Monday, April 13, 2009

Area 408

408 welcome

When Mel and Stein decided to split Harold, Area 408 (known as Anchor City before, uh, its little problem), was what Mel decided to do for her half. Guerilla Gobo (of Heartattack & Vine, which just a couple of nights ago moved its mainstore to Horst) and Garbage Prototype (of Random Fashions, of which there is an outlet in the motel) are the geniuses who helped her make her vision a reality.

408 playground

Area 408 is what remains of Anchor City after a bit of an altercation, shall we say, which kinda sorta had a little bit to do with giant bombs like the one in the playground. There was just a teeeeny tiny problem with impulse control. It's a distressed city with broken buildings to peek into to find hidden gems.

408 hooved cheesecake

Some of those gems are above eyelevel- with a few shops being located in the second story, as well as other details that inspire walking around looking up, like a total tourist.

tightrope walker

I fear that my pictures really don't do Area 408 justice- not that my pictures really do anywhere justice, but the true beauty of the sunlight peeking through the floating fallout is something I cannot share with you, as my poor pokey computer barely lets me turn settings up to be able to see much, and refuses to have anything to do with glow and other such fancy effects.

408 suzume

Currently squatting in Area 408/Anchor City:

Tacky Star, with unusual eyes
SD Wears, with alternative clothing
Jeepers Creepers, with men's shoes
Petit Ange, with dresses, jewelry, shoes, and eyes
House of Voodoo, with spooky skull encrusted hats
anuenue, with sweet casuals for girls
Fab.Pony, with hip clothes for girls
House of Munster, with fun spooky hair
Psyche & B-Fly, with jewelry and skins
...:::[SP]:::..., with grungy furniture and prefabs
She's So Unusual Shoes, with, well, unusual shoes
Cupcakes & Poetry, with more tasty cupcakes than poetry
The mainstore of Hoot, with adorable t-shirts, eyes, jewelry, and things for the home
The mainstore of The Cat Eye Boutique, with cute eyewear
Store with No Name, with clothing and accessories
indie., with skins, clothes, and an assortment of undies
MnM Design, with animals and plants, including the giant sparrow at the pond and that ubiquitous kitty sofa
Liquid Candy & Skinzor, with alternative skins, clothing, and accessories
Imagen, with lovely skins
standard, with modern decor furnishings
Lazy Places, with hooved and pawed digigrade boots, adorable interactive foodstuffs, and anime inspired poses
Broccoli, with imaginative lamps and wall decor
SaLsA, with pointless necessities and clothing
Dark Mouse, with intricate and playful jewelry
Bliensen + MaiTai, with adorable jewelry and accessories
The headquarters of My Life on the D-List, where you can subscribe for in world updates
Lost & Alone, with antique eccentricities
MichaMi, with chic womenswear
Ellabella, with interesting facial piercings
Capalini Cottages, with adorable prefabs
Shape'ly Shape Shack, with shapes for ladies of all sizes
Warhead, with rocking clothing for men and women

p.s. I'll get you back for that post making me all teary eyed, Apatia Hammerer!

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