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dogtown view

Dogtown has a lot to do with why the Starlust Motel never opened on Neverdie. When the Starlust was expanding, Apatia ran off and found this sim with two large plots of land for sale (buying one...and then I think she may have waited a whole two hours before grabbing the other), making an L shape around a corner (a bit larger than a quarter of the sim) that was taken by a sex therapy castle...or something. We never did attend a session, we just peeked in and visited the hidden dungeon. It was a pretty posh castle though, and had some lovely grounds.


However, we spent our time building the new Starlust (the motel had its back broken to turn the other way at Neverdie- it was at the corner of the L, against the mountain separating us, as well as getting the second story and expanding in size), and before we got around to be ready for an opening (partly, I freely admit, due to me! I can be slow building at times), we started having a lot more interest in people joining us, starting to outstrip our ability to fill in that space, as well as Dogtown becoming homeless. Thus, it was decided, that we would instead move to a full sim, with Dogtown taking up the sexcastle corner. It was a bit of a rush moving in, as I recall, as we wanted to try to open soon!


Marsellus, the owner of Dogtown, eventually became unable to spend as much time in SL, and passed Dogtown to Stein. She started expanding Dogtown a little in that corner, shoving a few more builds in where she could, but it was obvious that she needed more space to go much further. Melatonin and Stein decided that the perfect solution to this, as well as other factors that all coalesced at once, was to split a sim- thus was Harold born (well, envisioned, he was a hard birth that one, showed up almost a week late, with a great deal of fighting. He knew he was so anticipated, he wanted to make us wait).

dogtown swimming

Me - Eaten by an alligator at new Dogtown

About a quarter of Harold, around half of Stein's half, is new Dogtown. It's a bit wilder build now, more colourful (and don't forget to pet the gators), and has grown to take up a bit of dry land, as well as the floating sections.

cargo offices

The current Dogtown denizens are:

In the freestanding (and freefloating) buildings:
Penny Dreadful Arcade- the mainstore of a quirky pose shop, with interesting poses inspired by movies and music videos
Inorite- the mainstore of a hair shop, with fun and edgy hair for girls
blitzed- jeans, tees, animated prim eyes, and grungy accessories
oi-ei- animated action poses, including a great dive and swim
Stinkeye- fun and funny accessories for your Second Life
Boudoir Rouge and Mechanized Life- the Boudoir Rouge project and poses, and assorted useful scripted gadgets
WOT?- skin, hair, and assorted randomness
Urban Bomb Unit- home to the infinitely customizable Pornstar sneakers
Ducknipple- fun clothing and accessories
ShortBus- wacky randomness

In the loading dock:
LaGyo- bright poppy plastic jewelry, including some very fitting sea themed sets
Donna Flora- casual and formal dresses for women
uncle wiggly- boho clothing and housewares
mocha- pretty Japanese clothing, tattoos, skyboxes, and textures
Kunstkammer- recycled and new jewelry and assorted things
Loser Designs- imperfect by nature skins, shapes, and eyes, and accessories
Acid & Mala Designs- edgy clothing for men and women
NSD- clothing and jewelry for men and women

In the Longhouse:
Nova- clothing, shoes, hats, and belts, for women
Subacultcha- goods for outfitting a Rockabilly house and individual
Riddle- casual girl clothing
YourSkin & YourShape- skins and shapes for beautiful women
Nala- an assortment of eyewear
Bittersweet- the goods and service to celebrate SLove...and the lack thereof

In the cargo containers:
Bounce- vampire skins, neko and kitsune accessories, and clothing
Miasma- clothing, jewelry, and neko accessories
Sweet Leonard- neko parts, jewelry, and boots
busted- modern furniture
Rahz- Italian clothing
{JK}- alternative clothing, hair, and jewelry

In the offices:
Spaded- workshirts, pants, and unusual skins
Tango New York- women's clothing and heels
Jawbreakers Gestures- assorted gestures


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