Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Stuffs -

Wow this is the first time I've ever wished to start a Holiday newsletter... you know? Like that one my Aunt Jo send, though now she sends it via email... and I just delete it without opening it from there instead of throwing it away into a real trash can. Anyways.

Holiday stuffs going on around Starlustland!

Down in the lobby we've got a gigantic Christmas tree out and many of the vendors of Starlustland have generously dumped some gifts down there! Here are some photos of me and Stein all dressed up in the gifts!

Not everything pictured is available down in the lobby - My Moose antlers are from Illusions and I have no idea where Stein's boots and hair are from.
Hourglass shapes has a holiday gift of 4 shapes (two male, two female) down there as well... allow me to show you a photo of one of them!

We will not be holding any hunts for Christmas or New Years. There's already so much going on with wonderful things to hunt for around the grid anyways, I'm sure you won't miss one more.
The tree in the lobby is still being populated with gifts from our amazing vendors so if you stopped by earlier today you might find more stuff there tomorrow!

Around all the sims Allegory has put out snow ball fight thingies where you can actually pelt one another and there are stats and all that fancy stuff. Mind the yellow snow while you run around slaughtering one another with snowballs... we're not known for our strong bladders around here:/

Thinking... thinking... I think that's it!
One more photo - for posterity and a linky thing so you can easily teleport to the tree!

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