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Ah, the Pudgeburger. I set myself up for the pain that was the Pudgeburger because I offhand said "we could do something, like, food shaped, like a giant burger or something" when we were brainstoming ideas for the Neverdie expansion- Pudge had been in a very adorable cafe at Cubana, but as we had more room to play with, we wanted to keep the cafe idea, but give it a bit of a makeover in keeping with the ideas we had for expansion.

Kiki, Tilly, Me and Crystal humping her Pudgeburger

And Crystyle thought it was awesome. And then I thought about building it....and went "oh...shit." See, building a burger is easy. Building a burger with a door...somewhat less easy. Building a giant burger, with a door, with a very very limited number of megaprims? Therein lay my swearing. Neverdie and Lloyd were built up with the handful (ok, so it was a handful of something like 50, but that's still pretty lacking when you're talking everything from 11m to 512m+, on each of 3 sides) of megaprims floating about before the last viewer loophole that made the godsend of the SALT HUD possible. (If you build, you need that, trust me. It's even waaaay better than those boxes of 7000 megaprims floating around that were also created then.) To cut what's already a longer story than you're interested in shorter, what it came down to was that that burger, she taunted me, and required I learn a few new tricks to make things happen. And then, oh then I had to do it all over again, as the Pudgeburger was originally half the height it is now!

pudge danzig

However, when it was all over, I've got to say...I love that burger, and think that burger is just dead perfect for Pudge. Pudge hair is fun and unusual, Pudge poses are wacky and a bit crazy (the pose on the Starlust Motel sign is a Pudge pose, and has been since the sign was created), and, well, with a name like Pudge, what is more fitting than a giant cheeseburger with bacon awning?

pudge heiress

When Lloyd opened, Pudge was located on Lloyd, near the motel, in the vicinity of where the ~silentsparrow~ birdhouse currently resides. However, when Floyd came along, the burger moved on over to the Boardwalk, where it could expand into a little discount fry building, and sit on the edge offering tasty wares to passers by (not to mention fishers), assuming they were brave enough to fight off the seagulls. There's also a drive through you can attempt to navigate if you rent a Bispa, and you can pick up some yummy Pudgeburgers and a Pudge Soda to wash it down while you're visiting.

pudge bispa

Pudge is located on one end of the Baconlust Boardwalk, on the west coast of Floyd, not far from Thimbles. Pudge also keeps a new release blog.

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Shelby Rasmuson said...

I love that burger...but I get hungry every time I see it...!

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