Sunday, December 5, 2010

The destruction of the Starlust Motel

Last night, there was a bit of demolition that went on.

We destroyed the Motel. With a host of people inside it at the time (including me. But, we had a nurse on duty to take care of any injuries!).

Starlust Motel blowing up!

As you've no doubt noticed, there are great changes afoot in Starlustland. The sims have been reduced, so we can focus all of our energies on Lloyd, and make nulloyd the best Lloyd he can be. As part of the changes, there will be a new motel. And for that, the old motel must die!

...Starlust Motel got blown up tonight...

And what better way to destroy the motel than by throwing a party and then watching it fall down on top of us. It bounced, a lot, for almost an hour. Apatia, Barb, Rach, and I were thrown onto Gaylord more than once. (And whoever else was sitting on the desk with us....I admit I wasn't paying much attention to that as I was in charge of the 'splodey. And by "in charge" I mean "gleefully reveling in the destruction.")

blowing up Starlust Hotel

You can see lots more pictures of the destruction in the Starlust flickr pool- if you have any Starlusty pictures, I urge you to add them there too! Garbage got a great video of the destruction as well! And there's also an album in front of the motel with a few more pictures!

no mo motel

You can still survey the damage, we're putting off cleaning up this mess!

unicorn destruction

Lloyd will be staying open during de/construction. And there just miiiiight be some more explosions in our future.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Starlust's Last (One Night) Stand

Ok, you know, that's a total lie, right? We're still going to be sluts and have more one night stands. We can't help it, it's that kind of motel. Come join us at the lobby, there's enough loving (and vodka) to go around.

What it is though, is a weekend bash of awkward making out (Melatonin Hax and Apatia Hammerer are manning the kissing booths this moment), exclusives with portions going to the Starlust slush fund (we don't actually spend it on hookers and blow....we wish we could, but dammit, do you know how expensive tier is? It's like LL has no respect for hookers and blow), and ANARCHY. I hear there may be fireworks on Horst tonight. And griefing. Officially sanctioned griefing. I hear Stein's bringing party favours.

mel&horrid kissing booth
(Mel and Horrid kissing)

The Starlust is NOT going to be gone. But it is going to change. Floyd has already passed into the hands of Putrid Gloom (and her filthy assistant Horrid Twine) and will be something new. Horst, Harold, and Gaylord are being sold off, *sniff*. Lloyd is staying Starlusty. There are actually a lot of really good and positive reasons for this, but it is a big change. But I need to actually post this this weekend and not be the slackingest blogger ever as usual, so maybe I'll ramble on about it more later.

appy&alle snogging action
(Appy and I make out, because, you know, we do that occasionally)

But! If you want to say goodbye to the sims as they are now, you might want to act fast. Horst's already been gutted a bit (actually Horst's already been sold, technically, but LL is also slower than molasses on following through and finishing that).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monochrome Autumn

I dunno about you, but it's not even October yet and already I'm kinda sick of orange. It's not that I don't like orange -- I do. I'm just not ready for the onslaught of seasonal orange that hits the grid with a vengeance at the end of every summer. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I'll be into it soon... just not yet.

I am definitely ready for fall, though, and luckily there is plenty available in Harold for temporary colorphobes like myself. Two monochrome looks for autumn -- all items credited below are available from stores in Harold (most of them are from Anchor City/Area 408).

The sweater is a new (and fantastic) item from Reek called the Papercut Cardigan. Shirt is the Chequered Past Punky Tee from Warhead. The amazingly affordable boots (50L for the fatpack) are from Duh! and the hair is a new item from Clawtooth called French Connection (created for the Hair Fair but now available in CBC stores).

Reek's Papercut Cardigan again -- it comes with several options for the hood and cuffs. It's also unisex and includes a wider waist attachment for curvier avatars. Peeking out from underneath is Miel's AM Tulip Top. Nina Capri pants by MichaMi near the edge of Anchor City/Area 408.

Whether you're adamantly already wearing seasonal hues or avoiding orange until October truly kicks in, head over to Harold and explore some of the fine fall offerings.

Have fun,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Designers United Comes to Starlustland!

The fourth Designers United event is being held on Floyd and runs until September 15th (after which, good old Floyd will be getting a bit of a makeover). Narcissus is the theme for this event, which features creations by some of the finest designers in SL (including many Starlustians). Some have interpreted the Greek myth of Narcissus and Echo (short version: boy falls in love with his own reflection in a pool of water and wastes away staring at himself, girl pines for vain boy until only her voice remains). Others have explored the symbolism of the daffodil narcissus flower itself or simply creatively vamped using the bloom. Floyd has been transformed into a wonderland of grass, white flowers, dirt paths, mirror-like water... and lots and lots of things to buy.

There is a little bit of everything available at this event -- skins, hair, clothing, poses, accessories and home stuff. No surprise, the vast majority is for the ladies, but creative guys will find things they can work with. Everything looks fantastic -- the theme revolves around beauty, after all, and that has really come through with this DU round. Here are a few of my favorite finds.
NOTE: Unless specifically stated otherwise, all credited items are from Designers United. Non DU Starlust items are credited where applicable.

Hair ornament: Split Pea (I had some dreams); hair: @Waffles! (Blind Speech: Say Nil); pose: dfo! (I'm up all night, just thinkin' about myself from the pick me. choose me. love me set)

Background: duboo (blue narcissus by.yurim)
Left: dress: LMK (DU4 Narcissus short asymetric dress); hair: Wot? (Hair 009) *not a DU item -- Wot? is closing after September 14th so get over to designer Lili Revnik's store on Harold to snag her unique creations while you can*
Center: shirt: Split Pea (they were clouds in my coffee - shirt only from dress); pants: Adjunct (Vanity Kills Tipped Trousers); pose: Oik (narcissus pose still7)
Right: hair: Wot? (Hair 031) *not a DU item -- Wot? is closing after September 14th*; glasses: &Bean (Recession Street Bargain Glasses) *not a DU item*; sweater: Pig (Cardigan Narcissus Ladies Black); skirt: Ohmai (Narcissus Bubbleskirt Morning - skirt only from dress)

Pose/Pose Box: duboo (i love me pose box from the soosunwha pose set); hair: @Waffles! (Blind Speech: Say Nil); dress: {SMS} (Blooming Dress Yellow for Du4)

dress: LMK (DU4 Narcissus long asymetric dress); hair: Wot? (Hair 026) *not a DU item -- Wot? is closing after September 14th*

dress: Fashionably Dead (Broken Mirror Dress); pose: dfo! (call me if anyone interesting shows up from the pick me. choose me. love me set)

Left: skirt: Split Pea (they were clouds in my coffee - skirt from dress); blindfold: Picnic (blindfold: Narcissus white); shirt: Silentsparrow (Chapiteau Lace Tank) *not a DU item*; pet: Scribble (Baby Bunny in hand) *not a DU item -- Scribble is retiring certain items in a sale that lasts until September 14th*
Right: hat: Picnic (retro helmet for narcissus king); skirt: HouseofFox (BlackRose -- skirt only from dress); shirt: &Bean - Teardrop Black Dress (upper part only) *not a DU item*; pet: Scribble (Baby Bunny in hand) *not a DU item*

In all photos: Tres Blah Echo skins for Designers United.

This is really just the tip of the DU iceberg -- there is so much more to see (and buy). So head on over to Floyd (the frogs have fled for now) and check out this event:

Have fun,

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Panty Raid is Ending!

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of the Panty Raid. Tonight (and by that I mean right about NOW) we shall be saddling up and the clam posse will be scouring the sims for clams to send him. You are free to join us and crack them open and suck their juicy insides before we hit the Return button. We're going to meet at the lobby.

There are many underpantsenal related goodies in the raid- not only a plethora of underwear, but bags, poses, furniture, jewelry, octopi, shoes, vajazzle....

Only a VERY small sampling, mostly stolen from the Starlust flickr, because I intended to take some panty shots but never quite got that far (yes, I'm a bad bad blogger, no cookie for me):

(I really wish blogger would do cut tags, but nooooooo, that would be helpful. Bastards. SO, stupid number of pictures for you!)

Minsky HIghwaisted Panties for the Starlust Panty Raid :CP: Drying the Wash (on a) Radiator =HooT= Confetti Lingerie AD dfo! good morning, charlie (starlust panty raid) Face motif panties duboo for starlust panty raid Who took my undies??? Big Box of Pron Starlust Panty Raid! starlustpantyraidgifts {what next} Unmentionables Trunk :+*R*+: Panty Bracelet Mr Tentacle Starlust Panty Raid 3!
[LP] Starlust Panty Raid Octobuddy holding starlust ad Sulky Squirrel in Underpants <box> Atomic Owl Starlust Panty Raid Panty Raid 2010

10 sims of underpants await you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Panty Raid is in Full Swing!

Get your asses down to Starlust and hunt some clams! Rumor is that the raid will go until the end of the month, and there are definitely some new clams out since the event began on the 13th. Embrace the panty raid insanity!!!

Have fun!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Starlustland Loves You

Starlust is getting ready for the next panty raid but in the meantime here are some more awesome stuff from the stores of Starlustland:

On Hallie:
Skin: Tres Blah
Hair: Clawtooth
Eyes: Tres Blah
Nails: Tres Blah
Shirt: Tres Blah
Scarf: Tres Blah
Shorts: Tres Blah
Slippers: +mocha+
Knees: Figure 8
Poses: dfo!
Shelf: Cheeky Pea

On Mel:
Hair: Tousled
Skin: Tres Blah
Bangles & Earrings: Dark Mouse
Shoes: Miel
Dress: AyYaiYai
Leggings: [Not Without You]
Pose: Sunflower Poses

Skybox: Modest House
Chaise/Settee: Second Spaces
Chair: Smersh
Rugs: The Golden Oriole
Screen: Shabby Flamingo

Stool: Agent Orange
Desk/Chair/Pen: Grimalkin

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eugene, Puppies, Underpants

So I went exploring in Eugene and what did I find? A puppydog avatar at Junk Ruckus for practically pennies! I'm a goofball, how could I resist?
Puppydog Avatar

Girl Mako also found several things in Eugene -- sunglasses from Epoque, inexpensive tees from Junk Ruckus and Decollage... The trick in Eugene is to really explore and find the hidden corners. There are deals to be had on rooftops and through slightly open doors.
Starlusty Various

In other news, the 3rd Annual Starlust Panty Raid starts very soon! In honor of this hilarious and fun event, I climbed the Floyd mountain in my drawers and took some pics. Get ready to hunt for some skivvies!
Starlusty Various

Starlusty Various

Photo 1: Junk Ruckus Puppydog Avatar
Photo 2, outfit 1: Epoque Oversized Shades (Sunset Skies), Epoque Unisex Briefs (Construction), Junk Ruckus Striped Tee, Wot Hair 32
Photo 2, outfit 2: Junk Ruckus Floral Painted Sunglasses, Junk Ruckus Juicy Strawberry Leggins, Decollage 100% Rad Tee, Wot Hair 16, Pose by Adore & Abhor
Photo 2, outfit 3: Decollage Camera Tee, Junk Ruckus Slacks, Junk Ruckus Soda Painted Sunglasses, Wot Hair 27, Pose by dfo! (Cartoon Birds Braided Your Hair This Morning)
Photos 3 & 4: Epoque Unisex Briefs (Ketchup)

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Coming....

Begins August 13th -- brought to you by the vendors of Starlustland :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hodge Podge from The Starlust

Here are a few things Hallie & Melatonin found while shopping on Starlustland:

On Hallie:
Hair: Nouveau Miranda
Necklace: Whippet & Buck
Top: Pig
Shorts: Willow
Socks: mocha
Shoes: Smersh

On Mel:

Hair: Vanity Hair
Earrings: Ticky Tacky
Shirt: Arnadi
Skirt: House of Hucci
Leggings: Tee*fy
Shoes: Periquita
Plant: /me

Poses: Flowey

Skybox: Molto Bene
Desk/Chair: *Art Dummy!
Chair: True Love Never Dies
Lamp: LISP Bizaar
Mushroom: *Mycophile*
Rug: *Boof*
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