Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hold on to your britches, the Panty Raid is coming!

Starlust Panty Raid 2009

AND... It's back! Perhaps Starlust's most popular and raved-about hunt, the Panty Raid is a rabid search for clams containing panties & other assorted undergarments! The hunt begins August 14th and runs through August 30th!

Get excited!
~The Starlust Management & Vendors~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Starlust Flickr Contest Reminder-- 1 week left!

Don't forget!! There's a little less than a week left to make your submissions and enter Starlust's 1st Annual Flickr Contest! Seven lucky winners will win BIG, ginormous prize packs and, additionally, have their winning photos displayed on billboards in the Starlust sims indefinitely!

Oh--- and have I mentioned the EPIC list of prizes? You've gotta see it to believe it! Probably the biggest prize pool for a contest like this that I've ever seen, you won't need to shop again for a verrryyyy long time :)

Follow the link below to the official rules, and snap away!
--Rules & Info for the Starlust Flickr Contest--

Best of luck!!
~The Starlust Staff~

Friday, July 17, 2009

War? (We grief our sims, so you don't have to)

On the evening of July 14th, the evil forces of Vintage McMillan (of Epoque and Eugene) and her army of giant dolls descended upon the Starlust, in her bid to conquer the rest of the land of greater Starlustland. It started high above the skies of Floyd, as a foreboding airship cruised around, dropping huge dolls in her declaration of war.

We scrambled to rally the troops in response, and were aided in our defense by mushroom throwers, giant chickens, and the fearless crotch swan infantry. And then, the battle was on! Vintage manned the huge Godzilla-like doll, with its laser eyes, setting fire to the grounds of the motel, as giant chickens flew into the face of danger trying to fend off the menace.

oh dear.

Epic Battle at Lloyd 07/14/09

Raining Chickens at the Starlust 2

the falling

Eventually the brave cock and fungus forces were victorious, defeating Vintage's evil...for now.

I knew it was a mistake to let Eugene in!

More photographs of the damage can be found on the flickr pages linked above, as well as at the lobby of the motel. You can also get a cockfighter of your very own at the lobby, to stand firm in the face of evil everywhere.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Welcome to Starlust Elliott!

Starlustland is pleased to announce the arrival and opening of the new boy Elliott!

Elliott has three themes - XO Swamp, St. Ides Heaven Carnival Junkyard, and Shooting Star Pet Cemetery. The entire sim will open today, July 17, 2009 at 5PM SLT. There will be fun, shopping, freebies, dollarabies, and an hour DJ session in the Cemetery at 6PM SLT with Izzy Bereznyak who will be playing Elliott Smith songs.

Please come visit Elliott and the shops of:
Periquita Shoes Mainstore (XO Swamp)
SomaPop Mainstore (Pet Cemetery)
So Fetch! Mainstore (Pet Cemetery)

XO Swamp:
Minettes, GiGi Couture, Agent Orange, Wasabi Pills, Urbanista, Bryce Designs, EnzuDesign, The Habitat, Madsy, Touche, barbee., Dare, Primitive Design, The Sea Hole, Goth1c0, kiLiebe, LyGo, ADN3, Chapeau tres Mignon, Creative Insanity, Steinwerk Designs, El'n, Luck Inc, Urbanity, LOULOU&CO

Shooting Star Pet Cemetery:
Second Spaces, Little Boy Blue, Pocket Mirrors, lurveBite, !*Henusaki*Love*Creations*!, The Stringer Mausoleum, Pink Outfitters, The Dogs, Ear Candy, Hourglass Shapes

St. Ides Heaven Carnival Junkyard:
Sunflower Poses, Naive, Etoile, [name pending], Kid Asia, Physique, Poetic Eyes, Strange Candy, Gritty Kitty, SOMATICA, Ken's Store, Rainbow Snail Design, Indyra Originals Headquarters,
Tousled, Sprawl, House of Hucci

XO Swamp
Shooting Star Pet Cemetery
St. Ides Heaven Carnival Junkyard

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Starlust Flickr Contest: Preliminary List of Prizes!

We've been working hard to collect gifts from all our vendors here at Starlust, and I'm happy to report--- if you win our Flickr contest, not only do you get all the fame and glory that comes with it, but you will also receive a TON of prizes! Have a looksie at what we're offering-- (and this is long, and somewhat picture heavy, so bear with me!)

Each of the seven winners will receive:
- the FilterCam HUD System from Mechanized Life

- a special edition dress from Katat0nik (the Thailor Dress in red)

- a limited edition, contest-only pair of Supah Fresh Sneeks + Boots from Zanzo

- a special edition dress from Modd.G

- a gift certificate redeemable for any value pack of gestures from HeLLa JeSSTuReS
- a gift certificate redeemable for a custom shape from ~Hourglass Shapes~ (750L value)
- a $1000L gift voucher from =HooT=

Best picture overall, chosen from among the seven winners, will receive:
- a custom sitting & photo with James Schwarz

AND Everyone who enters will receive special participation prizes from:
Sanu & 12/4!

The winners will additionally receive special prizes from the vendors in the sim their winning photo represents!

- Free rent for one month in a 200 prim homestead on Harold
Voucher redeemable for a custom skin/makeup from Imagen
Contest-exclusive cupcake crown from Cupcakes & Poetry

- Sculpty beanbag/pillow bundle + photo session from Whimsy

- Contest-exclusive pose set from Golden Delish

- One (1) rideable Tuk Tuk and a set of Hermit Buddies (hermit crabs) from Salsa

- One (1) LightBench from Broccoli
Special edition hair package from Wot?

- Gift pack of eight (8) pairs of the newest releases from !She's So Unusual Shoes!

- Hairy Gal Skin Package from Loser Designs
"Thought Bubbles" gadget from Stinkeye (description:
a scripted gadget that will let others know your thoughts via a overhead "bubble" like in a cartoon. It will be controlled by the wearer.)
- Your choice of three fatpacks of hair from Tiny Bird
- Your choice of any one fatpack of hair from Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Special contest-themed underwear from BOYCUT

- A pre-release set of 10 poses + extras from Penny Dreadful Arcade
Apple Green outdoor furniture set from Republica

- A special edition snuggle blankie from Bittersweet

- Your choice of any one item from Herbalys
- Wooden Table Set/Wooden Bedroom Set + $500L cash from ~Dirty Rat~

- $2500L gift voucher from MichaMi
- $2500L gift voucher from Reek
$1000L giftcard from Kunstkammer
$250L gift voucher from Duh!
$100L gift voucher from Spaded
$400L giftcard from Store With No Name
$500L giftcard from Dark Mouse
$500L giftcard from "anuenue
$1000L gift voucher from Mix & Match
- Gift certificate redeemable for a multitude of sexual favors & maybe some eyes (if she has time) from Aura Falta of Tacky Star

- Prizes in the works from: Shape'ly Shape Shack

- $2500L gift voucher from Epoque
- Paint Everything Sparkly (Exclusive set) from -RC- Cluster

- TV Bag (Boy & Girl versions) from *Malizz Yiyuan Creation*

- Special edition t-shirt from Miss 80s
Special pre-release dress from Elate!
Voucher redeemable for any two items from Sisters
Special Starlust-edition Argyle bracelet (never to be sold in-store) from Tousled
A gift package containing every shape currently on sale at Dakota's
Fatpack of Retrospection Swimsuits + other assorted goodies from Twosome

- A special, unreleased set of stockings from Stitch by Stitch

-"My God.. It's Full of Stars Poofiepants" set, a contest/Starlust exclusive from Show Me On The Doll

- $1000L gift voucher from 1-800-Bettie's
$500L gift voucher from Punch Drunk
$500L gift voucher from Shabby Flamingo
$200L gift voucher from FreshTrash
$200L gift voucher from ChaosLotus
Gift voucher redeemable for any five items from -END-
Gift voucher redeemable for merchandise from Sock Shop
Gift voucher redeemable for any three items from Beloved Designs

Individual photoshoot good for 2 prints (profile shot + keepsake photo-- a 1500L value) from Gypsy Creations
- Voucher for any three pose sets from Long Awkward Pose (1200L value)
- An exclusive Starlust-themed cameo jewelry set from Schadenfreude

- A special star/lusty themed lolita dress and skin with makeup to match + eyes/shape from >+Adore & Abhor<+

Exclusive Starlust Bunny Hair from BP*

- Fatpack of Dark Stripes Unicorn sets, Shade Monocle/Jewelry sets (1 of each), and 1 set of Dastardly Moustaches from Sanu

- Limited edition shirts from McToastface

- Voucher redeemable for a fatpack (of winners choice) of Starlust Skins from Tyranny Designs

- Limited edition tail from Rag-A-Muffin Tails

-Voucher for any three items from Periquita
Giant gift box filled with goodies from Ki2

- A gift bag including a special new set of birdie tattoos, a shoulder pet, and a $600L voucher from Silent Sparrow
- $3500L gift voucher from Turnip Homes
- $3000L gift voucher from SMERSH
- $1000L gift voucher from Swallowtail
$1000L gift voucher from Split Pea
$500L gift voucher from SD Wears
$1500L gift voucher from Nushru
$750L gift voucher from So Many Styles
- $1200L gift certificate redeemable for current and future products at Bagley
- Prizes in the works from: Thimbles

Entire line of clothing/accessories/shoes/Alice&Ninon skins from Milk Motion
- Your choice of three fatpacks of hair from Tiny Bird
A giftpack including a prefab shack, a field of flowers, a tree, and several interior furnishings from The Sea Hole

- A Silo S1 Skybox (1600L value) + 2 Shellby Loungers (valued @ 500L/each) from *Silo: Sky Society Living

- Set of 5 unreleased 3/4th Sleeve Blazers from Sh*t Happens

- The cottage home of your choice from Thistle Homes

- The newest wigs from ZsaZsa's House of Beauty

- Special hair from Crimson + Clover

- One of every item sold at Figure 8
- Your choice of any two items from Bliensen & MaiTai
- $500L gift voucher from Pididdle
$1500L gift voucher package from Royal Blue
- $300L gift voucher from Ticky Tacky
$1000L gift voucher from KidAsia
Two (2) $1000L gift vouchers from This is a Fawn (one for you, one for a friend!)
- Prizes in the works from: Trixi Stix

Special dress from Elate!
- Exclusive standing animation for AO from =random kitten= (specially made for this event)

- Your choice of any three (3) fatpacks from Decoy
A set of special female skins, called "Jayne", in 3 tones & 5 makeups from Slutcookie&Co.

- Your choice of any single item from Young Urban
A gift package filled with various items from D-LAB
A gift package filled with various items from Mocorin
A giant gift box filled with practically every item sold at SUGARCUBE
A new release item from Kenzie & Co.
$1500L voucher from Raspberry Aristocrat
- $1000L gift voucher from Shade Throne
$1000L gift voucher from Random Fashions
$2000L gift voucher from Morantique
$2000L gift voucher from Waffles
Two (2) 250L giftcards from Caroline's Jewelry
- $1000L gift voucher from Doppelganger, Inc.
- $500L gift voucher from Medley

Herman Melville:
$2000L gift voucher from TOSL
Exclusive set of striped "Ladies Like Flowers" cardigan sweaters from PigShop

If you would like to enter our contest, please see the complete list of rules HERE!

Good luck!
The Starlust Staff + Vendors

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Starlust's 1st Annual Flickr Contest has begun!

Show us your best photos in the Starlust sims and you can win BIG!

The day has finally arrived! The first ever Starlust Flickr photo competition has begun, and will run through July 24th! Take your best photos in any/several/all of the seven active Starlust sims, and you can win incredible prizes (literally THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of Linden worth of merchandise from our vendors in every sim!). Also, everyone who participates will receive a gift pack just for entering!

Information and official rules are listed below! Best of luck everyone!

  • Seven lucky winners will receive gift bags FILLED with exclusive prizes and gift cards from Starlust vendors!
  • Winning submissions will be chosen by a select panel of judges and displayed indefinitely on billboards throughout the Starlust sims!
Contest Rules:
  • All photographs must be taken within the Starlust sims! (Floyd, Lloyd, Herman Melville, Horst, Harold, Eugene, & Bill).
  • Photo Dimensions: (recommended but not required) 1024x512 (length 2x width!)
  • You must be wearing or showcasing items (at least 3!) purchased in the sim in which your picture is taken.
  • You may submit up to three photos per sim. Currently there are 7 active sims-- two are new (Eugene and Bill) -- so you can have a maximum of 21 photo submissions!
  • All contest submissions must be named: "CONTEST - Your Name - Sim". So for example, if I posted a picture taken in Harold, my entry would be titled "CONTEST - Averie Larnia - Harold"
  • Please also include relevant tags: i.e. sim the photo is representing, designer names, etc.
  • In the description of your photo, please include credits for the products you are wearing/displaying. i.e. store name and item names.
  • Post processing is not required but encouraged!
  • Deadline to submit entries to Flickr site: July 24th
  • Winners will be announced on August 1st!
Links to the Starlust Sims

Lloyd: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lloyd/93/71/23
Floyd: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Floyd/35/59/25
Herman Melville: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Herman%20Melville/171/62/59
Horst: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Horst/219/212/46
Harold: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Harold/173/65/23
Eugene: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eugene/168/74/25
Bill: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bill/131/195/43

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