Friday, November 21, 2008

Deliciously Repressed

I wanted to finish my store at the wonderfully quirky Starlust Motel and my new line of Deliciously Repressed shapes before I went away for a few days and WHEW, it is done! Ok, I'm off to sleep a bit before I head off to noooo yaaawk cittay.

Take this taxi to (HOTBOX) for the Deliciously Repressed Collection, including a special for the coupon-clipper. Each shape comes with eyebrow shapers and facelights. Demos available in the cookie jar!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who? What? Where?

Who is this Polly Jean?!
What does she sell?
Well, those are two fantastic questions!

The WHO.........
Polly Jean likes long walks, playful kisses, gin and tonics on the rocks with extra lime. Steve McQueen is the perfect man, and at bars, she can score on the first try.  She's vivacious, smart, and baths regularly...if she's so inclined.  

The WHAT.......
I pleased to offer you a current listing of all the DELIGHTFUL shops now a part of the Polly Jean and The Starlust Motel community. These shops where hand crafted by small elves that live in Melatonin's pants. *blinks* no no. wait. 

...spoonful of sugar (wee nip o' spice)
Bliensen + MaiTai
Nook & Cranny

Animals by Jon Haskell
JuJu's Closet
Mayamaya Creation
Mixed Nuts
Naith Smit Designs
Numb Skulls
Rebel X
Striking Pose
Worldwide Industries

These shops are fantastically fun, inventive and only further the brilliance of Horst, Floyd and Lloyd. 

Coming soon...... SPRAWL, AM Pro Rides and a Freebie Pill Bottle (duh. of course!)

In the near future, I will be spotlighting each of the fantastic shops and what they have to offer you and your wallets/purses/man bags. 

OX -------------- M.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Goodbye Girl at Starlust, Polly Jean

Marlys, found on POLLY JEAN
Where hearts are broken, legs are long and divine intervention is always an option.

Hair on Sale NOW
$155 for TWO or $775 for TWELVE

Eyes: SPRAWL - Anime eyes (blue)
Skin: Minnu, Moscow Line
Tattoo: Soon to be Released at Marlys

Monday, November 10, 2008


Dear 友達:

Do you know what my #1 favorite thing is? I do!
豚肉 (buta niku) - pork! I love it so much that I even love to wear it, which is why I was absolutely ecstatic to find the Heartattack & Vine Breakfast in Bed dress, Short Bus Moons Over My Hammy set (with matching bacon & egg earrings), and Short Bus Piggie Back tat. I even recently found a job at the Flopdog on Lloyd, just so I could stay close to the delicious smell of crackling pork fat all day long. It gets SO hot in that Flopdog stand, though, that I've got to keep my hair up in BP*'s Autumn Natural Chignon - which is actually just fine
because that hair is totes kawaii!!

After a long, hot day slaving over Flopdogs, all I want to do is strip down to my Moons Over My Hammy bacon and eggs, and settle down at the picnic tables with a nice juicy hot dog and a tasty Schadenfreude Bacontini (I like to nom the bacon first, of course).

I'll leave you for now with
my favorite recipe for pork chops Calvados and a bit of poetry I composed with the help of my bacontini.

Pork with Apples, Calvados and Cider

Oh, bacon
You're so fine,
You're so fine,
You blow my mind!
Hey, bacon!

Ex oh ex oh,
秋子 Akiko

Breakfast in Bed dress - Heartattack & Vine @ the Starlust

Autumn Natural Chignon - BP* @ the Starlust

Piggie Back Tattoo & Moons Over My Hammy (including tainty-fresh back bacon and tainty-fresh breakfast sausage not shown) - Short Bus @ Dogtown

Simple Motives skin - Fashionably Dead @ the Starlust

Hot Dog Stand - Smersh @ the Starlust

Bacontini - Schadenfreude @ the Starlust

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hollar at a trash hunt!

The hunt ends tonight (nov. 9th) so if you haven't had the opportunity to swing by yet put down your ponygirl and hurry on over!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Massive Starlustland Trash Hunt - Nov. 7th to 9th.

We skipped Halloween here at Starlustland because the grid was just really already full of fun things to do. Everyone was so busy participating or reaping the benefits of so many great Halloween events in real life and on here. Hunts, Haunted places to go explore and so many parties. The aftermath of it all though has left Starlustland in quite a state of disarray! Litter litter everywhere (some of it physical!) and not a drop to drink. But our trash is your treasure this weekend. Nov. 7th to the 9th we're having a massive Starlustland Trash hunt. Specifics of which will come sporadically this week so keep an eye out.
Until then... go dig up your rubber gloves and pocket sized hand sanitizers... They'll come in handy!

Monday, November 3, 2008


MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Free printable family tree chart - Free genealogy


Dear 友達:

Early November is the perfect time for mushroom hunting. The delicately perfumed carpet of newly-fallen leaves provides a perfect environment for the most extravagantly-hued and delicious little fungi. One must always carry the appropriate guide, though, as many mushrooms can be poisonous. I happened upon some of the loveliest mushroom specimens I've found to date in MCH at the Starlust Motel on Lloyd. Just as one must have the appropriate guide, one must also have the appropriate attire.

The days are growing chillier, but one also needs freedom of movement when searching the forest floor, so wearing too many layers is simply out of the question. The Agent Debbie coat from Thimbles and the Electric Feel knit cap (with, ahem, hair of course) proved just the right uniform for the job. I'll have to find some matching gloves for next time, though, as you can probably see from the pictures I've enclosed, digging through the dirt made a horror of my manicure.

All right, mes petits chouchous, I'm going to pan fry these lovely little fungi in some garlic and olive oil. Here's to hoping I don't grow absurdly tall or shrink absurdly small or just barf and die.

Ex oh ex oh,

秋子 Akiko

MCH Mushrooms and goodies basket with 3 different attachments (2 for left arm, 1 for right hand), 1 empty basket for gift and 2 separate mushrooms. Scripted with shown poses. L$150

Hiccup Electric Feel hair, all 8 colors L$1

Thimbles Agent Debbie jacket L$120 each, Pleasantly Plump Pack of 10 colors L$1000

Chewed up finger tats from Figure8 @ Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary L$1

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