Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey, What's new at Starlust?

Welcome to the very first part of a multi-post series we're tentatively calling "Hey, What's new at Starlust?"

Well, we're so glad you asked!

A little while ago VintageWear moved out of Room 7 to a main store location on Horst. Luckily Katat0nik Pigeon swooped in to fill up the empty walls. Effectively giving me and Alle another great setting to fake beat each other up in. (Poses by Snooky's Poses) Katat0nik has drop dead gorgeous dresses and outfits and I just remembered I forgot to attach the f'king adorable prim cat she sells when we posed for this picture. Dammit... go get that cat and see, it's f'king adorable.

Next up - You may have noticed at one point that we renovated Mount Lolita on Floyd. The mountainy area that was home to many giant flowers that were home to many spectacular shops. Well, now there are even more... plus wheelbarrows. Plus watering cans and mushrooms and barns and oh my! Picnic has joined us up on Mount Lolita. I'd fallen in love with their products long ago when exploring a sim I can't for the life of me remember the name of and just crashed out of SL so can't even investigate landmarks for the sake of being proper in this post. Sorry. BUT! I did fall in love and I'm so glad to have them join us!

Picnic has beautifully textured garden and home decor. Ethereal hanging lights and trees. Antique tables and chairs for you to sit your fake butt on while you appreciate your ethereal lights and trees. There is a poetic sense of whimsy and loss to their products and environments created with their products. Something I am deeply attracted to in both lives.

TP directly to Katat0nik at the Starlust Motel - Here.
TP directly to Picnic on Floyd - Here.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these vendors as much as we enjoy them!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mmmmm PDA poses at Dogtown

I love poses. I just love them. I didn't know how badly my addiction to poses was going to get when I first walked into Dove's shop [LAP]... back when I was SLyounger. And I should have. I just should have.
Now one of the things I absolutely look forward to most when creating ads or doing any sort of picture is flipping through myriad pose animator thingies in the skybox - and I clapped my hands with excitement when Izzy Bereznyak started throwing his poses at me. More so than clap I threw my hands in the air and said "Thank YOU (insert your own religious deity here)!" when Izzy told me he was opening a shop at Dogtown.
And now that shop is open - PDA. This is a smattering of my favorite *favorite* poses from pda.
You can get them here.

Hair by Coif - Skin by Toasty Bard - Pig Shop Turtleneck and my favorite jeans by Sh*t Happens.

Friday, January 16, 2009

::: oOoo La La :: Grand Opening

Please join us for our Grand Opening!
Found on The Starlust Motel at Polly Jean!
Saturday, January 17 at 2pm SLT
DJ Brainfinger McMillan

I'm sure I can muster up some prizes, one-night-stands and hopefully even some morning after pills.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I was mind blown - So I thought it might blow you too...

The other day Mr. Carver (Meat) imed me about adding some new products to his shop DEVO, on Floyd (you can go there immediately by clicking this: This In fact you shouldn't even bother reading this... just go now and then be surprised by what's new. Live on the seat of your pants and stuff, you're a tiger.

His new products are the DEVO Scythe - "This sculpted Scythe can be thrown across an
entire sim and always lodges directly into its target."
Which is, you have to admit... flipping great - but then there's the DEVO ORKO - "The ultimate Orko pack! Includes scuplted avatar with magical pulse effects, an animated doll you
can nurse, a pet that rides on your shoulder and an army that flies around your head."
You maybe weren't as into He-Man as much as my sister was... but really that's also something you will have to admit was sorely lacking from SL... now it's here. Buy it.

Most impressively/amazingly to me, though, is the DEVO Paint.

Mr. Carver has put out a Demo of the DEVO paint in front of his shop, so you can try before you buy. And I think after you try you might well buy... because if you don't someone you know will and then you'll end up feeling like you would have gotten the credit had you bought it first... you already knew how flipping awesome it was... but you just couldn't spare the pocket change to buy it... and now you're just not as hip and awesome as your friend is. That's kind of tragic.

DEVO Paint - "This Paint board allows you to paint your own permanent art pieces in Secondlife
Your artwork can be saved as a texture, added to an online gallery and also saved to prims
that can then be used to reload your painting back onto the board, or simply hung up on the
wall of your house."

Yes - It's that motherflipping awesome, creative, inventive and you must have it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Friends and Family Event

Speaking on behalf of Floyd (as I often do - pretty raunchily while drunk...) I'd like to extend a gigantic welcome to Tenshi Vielle and Iris Seale to the Starlustland Family! We've redone Mount Lolita on Floyd and they've graciously pwned the big red barn shop space there combining Punch Drunk, [CRAP] and [Boutique] and Fawn Fotherington Hair.
They're holding an event this Saturday and Sunday called the Friends and Family Event. This is the information from the notecard -

Friends and Family Event redemption instructions:

- Make a purchase at any of the participating stores' in world locations
- Select an item of equal or lesser value
- Create a notecard entitled "Friends and Family - " with ALL the following information:
1. Transaction information of your purchase including transaction number, date, and amount
2. The name of the item of equal or lesser value you've selected to gift
3. The full name of the avatar you wish to gift the item to.
- Drop the notecard on the store owner:
[Boutique] & [CRAP] – Tenshi Vielle
Fawn Fotherington Hair - Fawn Fotherington
*ICING* – Miko Omegamu
KessKreations & Hilarious - Kesseret Steeplechase
Punch Drunk – Iris Seale

- Incomplete notecards will not be processed!
- Gifted items must be of equal or lesser value
- Purchase must be made with Linden dollars, offer does not apply to items bought with a gift card
- Offer does not apply to purchases of gift cards or "dollarbies"
- No "credit" is given if the chosen gift item is less expensive that the purchased item.
- Offer is only valid within the same brand, ie you cannot purchase a Punch Drunk dress and chose to gift an *ICING* item.
- Only applies to purchases made between 12:01am SLT Saturday, Jan 3rd and 11:59 pm SLT Sunday, Jan 4th.
- Notecards must be submitted no later than 1:00 am SLT Monday, Jan 5th.

How do I find transaction information?
Go to World > Account Information
Cut and paste the Transaction number and Details into a notecard.

Participating Stores include - [Boutique], Fawn Fotherington Hair, *Icing*, Punch Drunk, KessKreations, [CRAP], and Hilarious

This is a great idea and great opportunity to pass some belated Holiday presents on to your friends and Sloved ones, so do!

TP over to check out the goods!

IRKMADE: lifestyles and leisure products

So it’s pretty hard for me to write a blog entry about irkmade without wanting to give you the designer’s resume. Hap Underwood’s background is god damn impressive. Let’s just say if his resume were a ménage à trios … it would include a frog, SIM-like avatars and a giant talking mouse! Oh yeah. It would be the shit.

Hap and I met ages ago and got on like a house on fire. He’s been on Polly Jean since the beginning: dedicated and true! You totally need to check his shop out, it’s the giant TIKI shelf at the far end. All of his animations are finely crafted from blue-eyed babies and the program MAYA.  Check it…

Here we have the irkmade Absynth Glass (500L - 7 prims). The animation on this glass is gorgeously smooth and will give you flashback like no other. There is an optional FREE fairy wings starter kit to really get your goose cookin.

Next is the irkmade Mr. Moon  (1200L - 6 prims). Mr. Moon, himself, is just ONE prim and includes 4 animated poses. (The sixth prim is a shadow, just fyi.) As usual, Hap steals the show with design originality. The sculptie is well crafted and is perfect for close ups and SL photography. 

Please come by Polly Jean at The Starlust Motel and check out irkmade. It will be worth your time... and the adventure!

Peace out.

what i'm wearin'
HAIR: Hiccup, Nerd carrot
TOP: Royal Blue, Body Con Is Not Dear in Antique
BOTTOM: Sh*t Happens, Zebra Jeans
SHOES: Periquita, Funny Girl Flats brown
SKIN: Tuli, series 2 pale tone
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