because that hair is totes kawaii!!

After a long, hot day slaving over Flopdogs, all I want to do is strip down to my Moons Over My Hammy bacon and eggs, and settle down at the picnic tables with a nice juicy hot dog and a tasty Schadenfreude Bacontini (I like to nom the bacon first, of course).

I'll leave you for now with
my favorite recipe for pork chops Calvados and a bit of poetry I composed with the help of my bacontini.

Pork with Apples, Calvados and Cider

Oh, bacon
You're so fine,
You're so fine,
You blow my mind!
Hey, bacon!

Ex oh ex oh,
秋子 Akiko

Breakfast in Bed dress - Heartattack & Vine @ the Starlust

Autumn Natural Chignon - BP* @ the Starlust

Piggie Back Tattoo & Moons Over My Hammy (including tainty-fresh back bacon and tainty-fresh breakfast sausage not shown) - Short Bus @ Dogtown

Simple Motives skin - Fashionably Dead @ the Starlust

Hot Dog Stand - Smersh @ the Starlust

Bacontini - Schadenfreude @ the Starlust

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hollar at a trash hunt!

The hunt ends tonight (nov. 9th) so if you haven't had the opportunity to swing by yet put down your ponygirl and hurry on over!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Massive Starlustland Trash Hunt - Nov. 7th to 9th.

We skipped Halloween here at Starlustland because the grid was just really already full of fun things to do. Everyone was so busy participating or reaping the benefits of so many great Halloween events in real life and on here. Hunts, Haunted places to go explore and so many parties. The aftermath of it all though has left Starlustland in quite a state of disarray! Litter litter everywhere (some of it physical!) and not a drop to drink. But our trash is your treasure this weekend. Nov. 7th to the 9th we're having a massive Starlustland Trash hunt. Specifics of which will come sporadically this week so keep an eye out.
Until then... go dig up your rubber gloves and pocket sized hand sanitizers... They'll come in handy!

Monday, November 3, 2008


MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Free printable family tree chart - Free genealogy


Dear 友達:

Early November is the perfect time for mushroom hunting. The delicately perfumed carpet of newly-fallen leaves provides a perfect environment for the most extravagantly-hued and delicious little fungi. One must always carry the appropriate guide, though, as many mushrooms can be poisonous. I happened upon some of the loveliest mushroom specimens I've found to date in MCH at the Starlust Motel on Lloyd. Just as one must have the appropriate guide, one must also have the appropriate attire.

The days are growing chillier, but one also needs freedom of movement when searching the forest floor, so wearing too many layers is simply out of the question. The Agent Debbie coat from Thimbles and the Electric Feel knit cap (with, ahem, hair of course) proved just the right uniform for the job. I'll have to find some matching gloves for next time, though, as you can probably see from the pictures I've enclosed, digging through the dirt made a horror of my manicure.

All right, mes petits chouchous, I'm going to pan fry these lovely little fungi in some garlic and olive oil. Here's to hoping I don't grow absurdly tall or shrink absurdly small or just barf and die.

Ex oh ex oh,

秋子 Akiko

MCH Mushrooms and goodies basket with 3 different attachments (2 for left arm, 1 for right hand), 1 empty basket for gift and 2 separate mushrooms. Scripted with shown poses. L$150

Hiccup Electric Feel hair, all 8 colors L$1

Thimbles Agent Debbie jacket L$120 each, Pleasantly Plump Pack of 10 colors L$1000

Chewed up finger tats from Figure8 @ Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary L$1


Friday, October 31, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Starlustland Lucky Fortune Vendor Items!!

LLOYD - From zee magical Travis Bagley (my new hero) We've got a fatpack of his button up shirts in the most lovely colors!

FLOYD - From the ever delicious KittyKitty Catteneo and her store Scratching Post are these scribbly wibbly jeans!

These items are only here for a week... so bring your cosmic matches and hit em' up!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Big Booty, Big Money on Floyd

BBBM is one of the first shops in world that I ever fell madly in love with. I just thought everything from the textures to the ads was so incredibly visually interesting and unusual for what I'd then been exposed to in SL.

The Big Booty, Big Money Navy Zygote Tiger Dress is one of my first SL purchases and still one of my favorite dresses to wear. Oh I just heard the strangest noise behind me. It was like a cricket really fast and loud or a cicada... only just for a split second. So weird. This next dress, the Big Booty, Big Money Space Ball Sunshine Dress I love more than the first. I love it because it's f'king huge. It flounces. It's princessy but not in a frilly little girl way. I'm not a frilly little girl. I wore it to the grand opening of the first Motel, Hank loved it. I think he wished he could have worn something equally grand.

Recently we've had the serendipitous luck to host BBBM in a giant sunken ship on Floyd. It's weird, it's awkward to walk through, it's dusky and filled with dangerous man eating piranha. I'm flippin overjoyed that Evelyn took the space and made it booty and moneyfull. It's neat, it's fun to explore and there are definitely worthwhile reasons to!

Evelyn's new dresses are so incredibly gorgeous. I've seen so few in world with the same quality and creativity behind them. Her Big Booty, Big Money Epilogue Dress, Metal isn't even my most recent favorite, but it's so lovely I wanted to put a photo of it here. The textures are rich, the colors are so complimentary. If you haven't been to BBBM and think your inventory is sorely lacking (which, I agree... it IS) then click on over and come see for yourself. Look around for a mystery gift as well as a stack of her older releases marked down so low it's a crime not to get them! BBBM on Floyd!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Meat Carver - Devo on Floyd.

So last week Meat Carver joined our sick little family of Starlustland and ever since... every day it's been hard to stop playing with his toys and do work and stuff. A lot of people are already familiar with his products from his shop at Hotel Dare and/or knowing him personally. Since I'm a shut-in who rarely leaves Starlustland I wasn't and boy howdy did I nearly crap my pants.

I love trees and since we're always in favor of adding more to the boys, I plopped the "DEVO" ORANGE TREE down on Lloyd to see it in action before moving it over to the mountain area (which I haven't done yet... so if you wanted to see it in action too head on over to the Motel Lobby and look around for it) and I don't think this photo does justice to how awesome it is. It grows oranges that perpetually fall from the tree and roll away, it's genius.

Stein and I went over the other day together and immediately she started serenading me with her "DEVO" ACCORDION, which plays an addictive little tune on a loop. There are animations included that make your av. play it and we did for about an hour and a half. Nonstop

Lastly I think I got the most fun out of the "DEVO" PETS. It's as many pets as you could possibly imagine rezzing, all attached by chain leashes to a handle or stick that you hold in your hand. They follow you around, they're ride able... they wreak havoc. And havoc... well... I do so love to wreak it. Stein and I ran around the sims until she crashed, and after that I wrought some havoc on my own around Lloyd. Then I let them off their leash and sat down while they perpetually collided with people.

Anyhoo. I f'king love this store and I' m so glad Mr. Carver's finally joined us! Go visit DEVO on Floyd!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

naith Smit Designs on Floyd!

Walking into naith Smit's shop is like walking into a shop of creature comforts for me. Mixing my two favorite things... black tank tops and hooded sweatshirts. Mr. Smit has really lovely neko tails and ears, menswear and women's alike in his shop. This blog post isn't going to do the quality of Mr. Smit's designs justice. I simply love this shirts and you probably will to. So go!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Introducing Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary

New Shops - New Sim - New Fun!


Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary!!

The prison on Horst (located on the new sim next to Lloyd/Starlust Motel and the sim of Polly Jean) is opening tomorrow, Saturday October 11th. There are 19 new shops for your enjoyment. That means loads of new stores to see and loads of new freebies to enjoy. Come visit the shops (Zanzo, Rainbow Snail Design, Crimson + Clover, SINdecade, KessKreations, Hourglass Shapes, Pink Fuel, Draconic Kiss, **Trixi Stix**, Thistle Homes, Figure Eight, Ekstras, Sugar Mill, Zaara, Pink Outfitters, Thrashed, The Sea Hole, and Pixel Dust) and have fun exploring the prison.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

For a good time call on Floyd at 1pm or 6pm SLT

Tonight (oct. 6th) at 1pm SLT and then again at 6pm SLT the Mr. Starlustland Pageant will wreak 9 kinds of havoc on the humble sim of Floyd.
23 men and 1 penguin - 4 categories - Competing in an epic battle for the glorious title (and responsibilities involved therein) of MR. Starlustland 2008!

To get there - Land at the Starlust Motel Lobby and follow the trail of pink to Floyd.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Say HI To Polly Jean!

Oh Dear. That 'Marlys' woman has found her way onto the Starlust Motel blog!! 


I just wanted announce that The Starlust Motel will be opening it hearts, minds and Melatonin's pants to Polly Jean. The 4th sim installment to this glorious mecca of design, pagentry and procurement is filling in nicely.

Part A: Pleasantville
This is a old slash new "look" at residentials in Second Life. Fashioned after the 1950's suburbia, the genius prefab designers of Nook & Cranny put this community together lickity split!  Now, it has been quasi-infested with a bunch of weirdos... heh. god bless 'em.... and their prozac.

Part B: Polly Jean - The Reckoning
I am delighted to announce ONLY SOME of the amazing vendors that have joined the Starlust Motel community: JuJu’s Closet, Naith Smit DesignsMayaMaya Creations,UnzippedLeague and the ever delicious after-dinner-mint BLONDE. As in the Starlust Motel fashion, we are building these vendors unusual shops that are magically enhancing in every way! 

Here’s a picture of JuJu’s Closet, which is now open for busines on Polly Jean: 
There will be more prettyness to follow as stores are built and Melatonin's pants loosen in my mighty grips! Stay tuned for more news!

Pre-judging is complete, the battle begins.

Pageant Applicator - Jed Brimm

We had a wonderful time weeding through the applications to determine which men would pass through to the official Mr. Starlustland Pageant 2008, which will be held October 6th at or around 1pm SLT (though please don't hold me to this time, we might have to work out a better time so as to accommodate as many Mr. Starlustland Pageant participants and the judges).

The finalists are:
Mr. Batusi Bosatsu
Penguin God Garbage Prototype
Mr. Johnny Barbecue
Mr. Lawless McBride
Mr. Longfellow Foton
Mr. loveless Losangeles
Mr. Marsellus Bombast
Mr. Palmindan Whybrow
Mr. Rance Alva
Mr. Subversive Writer - Hero of Kittens, Internationally
Mr. Sven Marx
Mr. Marty Courier
Mr. Bri Reifsnider
Mr. Timothy Morpork
Mr. Travis Bagley
Mr. Aaren Reyes
Mr. PirateDucky Constantine
Mr. Staige Aker
Mr. Krishan Rieko
Mr. Jed Brimm
Mr. Kenry Klaar
Mr. James Schwarz
Mr. Xi Ballyhoo
Mr. Zieen Nordberg

Men: You are ALL winners to me. Thank you for applying, making us laugh, flattering us beyond the levels bullshit meters can possibly handle and all around putting the lust in Starlustland.
Keep your ears alert in the I <3 Starlust update group for news and notices when we randomly make these men compete in pre- pageant obstacles or put them on display.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Lucky Fortune Vendor Prizes!

Grab your soul mate and test your luck at Floyd for these and bunch of other socks in the Box O' Socks from Sock Shop!

On Lloyd there's this Black Grunge'cess gown by Amplify. These items will only be in the fortune vendors for one week, so hurry on by.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Announcing the Mr. Starlustland Pageant 2008.

For more information see the other flickr photos or contact inworld.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Announcing: The Mr. Starlustland Pageant.

Yes, we're going to have the father of all Starlust events. The Mr. Starlustland Pageant 2008. Do you (or someone you know) have what it takes to BE Mr. Starlustland? Want to find out?
Four competitions: Fancyman, Swimsuitman, Talent and a Question and Answer round... all to weed out who will set the precedent for what it takes to be... Mr. Starlustland!

Judging for placement in the Mr. Starlustland Pageant begins: Sept 30th. Please put the following information in a notecard, attach a snapshot of your av. and send it to Apatia Hammerer by Sept 30th to be considered for the Mr. Starlustland Pageant!

1) What is your name?

2) What is your favorite thing about the shopping sims of Starlustland?

3) Why do you think you deserve to be Mr. Starlustland?

4) Why should we vote for you to be Mr. Starlustland, are you offering us favors? If yes, What kind of favors can you offer us?

5) Are you really a man?

Disclaimer: It is not required that you are a man in RL to be a contestant in the Mr. Starlustland Pageant but you must play a male avatar in SL to be passed through to the pageant.

The Mr. Starlustland Pageant will be held October 4th on all four sims of Starlustland.
You will be notified as soon as possible if you are selected to compete and given more information.
Again, we thank you so much for applying!!

-What you win, when you become Mr. Starlustland:

Your photo in our motel lobby.
A cash prize to be determined before the contest (we dont know how much yet)
A special personalized tag for you to wear...
While you fulfill your duties of being a goodwill ambassador for all of Starlustland.
The honor of being responsible for perpetually flattering women while they visit the sims of Starlustland.
Lots of other stuff, I promise.
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