Monday, June 29, 2009

Special Delivery! <3 The Starlust Motel

A very disgruntled and exhausted-looking postal messenger asked me to deliver this postcard to you. He mumbled something about.. workhorse.. slave labor.. stingy money mongrels.. some other expletives I wouldn't dare repeat, and then he wandered off. Wonder what that was all about! Anyways, here's your mail! It looked important...

The message on the reverse side reads:

Coming..... July 1st-- Stay tuned for more info!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Starlust A La Mode Opens Today

There is another new sim that has arrived to Starlust. Please welcome Starlust A La Mode on the sim of Bill

We are opening Bill on Friday, June 26th at 6PM SLT. Garbage Prototype of Random Fashions designed and built the sim of Bill

We've got a whole bunch of stores opening on Starlust:

Main Stores:
Random Fashions
Heartattack & Vine

Yourskin & Yourshape, Rose Petal Creations, Elate!, Decoy, random kitten, mocorin, d-lab, Caroline's Jewelry, Earthstones, Eolande's Hair Accessories, Puarangi Designs, Mudhoney, Total Betty, gisele, Ty Zvezda, Hogarth Designs, turnstyle,, LoveKitty, Adorkable Poses, Lookr, BALACLAVA!!, Medley, glow, ICING, Cherry, 12 /4, K&Co, Dopplegänger Inc, Young Urban, Sugarcube, Waffles! , Modd.G , Glitterati, Crash Couture, Humby Designs, KCD, Morantique/HOM, Electric Jane's, That Rocks!, Rebel X, Creative Sector Blackstar, Raspberry Aristocrat, Posh, Slutcookie&Co

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


EUGENE HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. I'm sure you've seen it sitting there.... I'm sure. Well, now you can visit him. Eugene is home to my new brand, epoque, and -RC- Cluster by her, Redd Columbia. I am very excited to debut the entire new line of products from epoque. Sunglasses, hair, and the BRAND new section, jewelry! Ma Petite Breloque. Come see the new stuff and enjoy the effing beautiful sim built by myself and Sylar Boyd.

Here are some credits because I love them:
Miabella Foxley, for making me pretty city objects and my apartment
Asuka Martin for the epic SL version of Rittenhouse Square
Redd Columbia for the cafe
Sofia Gray for being fierce at all times
Dot Chaffe for moral support
OMGWTF Barbecue for our EPIC logo
And Retro Lemon for being an epic best friend

I <3



Here is a link to my blog, and a SLurl to Eugene:

PS. My current VINTAGEwear locations ARE NO LONGER THERE. All VINTAGEwear items (excluding a select few that are available at Fashion Mode) are temorarily retired. Pleasepleaseplease don't ask me to buy them. You might see them again in the future, but they are no longer for sale.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Starlust Residentials

harold rentals

Did you know the Starlust has a few residential spots?

harold rental 1
(The Emerald viewer rocks in a multitude of ways, including the temp upload feature and the ability to set perms of things in the contents of objects en masse, and it also actually lets me turn on Atmospheric Shaders! I have to use them very sparingly and only for photos...but look! Actual pretty water!)

Nestled in the mountains above Area 408, there are a select few unique buildings for residences, overseen by our lovely Melatonin Hax. It's a pretty fantastic view from up there, looking over all of Starlustland (if you can up your draw distance! I keep mine super low except for photos, so I'm always even more amazed when I can see things).

harold rental 2

We do request that visitors to Starlustland be respectful to those who choose to keep homes here, however we have been blessed with never having any problems to speak with so far, because, let's face it, the people who hang out at the Starlust are awesome.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New stores and a new mainstore!!!

Hi again!  Time to come shopping again and check out the new stuff at the Starlust!  
A great little unisex t-shirt shop.  42 t-shirt color options, so you can find a shirt to match every outfit.  The best part...there is a demo for all the colors so you can see if something is "your color" before buying it!  
The hoodies from here have become a regular staple in my wardrobe.  There is much more in this store such as: t-shirts, fun belts, novelty items and other accessories.  
Why have a traditional "kick me" sign on your back when you can wear an adorable bunny backpack with a sign?  Tons of skins and other cute accessories here also!  
Throw traditional tails out the window and try out this store.  These tails are fully scripted and texture crazy!  
The name pretty much says it all!  Clothing, accessories and shoes to help you change up your wardrobe.  
Unique dresses and these really realistic looking strawberry stilettos!  

and last but not least...Pididdle's new mainstore has moved to the Starlust!  

Hallie <3

Monday, June 1, 2009

Six New Stores in the Starlust!

Hi again!  There are a couple of new stores at the Starlust that you need to come check out... 

Full of food, personal snowglobes, jewelry and so much more!

Lots and lots of shapes! 

I'm a huge fan of eclectic stores.  This store has clothes, hair, glasses, bubbles, food, jewelry and other things that are escaping me at this moment.  

Clothes and shoes for...circus folk, the lost, the desperate, the living dead, the murderous or your everyday fashionista.  

Kyoot has fantastic dresses and fun hair.  There are also tons of clothes and accessories. 

Come here to find gowns, lingerie and everyday outfits.  

Hallie <3

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