Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pre-judging is complete, the battle begins.

Pageant Applicator - Jed Brimm

We had a wonderful time weeding through the applications to determine which men would pass through to the official Mr. Starlustland Pageant 2008, which will be held October 6th at or around 1pm SLT (though please don't hold me to this time, we might have to work out a better time so as to accommodate as many Mr. Starlustland Pageant participants and the judges).

The finalists are:
Mr. Batusi Bosatsu
Penguin God Garbage Prototype
Mr. Johnny Barbecue
Mr. Lawless McBride
Mr. Longfellow Foton
Mr. loveless Losangeles
Mr. Marsellus Bombast
Mr. Palmindan Whybrow
Mr. Rance Alva
Mr. Subversive Writer - Hero of Kittens, Internationally
Mr. Sven Marx
Mr. Marty Courier
Mr. Bri Reifsnider
Mr. Timothy Morpork
Mr. Travis Bagley
Mr. Aaren Reyes
Mr. PirateDucky Constantine
Mr. Staige Aker
Mr. Krishan Rieko
Mr. Jed Brimm
Mr. Kenry Klaar
Mr. James Schwarz
Mr. Xi Ballyhoo
Mr. Zieen Nordberg

Men: You are ALL winners to me. Thank you for applying, making us laugh, flattering us beyond the levels bullshit meters can possibly handle and all around putting the lust in Starlustland.
Keep your ears alert in the I <3 Starlust update group for news and notices when we randomly make these men compete in pre- pageant obstacles or put them on display.

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