Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring in Starlust

After a long (but awesome) winter, spring has finally come to Starlust! This means exciting new releases, new developments, new things to see and do and experience throughout the ten sims. Some signs of the season, sighted around Starlust:

A horse wades into the water in Harold...

Things grow in Elliott...

Pigs rally in Gaylord...

Central Eugene... (if you haven't been over there, you should go... there is something in the sky!)

Get out there and have fun, it's warming up!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Farewell to Penny Dreadful Arcade

Doors closing and windows opening in Starlust today. As you may have heard, Izzy Bereznyak's Penny Dreadful Arcade (pda) is permanently closing up shop at midnight -- that's right, midnight SLT today, Sunday, March 7th.

I'm really sorry to see the place go -- I use Izzy's poses almost exclusively for photos and blogging. And I really like the (pda) build itself -- I discovered it creeping around in the Harold river one day and swam in through the drainpipe in the back. It's a great little shop -- if you've never been inside, be sure to check it out before it disappears.

Get over to (pda) in Harold while you can to snap up these fine poses before they are forever discontinued. All individual poses are 10L and Izzy and his collaboratrix Samara have each put out a special pack that contains 100+ poses (some unreleased) for 1000L. All the poses shown below (which, for the most part, are unisex) are from Izzy's 1000L pack.

Though Starlust says goodbye to (pda) when the virtual clock chimes twelve, Izzy is not retiring totally -- he has started dabbling in furniture and will be opening up a shop dedicated to those builds called, simply, Arcade. Also, he has started a new inworld group called Purveyors of Accidental Love -- free up a group space and join up to receive free weekly goodies from Izzy and co-conspirator Apatia Hammerer!

(pda) in Harold (for one more day):

Best of luck to you, Izzy! Looking forward to your next endeavors!

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