Saturday, April 11, 2009

ZsaZsa's House of Beauty

zsazsa bra

ZsaZsa Withnail is Second Life's first public full time drag queen, and shares all sorts of fabulous accoutrements for your avatar at the giant bra on Horst, the first build on Horst to be finished and open to the public. It's also the third build of the bra- the first one was dreadfully boring and stodgy, so I came up with a better idea. The second...was...a tiny bit large maybe. As it took up more than 1/4 of the sim. (Yes, I do have Goldilocks syndrome.)

zsazsa chair

I was a bit intimidated trying to truly get across the beauty that is ZsaZsa's, thankfully Alayna Merlin arrived to acquire some more fantastic eyelashes, and graciously allowed me to act the part of the paparazzi.

zsazsa Alayna Merlin

ZsaZsa's is one stop shopping for being a drag queen in Second Life- wigs, eyelashes, skins, dresses, and accessories, all with an extra dose of fabulous.

zsazsa brastrap

ZsaZsa's House of Beauty is located on the shores of Horst, just over the sim line from Lloyd, next to Split Pea. ZsaZsa also has a new release blog with insights to the life of a drag queen.

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