Wednesday, May 28, 2008


1) Hair: Hiccup - Sugar Water - Light Blonde (Room 33 at the Starlust Motel)
2) Dress: *1-800-Bettie's - 1950's STARLETTE - BLK (located at Dock Houses on Starlust Beach)
3) Skin: GG Couture - Pinky GG Skin (Room 9 at the Starlust)
4) Necklace: Swallowtail - Tear Drop Chain necklace! (Room 1 at the Starlust Motel)
5) Shoes: Periquita Shoes - SueShoo Sandals Black (Room 39 at the Starlust Motel)


Melatonin keeps giving me her hats and she doesn't understand why I like them so much. So, to show her how epic her hats are, I put this outfit together from all my homeboys on Lloyd. The hat is from Melatonin Hax of Split Pea (in the Starlust Motel), the shirt is from Toast Bard of Fashionably Dead (in the big Dino), the skirt is from Constanza Volare of Alchemy (in the Starlust Motel), and last but not least, the shoes are from Erpla Prieto of Periquita (look out for quicksand!)

Do me a favor and go to Split Pea and get this hat. Show Melatonin that she must keep making hats like this! All I can make is a mess, and not even a very good mess at that. I keep glaring at my desk like if I am mean enough, it might clean itself off. I dunno, I have a sneaking suspicion that it's not doing the trick. I'm not making sense. I can't decide if that is because I'm a crackhead or because it is faaaaaaarrr past my bedtime... HALP!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun Stuff from the Starlust

If you know me at all, you know I have four hobbies. 1) Smoking 2) Making Lists 3) Yelling at Scripted Vendors 4) Shopping at the Starlust. I went on a journey today to find some cute cute hair and ended up with an entire outfit!

1) Marika Dress - Sisters (located in the Dock Houses behind Starlust Motel)
2) KK-PNC-Smear Skin - Kandy Kitty (also in the Dock Houses)
3) BP*Folded Braid hair in brown - BP* (located in GIANT Rocking Horse)
4) Pose: Joyous Jill Pin Up - Pudge (located in giant Cheeseburger)
5) Periquita Mary Squares Shoes Black - Periquita Shoes (located in Room 39 of the Starlust Motel)
6) H&V: hay it's got ruffles leggings/socks - Heart Attack & Vine (located in Room 32)

resplendent in silent sparrow

- how we quit the forest

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

I'd like to make the overwhelmingly exciting grand announcement that BettiePage Voyager has joined us here at the Starlust. And now stage 1 of our diabolical plot is complete. Begin Stage 2.
(all stages are not only secret but highly confusing so it's best just not to ask what they are)

Because we not only love BettiePage, but also a good challenge... please welcome a Giant Rocking horse to the Starlust Grounds. Big Baby rocking horse was dropped from our skybox two days ago MUCH to the delight of all who got to ride him down and flop around as he crashed on the roof of the motel. I think someone who's better at writing flowery descriptions should have been put in charge of writing this... All I can tell you is to find the flickr photos and come see Big Baby for yourself, he's a gorgeous addition. And on that note I'm going to go get my laundry from the dryer.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh noes! Another hat!

Two new fabulous things at the Starlust made me run out and take a picture that I've sort of had in the back of my head since I was working on Geraldine.

belting one out

Hat! is SweetPea 50 ft Queenie (Room 13)
Pose! is from the brand spanking new Pudge Pinup set (Hamburger)

(Taken in Tableau, as the Starlust doesn't have a seedy nightclub. Yet.)

Friendly Faces, Forbidden places, Dirty spaces... at the Starlust!

We haven't divided up days of the week for fashion blogging responsibilities yet. We're freshly birthed... give us a break. However, Mel gave me her new hat and I fell head over heels immediately for it. When Stein saw it later she dern near had a conniption for it. Thankfully Mel put if up for sale in Room 13 (Split Pea) before going to sleep so we could all get it and then run around looking incredibly fashionable in it! Even dear dear Hank donned the had and pulled it off with every ounce of grace that naturally spills from his ever loving fingertips. Unfortunately he'd gone to bed before we took these photos so you'll have to take my word that this hat is truly unisex. Ordinarily I suppose one is supposed to end a post with some sort of fashion credits... but like I said... somewhat new at this blogging other people's products stuff and I forgot to ask Stein and Marcelle what they were wearing. Feel free to ask them yourselves!
Also this photo links to the new Starlust Motel Flickr Group and there's very special update group too if you're interested in that.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

2pm SLT, are you ready?

Starlust Motel Grand Opening on the beautiful sim of Lloyd (97, 74, 22)! Also hosting the rebuild of delicious Dogtown and the Mainstores of: Schadenfreude, Thimbles, Ki-Squared, Pudge, Twosome and amazing builds to home Smersh, Fashionably Dead, a handful of amazing Japanese Designers in a Tower! Come have a look-see and grab yourself a delicious cheeseburger dress!

Friday, May 16, 2008

2pm SL time. Meat me at the Starlust!

2pm SLT, Freebies abound. Because I am physically and mentally exhausted... I've asked a handful of people to describe the Starlust in 4 words or less. These are their responses (verbatim):
[20:48] Marsellus Bombast: like.. fuckin aw some
[20:50] Tilly Tokyo: a diseased raunchy wonderland
[20:49] flopsie McArdle: uh..
[20:49] Allegory Malaprop: Awesome?
[20:49] Stein Shilova: a public health risk.
[20:51] Toast Bard: star lust resort/spa
[20:52] Marcelle DeCuir: oh hmm
[20:53] Marcelle DeCuir: I love it.
[20:53] Marcelle DeCuir: wait that sucks
[20:53] Marcelle DeCuir: hmm Delightfully tacky
[20:53] Crauch Rauch: god
[20:57] Toast Bard: i guess i'd say um
[20:57] Toast Bard: friendship, burgers, resort, spa

And there you have it. Welcome to the Starlust.

(if you're going to ask about the spa part...that's just because I give a mean pedicure)

Holy Crap, behold a freebie!

So I've been boxing up freebies for the Starlust Grand Opening when Allegory threw this one at me. My mouth dropped and I wanted to post a pic of it as soon as possible so you guys get an idea of what you're getting yourselves into when you come brave the lag on Saturday (the 17th) for our festivities!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

We're all on pins and needles, this has been at least a month in the making. I've lost track of time so it's probably a bit more than that. Let's call it one and a half months in the making... The Grand Opening of the Starlust Motel expansion!
Situation on the scenic sim of Lloyd is not only the Motel itself but also a fine smattering of shops in Theme buildings as well as the new home of Dogtown (urban shopping!). For a complete list (nee, experience) of all the shops you'll just have to visit us this weekend for the Grand Opening but I will give you some names here now. And I'm giving you to them very much in the same way a drunken New York party goer whispers into a friend's ear the names of celebrities she's just watched perform illegal acts in a bathroom at the Magazine Release party that she didn't really want to attend that night...
In no particular order: DP Yum Yum - Smersh - Fashionably Dead - Thimbles - Pudge - Ki-Squared - Schadenfreude - Timberry - GG Couture - Tres Blah - Kurotsubaki - Lotta - Honey Kitty - La Sylphide - Alchemy - Silent Sparrow - Marly's Vintage Clothing and Hair - Japancakes - Violet Voltaire - Periquita Shoes
And those are just at Starlust itself! Imagine all the goodies from Dogtown!
Crap, I just walked into the back of Toast Bard's Dinosaur and the genius of it has made me speechless. You have that to look forward to! It's a wonderful feeling.

See you the 17Th!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grand Opening May 17th!

Gooooood Afternoon Everyone!
I'd like to announce that the Grand Opening date has been set for the Starlust Motel. The weekend of May 17th/18th we will pass out landmarks, open our arms and welcome the public to shake hands with what many of us are considering to be our love child. Please keep your eyes open throughout this whole week for more Blog postings detailing specific informations about the Starlust Motel Grand Opening!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Gross abuse of whatever you want to call this... balls?

I received an offline message earlier this evening that "zomg" there was a store being built in the sky above The Starlust. How odd. When I logged in this is what I was teleported to. Not at all that high even, above our land. The building appears to be the workings of a store. The builder is a kendall Freenote, with bits made by an annie Paster. More information can be found about the former at this link:
I'm posting this on the blog as a "head's up" to other land owner's and people who would be in a position to rent stores to either of these people. Their behavior is highly unethical/ballsy and ordinarily I would pay no attention to this sort of thing as attention is probably their goal in even doing it... But hey... head's up. Yes, partially it is my fault for not having the land perms set to prevent it... but considering that relatively few people have been to the land... no one we know would have the gumption to do such a thing... who'da thunk? Live and learn.
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