Monday, April 6, 2009

Horst von Starlustinberg State Penn


The prison overlooking Horst is the brainchild of Melatonin Hax, and is in fact part of the reason Horst came to be. We didn't have room for anything of any decent size on Lloyd or Floyd- although he did also serve the purpose of some extra space for some of the other things that were lined up, like the mainstores for Tres Blah and Hiccup (which is another story entirely).

prison cell

The prison moved around Horst a bit while it was still in the process of being constructed (it started on the island Vintage and the drive in now inhabit), finally settling on that tall hill, overlooking Horst and Harold. I was a bit burnt out and needed a break (sim building is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! And Horst followed not long after Floyd opened up, Floyd himself being in the planning stages right after Lloyd opened up), so I didn't have much to do with the prison. Gobo Guerilla, of Heartattack & Vine (which has an outlet in the Starlust Motel), and flopsie MacArdle, of Smersh (which resides in the big concrete duck on Lloyd, towards Herman Melville from the motel lobby), helped Mel bring her vision to life. Both of them excel at the grittier builds that befit the prison (whereas I'd be more likely to paint it pink and put a rabbit head on it...although I did have nothing to do with the giant ball gag that was draped on the prison before it opened).

guard tower

In some ways, it's more fun exploring a place you don't know so intimately, although I did still get to peek in periodically to be amazed by the progress.


And at Christmas, flopsie and Mel trusted me to drive a toboggan off the top of the guard tower. They're pretty foolish, aren't they?

prison break top

The current roster of inmates in the prison:
Cell 1001: Ekstras, Inc.- collars, cuffs, and jeans
Cell 1013: Pididdle- fun clothing, eyes, accessories, and poses
Cell 1017: Pixel Dust- hair for girls, rebranding as Little Bird
Cell 1025: Trixi Stix- candy colourful clothing, skins, and tattoos
Cell 1033: Pink Outfitters- trendy shoes, clothing, and skins for girls
Cell 1045: Rainbow Snail Designs- pastel graphic t-shirts
Cell 1053: Kid Asia Boutique- comfortable fun clothing
Cell 1067: Ticky Tacky- bangle bracelets, and a few other surprises
Cell 1071: Crimson & Clover- gothy and imaginative hair and skins
Cell 1083: Skanks R Us- pants, jewelry, glasses, gasmasks
Cell 1091: Attituede- poses especially for props and situations
Cell 2013: )]34[(- assorted eclectica
Cell 2027: Kess Creations- jewelry and comfy clothing
Cell 2033: The Sea Hole- bright and quirky girl's clothing, and trees
Cell 2047: Thistle Homes- adorable prefabs and accessories
Cell 2059: Sindecade- skins with bright and pastel makeup
Cell 2077: Karamia- skins for men and women
Cell 2085: Hourglass Shapes- shapes for men and women, designed around particular skin lines
Cell 2093: Thrashed- Sisters' sister store, with girl clothing of a slightly darker bent

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