Thursday, December 4, 2008

JuJu’s Closet on Polly Jean

Allow me to introduce you to the wonders in JuJu’s Closet!

Designer Juwan Lane is fiercely fashion savy and not afraid to be a little naughty at times! Here are my picks as some of her hot items as seen on the Polly Jean sim (aka the giant shoe box!)

The Millennium is offered in many colors, depicted is Ruby. I’m a big fan of rubies and recommend them highly as gifts for moi.  The cost is a mere pittance at $280L for a stunningly sculpted prim skirt and more legs than a bucket of chicken.

The next item is the Austin Jacket.  This jacket is the SHIT. For $200L you get jacket layers with undershirts, prim sculpted collar/pockets and the ever-endearing POOFER. The texturing is flattering for men and women. It’s worth every linden.

SO! There you have it. A peek into one of the best closets this side of the grid. Stop by Polly Jean, spend some time and some money at JuJu’s Closet. You won’t be disappointed.


Other Items Featured in this Blog Spotlight, BlogLite as I call it, are as follows:

Dress: Millennium, JuJu’s Closet
Skin: Lotus Shojo 4, Fleur
Hair: Glam’s Teen Dream, Marlys

Jacket: Austin Jacket, JuJu’s Closet
Jeans: The Abyss
Skin: Lotus Shojo 4, Fleur
Hair: Olivia, Tousled

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