Monday, November 10, 2008


Dear 友達:

Do you know what my #1 favorite thing is? I do!
豚肉 (buta niku) - pork! I love it so much that I even love to wear it, which is why I was absolutely ecstatic to find the Heartattack & Vine Breakfast in Bed dress, Short Bus Moons Over My Hammy set (with matching bacon & egg earrings), and Short Bus Piggie Back tat. I even recently found a job at the Flopdog on Lloyd, just so I could stay close to the delicious smell of crackling pork fat all day long. It gets SO hot in that Flopdog stand, though, that I've got to keep my hair up in BP*'s Autumn Natural Chignon - which is actually just fine
because that hair is totes kawaii!!

After a long, hot day slaving over Flopdogs, all I want to do is strip down to my Moons Over My Hammy bacon and eggs, and settle down at the picnic tables with a nice juicy hot dog and a tasty Schadenfreude Bacontini (I like to nom the bacon first, of course).

I'll leave you for now with
my favorite recipe for pork chops Calvados and a bit of poetry I composed with the help of my bacontini.

Pork with Apples, Calvados and Cider

Oh, bacon
You're so fine,
You're so fine,
You blow my mind!
Hey, bacon!

Ex oh ex oh,
秋子 Akiko

Breakfast in Bed dress - Heartattack & Vine @ the Starlust

Autumn Natural Chignon - BP* @ the Starlust

Piggie Back Tattoo & Moons Over My Hammy (including tainty-fresh back bacon and tainty-fresh breakfast sausage not shown) - Short Bus @ Dogtown

Simple Motives skin - Fashionably Dead @ the Starlust

Hot Dog Stand - Smersh @ the Starlust

Bacontini - Schadenfreude @ the Starlust


elka said...

Hoo!! I haz fewd! Happy to see I am not alone with a really bad pixel food fetish hahaha. HI5!!

秋子・サースデイ Akiko Thursday said...

<3 fake foodz! So fun! So low fat!

I should've called this post ihasahotdog.

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