Friday, April 17, 2009

Halflust Harbor

halflust harbor

Halflust Harbor is on the inland shore of Floyd, and might give one the tiniest inkling into Floyd's penchant for sailors. (There's a lot you can probably infer about Floyd's personality if you look around the sim- and you'd be right.)

halflust table

Halflust is a lovely place to sit and pick up sailors enjoy a nice day by the water, exploring the sunken depths of the Big Booty Big Money ship (we're not going to talk about how drunk I was when I sailed that in there), browsing the wares of the less soggy shops, and whiling away the time fishing (like most of the watery areas in Starlustland, there is 7Seas fishing at the Harbor, including special Starlust exclusive catches).

halflust boat

The harbor serves as the mainstore for a few places, including Twosome, Sisters, the Sock Shop, and Big Booty Big Money. There's also a fortune teller at the entrance to the center of Floyd, where you can try your luck with a friend to win fabulous prizes.

halflust entrance

And after an exhausting day running around, there are comfy benches where you can take a nap.

halflust bum

Currently docking at port:
Twosome mainstore, with fun funky clothing for girls
Marinesta, with colourful casuals for men and women
Meriken Co., with classy separates for men and women
Brazen Tarts, with yummy cakes and hats
chicoco, with bright fun jewelry and headbands
Adjunct, with geeky cool menswear
1-800-Bettie's, with retro threads for men and women
The Cat Eye Boutique, with vintage eyewear
The Sock Shop mainstore, with fun and crazy socks for when your avatar's feet get cold
Milk Motion, with soft and sultry skins
Shabby Flamingo, with strongly patterend furniture
Snooky's Poses, with playful group poses in the front, and racier couples poses in the back
Sisters mainstore, with an assortment of pretty frocks
Big Booty Big Money mainstore, with strong colourful dresses

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