Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Starlust's Last (One Night) Stand

Ok, you know, that's a total lie, right? We're still going to be sluts and have more one night stands. We can't help it, it's that kind of motel. Come join us at the lobby, there's enough loving (and vodka) to go around.

What it is though, is a weekend bash of awkward making out (Melatonin Hax and Apatia Hammerer are manning the kissing booths this moment), exclusives with portions going to the Starlust slush fund (we don't actually spend it on hookers and blow....we wish we could, but dammit, do you know how expensive tier is? It's like LL has no respect for hookers and blow), and ANARCHY. I hear there may be fireworks on Horst tonight. And griefing. Officially sanctioned griefing. I hear Stein's bringing party favours.

mel&horrid kissing booth
(Mel and Horrid kissing)

The Starlust is NOT going to be gone. But it is going to change. Floyd has already passed into the hands of Putrid Gloom (and her filthy assistant Horrid Twine) and will be something new. Horst, Harold, and Gaylord are being sold off, *sniff*. Lloyd is staying Starlusty. There are actually a lot of really good and positive reasons for this, but it is a big change. But I need to actually post this this weekend and not be the slackingest blogger ever as usual, so maybe I'll ramble on about it more later.

appy&alle snogging action
(Appy and I make out, because, you know, we do that occasionally)

But! If you want to say goodbye to the sims as they are now, you might want to act fast. Horst's already been gutted a bit (actually Horst's already been sold, technically, but LL is also slower than molasses on following through and finishing that).
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