Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catty Campground

campground fire

The part of Harold you enter from Horst, the other half of Stein's section to Dogtown, is Catty Campground. Stein created this fabulous bright tents that await your desire to camp out under the stars, sitting around the campfires telling scary stories (I set up random poses in a number of the rocks surrounding the fires, because I'm obsessed with sit trapping. It's a sickness).

campground stargazing

There is, of course, also a public shower, so while you're roughing it, at least you have some of the amenities. Filth is just _so_ unfashionable, you know. Be careful you don't slip at the entrance, there's a bit of a puddle that hasn't been cleaned up yet.

campground deer

The gravel roads through the campground lead to Dogtown and to Area 408, with tents set back a bit from the road, but still within easy walking distance. After all, you wouldn't want to be _too_ inconvenienced while camping.

campground stump

In the showers:
Boycut, with assorted underthings for boys, and girls who like their underthings with more coverage

Currently camping out:
Zanzo, with cute japanese inspired printed clothing and shoes
CoCo, with cartoony animal pillows and sofas
SLink with ladies clothing, and shoes with sculpted feet and sculpted bare feet
Miu, with sweet girls clothing
duh, with ladies footwear and t-shirts
Republica, with clean lined furniture
Sugar Puss, with sweet girl shapes
(nova), with colourful women's wardrobe staples
Tiny Bird, with lovely hair for ladies
SD Wears, with alternative clothing
lessthanthree, with fun t-shirts and heans
Golden Delish, with fun and fanciful poses
Rock Candy, with skins and hair for men

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