Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dinosaur in Winter

Was passing through Bill earlier and couldn't resist snapping this shot as I was crossing the bridge.
Visit the freezing brontosaurus and warm your hands by the fire here:

Stay warm,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Small Adventure in Floyd

Greetings from the beautiful mountainside of Floyd! This area, with the shops shaped like giant flowers and plants (bonus: some are dangerous varieties), was one of the first parts of Starlust I ever wandered into, so I have a soft spot for the shops in the shadow of the supersized Starlustland sign.

I was excited to discover a Picnic outpost here on the mountain -- that's new since my last visit. Several pieces of Picnic's signature furniture are available in this location, as well as a few items of clothing. I took a break from mountain climbing and did some light reading on the upper level of the little shop.

Further exploration led to the discovery of more fun stuff. A sampling of some of the things I found from these fine Floydian vendors:

Star 1A: Big Hangy Tongue by RC Cluster -- pure awesome, and it's animated!
Star 1B: Purply Plastic Bead Necklace (modded to black) by Chaos Lotus (freebie!)
Star 2: All poses shown are from two generous packs of free poses from VPoses (FM 01-04 and FF 01-04)
Star 3: Lace Gloves by Picnic -- these are sold in an inexpensive pack that includes socks
Star 4: Skelly Tights (available in lots of colors, not just black) by Vermillion
Star 5: Braid Crown by Scribble -- this is a really great idea

If you haven't been on the mountain in a while, head over and take a look. The Picnic outpost is a great place to start! SLurl:

See you in Starlust,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Greetings from Lloyd!

Hello Starlust! Mako and Rach here -- we are excited to be new members of the Starlust blogging crew. We will be wandering through the lands of Starlust, showcasing what we find.

We're starting in Lloyd, the original sim and home to the Starlust Motel itself. Don't forget that the motel lobby is packed with unique freebies that range from sippable bacontinis to unicorn relics to all sorts of wearables... like these!
On Rach: I <3 Lloyd tee and Split Pea Big Pink Sunglasses.
On Mako: Meat Me at the Starlust shirt from Apatia's Ass-ortment of Tees.

Starlust is full of random animation opportunities. On a pair of poseballs outside Random Fashions on the upper level of the motel, we shared a slightly intimate moment with the motel's poolside elephant. It's still snowing in Starlust but we were impervious to the cold and wore items from several of the fine shops in Lloyd:
On Rach: jeans by Tyranny (Favorite Jeans), shirt by Toastface (Robots Love - Purple)
On Mako: shirt by Schadenfreude (Red Spider Electro-spook)

And, just because we always support lounging on random sittable meat, here is a photo of the two of us relaxing on the hot dog outside the motel. You too can experience some meat slurry down time by teleporting to this location via the SLurl below. Enjoy!

Have fun out there!
Mako & Rach

Starlust Motel Lobby:
Featured Random Poseball:
Giant Sittable Hot Dog:

Additional credits: In the first photo, Rach's pose is by [LAP] (Awmahgah)
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