Sunday, May 3, 2009

Smersh and The Golden Oriole

smersh picnic

I'm sorry I've been a slacker of a tour guide- I was distracted by getting through the oxfords, finally. Sorry, you haven't gotten rid of me yet!

golden oriole exterior

The two places I would like to show you today are Smersh and The Golden Oriole. Both have impact in Starlustland beyond just their shops- flopsie McArdle of Smersh has contributed a number of little touches all over the sims, from hot dog themed items (mmmmm) to paths to trees to picnic tables and beyond, when flopsie hasn't been off building sims for companies, she's been puttering around the 'Lust here and there. And, of course, the train station on Horst that houses VintageWear, one of her magnificent prefabs.

smersh interior

I've never met the person (or people?) behind the Golden Oriole myself, but they are directly responsible for the absolutely fantastic treehouse that perches high atop Mount Lolita on Floyd, that serves as the communal I <3 the Starlust clubhouse. We used to have a castle there, but gave them freedom to do whatever they thought was good, and it blew away any expectations we had!

golden oriole interior

Both places have a lot in common- aside from being right next to each other, they also both do prefabs and gadgets and furniture, and they do it fantastically. Smersh is more modern retro and grunge, the home of the Laser Shark, a hotbed of revolutionary activity, and the place you can get the best damn corndog in Second Life. You can also ponder the existentialist emptiness of being as you wage slave your life away selling Flopdogs. The Golden Oriole excels at steampunk and Victorian delights: beautiful buildings, exquisite weaponry, gorgeously detailed furniture for the upscale abode, and what is certainly the best pith helmet in Second Life I have ever seen.


Smersh and The Golden Oriole are right next to each other on Lloyd, towards Herman Melville from the motel.

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