Thursday, April 9, 2009


ki2 mine

Kiki Cunningham of Ki-Squared is the reason I have gotten to be a part of the amazing project that is the Starlust (also she's got one of the cleverest names for her shop ever). I randomly met her one night, when I went to visit Caribe, and she and her friend struck up a conversation with me. I don't recall much of the conversation itself really, although there was something about extreme librarianism in there.

ki2 canary

I'm not a very social person (in fact, I'm now and again the poster child for social anxiety disorder and tend to be a bit of a hermit...which you may not have guessed with how much I've been nattering on in blogging lately), and I don't think I'm all that easy to become friends with- to get me out of my shell requires the right topics of conversation, and the stars aligning properly (and even then, I tend to hide out from friends too often, not because I don't want to talk to them, but because I don't want to bother them- I rarely start conversations just to say hi). Kiki and Mr. Nosferatu though, they got me on a good night, and started up the right conversation, and Kiki later also introduced me to more of her friends, at which point it just all headed in the direction that eventually became our little wonderland.

ki2 chowtime

Kiki had a motel room in the first Starlust in Cubana, a couple of doors down from mine (I wish I had more pictures of the first Starlust, but I don't tend to take pictures unless I have a reason- with how much SL hangs at best, and crashes at worst, when I take snaps). When we moved to Neverdie, she decided she wanted a mine, and dug out a great pit of a store with rocks above- when we moved to Lloyd she dug out another pit. And then she put vendors up. And then we continued to terraform around the sim. And her vendors started getting returned to her, because even terraforming on the opposite corner of the sim, somehow, kept changing her mine just enough that things got buried. After ages of frustration (and some language that would make a sailor blush), the mine became above ground, with the walls being a bit of terrain and a lot of sculpts that wouldn't decide to undulate everything back to her.

ki2 wagon

Ki2 is filled with a bit of everything a girl could want- there are sensible clothes (and not so sensible clothes!), sculpted shoes, hair, there's a weekly mystery dollarbie. Sometimes it's an extra colour of the release that week, sometimes it's something entirely different. Ki-Squared is located behind the leg of the motel towards Floyd, on Lloyd, next to the Fashionably Dead dinosaur. She also keeps a new release blog.

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