Thursday, October 2, 2008

Say HI To Polly Jean!

Oh Dear. That 'Marlys' woman has found her way onto the Starlust Motel blog!! 


I just wanted announce that The Starlust Motel will be opening it hearts, minds and Melatonin's pants to Polly Jean. The 4th sim installment to this glorious mecca of design, pagentry and procurement is filling in nicely.

Part A: Pleasantville
This is a old slash new "look" at residentials in Second Life. Fashioned after the 1950's suburbia, the genius prefab designers of Nook & Cranny put this community together lickity split!  Now, it has been quasi-infested with a bunch of weirdos... heh. god bless 'em.... and their prozac.

Part B: Polly Jean - The Reckoning
I am delighted to announce ONLY SOME of the amazing vendors that have joined the Starlust Motel community: JuJu’s Closet, Naith Smit DesignsMayaMaya Creations,UnzippedLeague and the ever delicious after-dinner-mint BLONDE. As in the Starlust Motel fashion, we are building these vendors unusual shops that are magically enhancing in every way! 

Here’s a picture of JuJu’s Closet, which is now open for busines on Polly Jean: 
There will be more prettyness to follow as stores are built and Melatonin's pants loosen in my mighty grips! Stay tuned for more news!

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