Thursday, October 23, 2008

Meat Carver - Devo on Floyd.

So last week Meat Carver joined our sick little family of Starlustland and ever since... every day it's been hard to stop playing with his toys and do work and stuff. A lot of people are already familiar with his products from his shop at Hotel Dare and/or knowing him personally. Since I'm a shut-in who rarely leaves Starlustland I wasn't and boy howdy did I nearly crap my pants.

I love trees and since we're always in favor of adding more to the boys, I plopped the "DEVO" ORANGE TREE down on Lloyd to see it in action before moving it over to the mountain area (which I haven't done yet... so if you wanted to see it in action too head on over to the Motel Lobby and look around for it) and I don't think this photo does justice to how awesome it is. It grows oranges that perpetually fall from the tree and roll away, it's genius.

Stein and I went over the other day together and immediately she started serenading me with her "DEVO" ACCORDION, which plays an addictive little tune on a loop. There are animations included that make your av. play it and we did for about an hour and a half. Nonstop

Lastly I think I got the most fun out of the "DEVO" PETS. It's as many pets as you could possibly imagine rezzing, all attached by chain leashes to a handle or stick that you hold in your hand. They follow you around, they're ride able... they wreak havoc. And havoc... well... I do so love to wreak it. Stein and I ran around the sims until she crashed, and after that I wrought some havoc on my own around Lloyd. Then I let them off their leash and sat down while they perpetually collided with people.

Anyhoo. I f'king love this store and I' m so glad Mr. Carver's finally joined us! Go visit DEVO on Floyd!

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