Thursday, April 2, 2009

Peace at last

The unicorn war has been heated, and spilled far beyond the borders of Starlustland, as people all over SL have chosen sides.

However, we do have peace at last. It was...uh...sort of my fault. Er, sorry. Who knew pregnant unicorn hormones turned you into a ticking glitter timebomb, waiting to go off? The glitter critical mass was so serious that it wiped out almost all of the unicorns, _and_ their opposition, from all of Starlustland.

horst explosion

shower explosion

There are a few survivors from the fallout, the alicorn over the Floyd rainbow came out almost entirely unscathed, and the horny seaponies still populate the 7Seas fishing in the waters of Lloyd and Floyd, I suppose the seawater protected them from the blast. For these remaining refugees, and in memory of love and glitter everywhere, I respectfully request that both sides please set aside their animosity, and kiss and make up as we did (also, some making out and there was the slapping, but I mean, I guess those are optional?)

We learned some important lessons from the war: some people don't like unicorns, some people don't like sex, some people think glitter in private areas is very uncomfortable, some people prefer their unicorn sex set off in a private corner, and some people prefer leprechauns and latex.

I have no idea what happened to all that glitter. I have to wonder if it really just dissipated, or if, somehow, we haven't quite seen the end of the fallout yet...

Khitten Kurka spoke out against the unicorn menace

Achariya wears pink to show her unicorn pride

Achariya's daughter also approves of unicorns

Candy Flanagan hosted The Sparkle Village Glitter Poof Show

Persephone Paine announced her support for the unicorns

Nivaya Barbosa chose Sparkle Village to unveil her new skin collection

katat0nik made memories at Sparkle Village with Adaire, who also featured their visit on Free*Style

Eden and Ashia extolled the virtues of MORE GLITTER on Free*Style, as pretty uniponygirls, coutesy of Sanu

Helena Stringer explored unicorns of the depths, on Free*Style

Fab Farah tried to choose a side on Fabulously Free in SL

I'm sure I've missed many of you out there, these are just the ones I remembered on the top of my head. Please feel free to post links in the comments to those I have missed.

Let us never forget the tragedy that almost tore us apart, and let us never allow it to happen again.


Achariya Rezak said...

Mine. *snuffle*

Allegory Malaprop said...

Oh, slap me upside the head, I was even thinking "there were those posts of Achariya's" and then when it came time to write up the post I lost it. I suck!

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