Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hello World

After a tandem marriage proposal by Apatia and Melatonin, which lead them to asking me to blog for the Starlust I am!!  Hi, my name is Hallie Galli and I have been wandering around the Starlust for about a year.  If I could move into one of the motel rooms, I totally would.  That's what happens when you have a shopping addiction and you find somewhere where every store imaginable is all in one place.

I wanted to do my first post as something "blogworthy" but I found myself getting all sappy/emotional/cheesy.  The fact is...I LOVE THIS PLACE!  It feels like one big dysfunctional family with the perfect blend of people who love to create amazing things and people who wait with baited breath for notices of new releases.  It's just a great group of individuals who want to have fun, shop and be yourself (even if you have a unicorn/David Bowie/bacon/Bea Arthur/all of the above fetish).  It's my second home and I couldn’t be more honored than to be asked to be a part of it

For my first blog, I had this urge to attach as much to me as possible from each area of the Starlust to showcase the amazing finds here.  However, I began to realize that I didn't have enough attachment points and didn't want to crash the sim.  So, I had to grab some friends to help me out.  And where is a better place for a photo shoot than right...

on top of the Starlust Motel sign?  

Hallie Galli, Melatonin Hax, Mr. Kailiana Anatra and Annunziata Macchi.  

Collectively, we have every area represented:  Floyd, Lloyd, Harold, Horst and Herman Melville.  
What we're wearing:  

Hallie Galli
Skin:  -MiA- Tan Skin – Sweet (Horst)
Eyes:  -MiA- Brown Eyes  (Horst)
Hair:   BP* -autumn chignon/side/coffee  (Lloyd)
Necklace:  Kunstkammer la porte des reves necklace
Dress:  H&V:  Dotty Dress  (Horst)
Socks:  Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Purple  (Horst)
Shoes:  ::Duh!:: Croc Sandals White/Silver  (Harold)
Wand:  DEVO wand (my favorite in-world toy EVER)  (Floyd)

Melatonin Hax
Skin:  (IS) – Este – Harry (Harold)
Eyes:  Decollage – Blue Eyes  (Lloyd)
Hair/Hat:  Pudge:  Back in your head (Natural Red Head)  (Floyd)
Outfit:  Schadenfreude – Alice Wolsey  (Lloyd)
Shoes:  ..::A.Y.Y::.. Melatonin Awesomestars Sneakers  (Harold)  

Annunziata Macchi
Skin: MiA – Tan Skin – Sand  (Horst)
Eyes:  MiA – Brown Eyes  (Horst)
Lashes:  MiA – Blast Eye Lashes  (Horst)
Hair:  !lamb. – Lovetones – Snickers  (Lloyd)
Dress:  Twosome – Frilly Summer Thing  (Floyd)
Wings:  SaLsA! Angel Wings (in-store freebie)  (Harold)
Bow & Arrow:  [MnM] Angel’s bow & Arrow of heart (Starlust Valentine’s Day hunt/no longer available)  (Harold)
Boots:  TOSL  Sweater Wellies v1.6 Snow  (Herman Melville)

Mr.  Kailiana Anatra
Skin:  MiA – Male Medium Skin – Strapping  (Horst)
Hair:  *RC* Stevie.2 Hair [Brown2]  (Harold)
Jacket:  [Random] – 2 Buttoned Blazer – Purple  (Lloyd)
Jeans:  [Random] – Blue Brand Jeans 202  (Lloyd)
Sneakers:  ..::A.Y.Y::.. CandyGalore Sneakers  (Harold)

(Special thanks to Mel, Anna and Kail for helping me out <3)

I look forward to blogging more and I'm not used to the "blogger" format so please be advised I'm going to screw up occasionally.   Hallie <3

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catty Campground

campground fire

The part of Harold you enter from Horst, the other half of Stein's section to Dogtown, is Catty Campground. Stein created this fabulous bright tents that await your desire to camp out under the stars, sitting around the campfires telling scary stories (I set up random poses in a number of the rocks surrounding the fires, because I'm obsessed with sit trapping. It's a sickness).

campground stargazing

There is, of course, also a public shower, so while you're roughing it, at least you have some of the amenities. Filth is just _so_ unfashionable, you know. Be careful you don't slip at the entrance, there's a bit of a puddle that hasn't been cleaned up yet.

campground deer

The gravel roads through the campground lead to Dogtown and to Area 408, with tents set back a bit from the road, but still within easy walking distance. After all, you wouldn't want to be _too_ inconvenienced while camping.

campground stump

In the showers:
Boycut, with assorted underthings for boys, and girls who like their underthings with more coverage

Currently camping out:
Zanzo, with cute japanese inspired printed clothing and shoes
CoCo, with cartoony animal pillows and sofas
SLink with ladies clothing, and shoes with sculpted feet and sculpted bare feet
Miu, with sweet girls clothing
duh, with ladies footwear and t-shirts
Republica, with clean lined furniture
Sugar Puss, with sweet girl shapes
(nova), with colourful women's wardrobe staples
Tiny Bird, with lovely hair for ladies
SD Wears, with alternative clothing
lessthanthree, with fun t-shirts and heans
Golden Delish, with fun and fanciful poses
Rock Candy, with skins and hair for men

Monday, April 20, 2009


vintage car

VintageWear has its mainstore on Horst (this is soon to change- as there's a new hidden extra son in the Starlust family just arrived), in the train station built by flopsie j McArdle. flopsie has left her mark on Starlustland- aside from her brilliant SMERSH duck, she's contributed a number of details around the sims (including the wonderful workhorse paths that we've done all sorts of things to....and the giant hotdog in front of the motel). She has more patience with realism than I do, as I have a tendency to get bored and wander off- she adds all sorts of crazy finishing touches.

vintage glasses

Vintage McMillan creates all sorts of amazing eyewear, including over the top styles inspired by Elton John and Lady Gaga, and also makes jewelry, and hair. The hair section has grown too large for the train station, and you'll have to take a seat on the teleporter to take a visit to the hair shop.

vintage hair

If you drunkenly follow the girls at the boardwalk on Baconlust Beach around a corner, you'll also find her shoes- the Amazing Hooker Walkers, available in a selection of colours. Molest Touch any girl to find out her story- the brilliant stories are written by Stein and Apatia.

hooker walkers

Friday, April 17, 2009

Halflust Harbor

halflust harbor

Halflust Harbor is on the inland shore of Floyd, and might give one the tiniest inkling into Floyd's penchant for sailors. (There's a lot you can probably infer about Floyd's personality if you look around the sim- and you'd be right.)

halflust table

Halflust is a lovely place to sit and pick up sailors enjoy a nice day by the water, exploring the sunken depths of the Big Booty Big Money ship (we're not going to talk about how drunk I was when I sailed that in there), browsing the wares of the less soggy shops, and whiling away the time fishing (like most of the watery areas in Starlustland, there is 7Seas fishing at the Harbor, including special Starlust exclusive catches).

halflust boat

The harbor serves as the mainstore for a few places, including Twosome, Sisters, the Sock Shop, and Big Booty Big Money. There's also a fortune teller at the entrance to the center of Floyd, where you can try your luck with a friend to win fabulous prizes.

halflust entrance

And after an exhausting day running around, there are comfy benches where you can take a nap.

halflust bum

Currently docking at port:
Twosome mainstore, with fun funky clothing for girls
Marinesta, with colourful casuals for men and women
Meriken Co., with classy separates for men and women
Brazen Tarts, with yummy cakes and hats
chicoco, with bright fun jewelry and headbands
Adjunct, with geeky cool menswear
1-800-Bettie's, with retro threads for men and women
The Cat Eye Boutique, with vintage eyewear
The Sock Shop mainstore, with fun and crazy socks for when your avatar's feet get cold
Milk Motion, with soft and sultry skins
Shabby Flamingo, with strongly patterend furniture
Snooky's Poses, with playful group poses in the front, and racier couples poses in the back
Sisters mainstore, with an assortment of pretty frocks
Big Booty Big Money mainstore, with strong colourful dresses

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Timberry and Fashionably Dead


I don't really have any interesting stories to tell you about Timberry- while Timberry has been part of the 'Lust since Neverdie, it arrived fully formed in the stage, and I've never met the avatar behind it (because I'm a hermit).

timberry looking out

I do recall the first time I saw it though- it wasn't even quite open yet, in Cherry Buttons, and I was enchanted by the stage, and wanted so dearly to be sitting in the front row watch puppets dance across it acting out some parody of life. Timberry carries imaginative clothing, hair, and accessories, as one might guess upon seeing the stage.

dino and outhouse

On the other hand, I have more stories than space to tell you about the Fashionably Dead dinosaur. It was originally built to go on the opposite end of the motel, at Neverdie, once I finally buckled down to face it. Funnily enough, I'd been thinking about how to build a giant concrete dinosaur building before Starlustland was a twinkle in our eyes, as I'd dreamed of having one in the Wastelands, but the interior/collision/walkability on that dream dinosaur was nightmarish to consider (it was a more accurate recreation of Dinny, a lot of the details of which don't translate so well to SL for a multitude of reasons- as well as being less fitting for Fashionably Dead in general). For this one, I'd been stymied at just how to approach it- sculpts versus regular prims, working within the very limited selection of megas, how to texture was all an uphill battle. I quite love how it finally came out, with his goofy eyes watching over Starlustland.

The dinosaur! Nekid!

Toast Bard is to blame for a great many things- one of those being the Oui Coupes coming to the Starlust, she set out a pair of them in Neverdie. And I scrunched myself in them, and made it possible to drive up to the second floor of the motel (and parked next to the laundry), as well as invisibly ramping the pool, and otherwise making the majority of Neverdie drivable in some manner. And trying to drive on to that dinosaur's head- which I have managed, but it's soooo not easy. There are a few more pitfalls in Starlustland currently (quicksand!), but I still build with half a mind towards "how will a car work in this environment", and while I can't build everything to be drivable, I can at least build more things to not cause too much getting stuck. Also, if you drive up the mountain and bank just right, you can get up onto the roof of the motel.

fd gift shop

Toast Bard was also the first person to build an interior to one of my builds that made my jaw drop in awe. I wasn't sure how she was going to use the space (this was, you know, back before I became a sadistic evil bitch and _everything_ I built had curved walls), but she created the most perfect little gift shop inside (it is, in fact, way more adorable than the gift shop inside the actual dinosaurs I've visited- especially Dinny, it's what the interior of Dinny should be, but never has been). I strongly suggest you take the time out to read the signs to learn some about this period in history, before you walk through the curtain in the back to explore the dinosaur further.

fd dinos

If you've read the helpful information signs, you will know more about the dinosaurs that await you beyond the curtain, in their bright and colourful blacklight world. Toast Bard, of course, is also one of the brilliant minds behind the sim of Tableau, which is one of my favourite places in all of Second Life (although I always get a bit of a pang when they remodel- I'm far more likely to nest and choose to add more, rather than demolish the old to make way for the new), and is herself an amazing artist, both evinced by her skins, clothing, hair, and accessories in Fashionably Dead, and by her amazing paintings and other artwork. I have been trying to stay at least somewhat impartial in my tour of Starlustland, but it's true that while all of our family is amazing, both as artists and personally (as well as patient and understanding and insanely good sports with whatever we decide to pull on them), there are certain people with whom I have more of a personal affinity, for their style and the amazing things that they do- not to mention the fact that Toast Bard is one of the pioneers of SL, someone whose been creating content for a number of years and is in part responsible for SL growing into the world of beauty that it is today, both through things she herself has done, and simply through her example encouraging others to try and push harder to do more amazing things. Fashionably Dead also keeps a new release blog.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Area 408

408 welcome

When Mel and Stein decided to split Harold, Area 408 (known as Anchor City before, uh, its little problem), was what Mel decided to do for her half. Guerilla Gobo (of Heartattack & Vine, which just a couple of nights ago moved its mainstore to Horst) and Garbage Prototype (of Random Fashions, of which there is an outlet in the motel) are the geniuses who helped her make her vision a reality.

408 playground

Area 408 is what remains of Anchor City after a bit of an altercation, shall we say, which kinda sorta had a little bit to do with giant bombs like the one in the playground. There was just a teeeeny tiny problem with impulse control. It's a distressed city with broken buildings to peek into to find hidden gems.

408 hooved cheesecake

Some of those gems are above eyelevel- with a few shops being located in the second story, as well as other details that inspire walking around looking up, like a total tourist.

tightrope walker

I fear that my pictures really don't do Area 408 justice- not that my pictures really do anywhere justice, but the true beauty of the sunlight peeking through the floating fallout is something I cannot share with you, as my poor pokey computer barely lets me turn settings up to be able to see much, and refuses to have anything to do with glow and other such fancy effects.

408 suzume

Currently squatting in Area 408/Anchor City:

Tacky Star, with unusual eyes
SD Wears, with alternative clothing
Jeepers Creepers, with men's shoes
Petit Ange, with dresses, jewelry, shoes, and eyes
House of Voodoo, with spooky skull encrusted hats
anuenue, with sweet casuals for girls
Fab.Pony, with hip clothes for girls
House of Munster, with fun spooky hair
Psyche & B-Fly, with jewelry and skins
...:::[SP]:::..., with grungy furniture and prefabs
She's So Unusual Shoes, with, well, unusual shoes
Cupcakes & Poetry, with more tasty cupcakes than poetry
The mainstore of Hoot, with adorable t-shirts, eyes, jewelry, and things for the home
The mainstore of The Cat Eye Boutique, with cute eyewear
Store with No Name, with clothing and accessories
indie., with skins, clothes, and an assortment of undies
MnM Design, with animals and plants, including the giant sparrow at the pond and that ubiquitous kitty sofa
Liquid Candy & Skinzor, with alternative skins, clothing, and accessories
Imagen, with lovely skins
standard, with modern decor furnishings
Lazy Places, with hooved and pawed digigrade boots, adorable interactive foodstuffs, and anime inspired poses
Broccoli, with imaginative lamps and wall decor
SaLsA, with pointless necessities and clothing
Dark Mouse, with intricate and playful jewelry
Bliensen + MaiTai, with adorable jewelry and accessories
The headquarters of My Life on the D-List, where you can subscribe for in world updates
Lost & Alone, with antique eccentricities
MichaMi, with chic womenswear
Ellabella, with interesting facial piercings
Capalini Cottages, with adorable prefabs
Shape'ly Shape Shack, with shapes for ladies of all sizes
Warhead, with rocking clothing for men and women

p.s. I'll get you back for that post making me all teary eyed, Apatia Hammerer!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

ZsaZsa's House of Beauty

zsazsa bra

ZsaZsa Withnail is Second Life's first public full time drag queen, and shares all sorts of fabulous accoutrements for your avatar at the giant bra on Horst, the first build on Horst to be finished and open to the public. It's also the third build of the bra- the first one was dreadfully boring and stodgy, so I came up with a better idea. The second...was...a tiny bit large maybe. As it took up more than 1/4 of the sim. (Yes, I do have Goldilocks syndrome.)

zsazsa chair

I was a bit intimidated trying to truly get across the beauty that is ZsaZsa's, thankfully Alayna Merlin arrived to acquire some more fantastic eyelashes, and graciously allowed me to act the part of the paparazzi.

zsazsa Alayna Merlin

ZsaZsa's is one stop shopping for being a drag queen in Second Life- wigs, eyelashes, skins, dresses, and accessories, all with an extra dose of fabulous.

zsazsa brastrap

ZsaZsa's House of Beauty is located on the shores of Horst, just over the sim line from Lloyd, next to Split Pea. ZsaZsa also has a new release blog with insights to the life of a drag queen.


Allegory Malaprop - I have been trying to write you epic love poems since that time we sat on the Thimbles roof for hours talking about Lost and other things but mostly we talked about Lost that night, I think. Sometimes I sit in the bathroom and I've come up with one or two lines, here and there. They never rhyme... I'm not great with rhyming epic poems.
I remember the very first time I'd ever been to Alle's store, Schadenfreude. At the time the plaza was called La Reina or La Riena or maybe the R was lower case. It's been a while. At any rate, the word schadenfreude has been one of my favorite, and one of my sister's favorite words for as long as I can remember. It means to take pleasure in the failure or tragedies of others.

I don't wear jewelery often in real or second lives... In fact very very rarely. And Alle's shop, when I first went there was mostly jewelry - but I kept going back, always always because I loved so much that someone else would use the word Schadenfreude and name their store it... and this person must be very interesting as well as intimidating and so began the hero worship I still feel for Allegory Malaprop. And then Kiki met Alle, and Kiki brought Alle to a night of standing around on the Thimbles roof, which was sort of a sandbox kind of set up for us. And then Alle and I got to talking... and hopefully you've read the other blog posts so you know how this all goes. I won't bore you with ramblings from my mind, where chunks are missing and I get dates wrong and could start talking about the sound of running tap water from upstairs that's been going on for an abnormally long time. Let me please, instead, talk about Alle's skills and creations and wonderful brilliant mind.

Alle's style, if I had to guess or describe what I believe it to be... stems from a love of darker, rich fantastical things in life. Perhaps Gothic, perhaps Steampunk... though she's explained to me what that is and I'm still not entirely clear on it. Her clothings range from simple perfect staples like pants and the notorious skelebeaters... which anyone from any sort of style background will appreciate for the skill involved in making them so perfectly textured, to unholy elaborate costumes for men and women. Trench coats, lolita dresses, gowns, and my favorite of all... The Tease corset ruffle bustle outfit with a top hat and feathers. Jesus I didn't take it off for at least two weeks. I sat there with my mouth open putting on all the attachments and layers and then switching color folders to try on all the colors. The detail work on every aspect of this outfit is a screaming example of Allegory's skill. And her dedication to presenting, quite literally, the absolute best that she can. You'll find this exact same level of perfection and beauty in every single item Alle makes for her shop or builds. It is just simply unbelievable and sometimes I wish that she were very small so that I might be able to lift her with my arms above my head and shout for the world to come and bask in the glow of Allegory Malaprop, for I see her as a humbleDeity looming around this amazing world we've created together. And now I will let some pictures speak for themselves... But I want to end with a sentimental note.

Allegory Malaprop - I want you to know how completely appreciative I am of your friendship. I know that I am a terrible writer... but the task of ever describing what you are capable of... is enormous. I think you're tops.

Friday, April 10, 2009



Ah, the Pudgeburger. I set myself up for the pain that was the Pudgeburger because I offhand said "we could do something, like, food shaped, like a giant burger or something" when we were brainstoming ideas for the Neverdie expansion- Pudge had been in a very adorable cafe at Cubana, but as we had more room to play with, we wanted to keep the cafe idea, but give it a bit of a makeover in keeping with the ideas we had for expansion.

Kiki, Tilly, Me and Crystal humping her Pudgeburger

And Crystyle thought it was awesome. And then I thought about building it....and went "oh...shit." See, building a burger is easy. Building a burger with a door...somewhat less easy. Building a giant burger, with a door, with a very very limited number of megaprims? Therein lay my swearing. Neverdie and Lloyd were built up with the handful (ok, so it was a handful of something like 50, but that's still pretty lacking when you're talking everything from 11m to 512m+, on each of 3 sides) of megaprims floating about before the last viewer loophole that made the godsend of the SALT HUD possible. (If you build, you need that, trust me. It's even waaaay better than those boxes of 7000 megaprims floating around that were also created then.) To cut what's already a longer story than you're interested in shorter, what it came down to was that that burger, she taunted me, and required I learn a few new tricks to make things happen. And then, oh then I had to do it all over again, as the Pudgeburger was originally half the height it is now!

pudge danzig

However, when it was all over, I've got to say...I love that burger, and think that burger is just dead perfect for Pudge. Pudge hair is fun and unusual, Pudge poses are wacky and a bit crazy (the pose on the Starlust Motel sign is a Pudge pose, and has been since the sign was created), and, well, with a name like Pudge, what is more fitting than a giant cheeseburger with bacon awning?

pudge heiress

When Lloyd opened, Pudge was located on Lloyd, near the motel, in the vicinity of where the ~silentsparrow~ birdhouse currently resides. However, when Floyd came along, the burger moved on over to the Boardwalk, where it could expand into a little discount fry building, and sit on the edge offering tasty wares to passers by (not to mention fishers), assuming they were brave enough to fight off the seagulls. There's also a drive through you can attempt to navigate if you rent a Bispa, and you can pick up some yummy Pudgeburgers and a Pudge Soda to wash it down while you're visiting.

pudge bispa

Pudge is located on one end of the Baconlust Boardwalk, on the west coast of Floyd, not far from Thimbles. Pudge also keeps a new release blog.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


ki2 mine

Kiki Cunningham of Ki-Squared is the reason I have gotten to be a part of the amazing project that is the Starlust (also she's got one of the cleverest names for her shop ever). I randomly met her one night, when I went to visit Caribe, and she and her friend struck up a conversation with me. I don't recall much of the conversation itself really, although there was something about extreme librarianism in there.

ki2 canary

I'm not a very social person (in fact, I'm now and again the poster child for social anxiety disorder and tend to be a bit of a hermit...which you may not have guessed with how much I've been nattering on in blogging lately), and I don't think I'm all that easy to become friends with- to get me out of my shell requires the right topics of conversation, and the stars aligning properly (and even then, I tend to hide out from friends too often, not because I don't want to talk to them, but because I don't want to bother them- I rarely start conversations just to say hi). Kiki and Mr. Nosferatu though, they got me on a good night, and started up the right conversation, and Kiki later also introduced me to more of her friends, at which point it just all headed in the direction that eventually became our little wonderland.

ki2 chowtime

Kiki had a motel room in the first Starlust in Cubana, a couple of doors down from mine (I wish I had more pictures of the first Starlust, but I don't tend to take pictures unless I have a reason- with how much SL hangs at best, and crashes at worst, when I take snaps). When we moved to Neverdie, she decided she wanted a mine, and dug out a great pit of a store with rocks above- when we moved to Lloyd she dug out another pit. And then she put vendors up. And then we continued to terraform around the sim. And her vendors started getting returned to her, because even terraforming on the opposite corner of the sim, somehow, kept changing her mine just enough that things got buried. After ages of frustration (and some language that would make a sailor blush), the mine became above ground, with the walls being a bit of terrain and a lot of sculpts that wouldn't decide to undulate everything back to her.

ki2 wagon

Ki2 is filled with a bit of everything a girl could want- there are sensible clothes (and not so sensible clothes!), sculpted shoes, hair, there's a weekly mystery dollarbie. Sometimes it's an extra colour of the release that week, sometimes it's something entirely different. Ki-Squared is located behind the leg of the motel towards Floyd, on Lloyd, next to the Fashionably Dead dinosaur. She also keeps a new release blog.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Herman Melville


The fifth of our little cluster of sims is a bit different from the rest, a homestead sim that, while part of our little family, is Quinlan Quimby's domain. The whale shaped island of Herman Melville, with its colourful treehouse of awesome, serves as the mainstore of TOSL.


TOSL (Tree & Ocean SL) is a strange little wonderland of all sorts of goodies, including an assortment of foodstuffs to feed your poor starved avatar.

tosl bakery

Up in the treehouse is a selection of cute clothes, including some very ambitious sculpted items. Down below, there are assorted things for the house (the dog lamps are adorable).

tosl interior

TOSL floats off the south coast of Lloyd. You can row over to it in the boat behind the Smersh duck.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


dogtown view

Dogtown has a lot to do with why the Starlust Motel never opened on Neverdie. When the Starlust was expanding, Apatia ran off and found this sim with two large plots of land for sale (buying one...and then I think she may have waited a whole two hours before grabbing the other), making an L shape around a corner (a bit larger than a quarter of the sim) that was taken by a sex therapy castle...or something. We never did attend a session, we just peeked in and visited the hidden dungeon. It was a pretty posh castle though, and had some lovely grounds.


However, we spent our time building the new Starlust (the motel had its back broken to turn the other way at Neverdie- it was at the corner of the L, against the mountain separating us, as well as getting the second story and expanding in size), and before we got around to be ready for an opening (partly, I freely admit, due to me! I can be slow building at times), we started having a lot more interest in people joining us, starting to outstrip our ability to fill in that space, as well as Dogtown becoming homeless. Thus, it was decided, that we would instead move to a full sim, with Dogtown taking up the sexcastle corner. It was a bit of a rush moving in, as I recall, as we wanted to try to open soon!


Marsellus, the owner of Dogtown, eventually became unable to spend as much time in SL, and passed Dogtown to Stein. She started expanding Dogtown a little in that corner, shoving a few more builds in where she could, but it was obvious that she needed more space to go much further. Melatonin and Stein decided that the perfect solution to this, as well as other factors that all coalesced at once, was to split a sim- thus was Harold born (well, envisioned, he was a hard birth that one, showed up almost a week late, with a great deal of fighting. He knew he was so anticipated, he wanted to make us wait).

dogtown swimming

Me - Eaten by an alligator at new Dogtown

About a quarter of Harold, around half of Stein's half, is new Dogtown. It's a bit wilder build now, more colourful (and don't forget to pet the gators), and has grown to take up a bit of dry land, as well as the floating sections.

cargo offices

The current Dogtown denizens are:

In the freestanding (and freefloating) buildings:
Penny Dreadful Arcade- the mainstore of a quirky pose shop, with interesting poses inspired by movies and music videos
Inorite- the mainstore of a hair shop, with fun and edgy hair for girls
blitzed- jeans, tees, animated prim eyes, and grungy accessories
oi-ei- animated action poses, including a great dive and swim
Stinkeye- fun and funny accessories for your Second Life
Boudoir Rouge and Mechanized Life- the Boudoir Rouge project and poses, and assorted useful scripted gadgets
WOT?- skin, hair, and assorted randomness
Urban Bomb Unit- home to the infinitely customizable Pornstar sneakers
Ducknipple- fun clothing and accessories
ShortBus- wacky randomness

In the loading dock:
LaGyo- bright poppy plastic jewelry, including some very fitting sea themed sets
Donna Flora- casual and formal dresses for women
uncle wiggly- boho clothing and housewares
mocha- pretty Japanese clothing, tattoos, skyboxes, and textures
Kunstkammer- recycled and new jewelry and assorted things
Loser Designs- imperfect by nature skins, shapes, and eyes, and accessories
Acid & Mala Designs- edgy clothing for men and women
NSD- clothing and jewelry for men and women

In the Longhouse:
Nova- clothing, shoes, hats, and belts, for women
Subacultcha- goods for outfitting a Rockabilly house and individual
Riddle- casual girl clothing
YourSkin & YourShape- skins and shapes for beautiful women
Nala- an assortment of eyewear
Bittersweet- the goods and service to celebrate SLove...and the lack thereof

In the cargo containers:
Bounce- vampire skins, neko and kitsune accessories, and clothing
Miasma- clothing, jewelry, and neko accessories
Sweet Leonard- neko parts, jewelry, and boots
busted- modern furniture
Rahz- Italian clothing
{JK}- alternative clothing, hair, and jewelry

In the offices:
Spaded- workshirts, pants, and unusual skins
Tango New York- women's clothing and heels
Jawbreakers Gestures- assorted gestures
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