Monday, November 3, 2008


Dear 友達:

Early November is the perfect time for mushroom hunting. The delicately perfumed carpet of newly-fallen leaves provides a perfect environment for the most extravagantly-hued and delicious little fungi. One must always carry the appropriate guide, though, as many mushrooms can be poisonous. I happened upon some of the loveliest mushroom specimens I've found to date in MCH at the Starlust Motel on Lloyd. Just as one must have the appropriate guide, one must also have the appropriate attire.

The days are growing chillier, but one also needs freedom of movement when searching the forest floor, so wearing too many layers is simply out of the question. The Agent Debbie coat from Thimbles and the Electric Feel knit cap (with, ahem, hair of course) proved just the right uniform for the job. I'll have to find some matching gloves for next time, though, as you can probably see from the pictures I've enclosed, digging through the dirt made a horror of my manicure.

All right, mes petits chouchous, I'm going to pan fry these lovely little fungi in some garlic and olive oil. Here's to hoping I don't grow absurdly tall or shrink absurdly small or just barf and die.

Ex oh ex oh,

秋子 Akiko

MCH Mushrooms and goodies basket with 3 different attachments (2 for left arm, 1 for right hand), 1 empty basket for gift and 2 separate mushrooms. Scripted with shown poses. L$150

Hiccup Electric Feel hair, all 8 colors L$1

Thimbles Agent Debbie jacket L$120 each, Pleasantly Plump Pack of 10 colors L$1000

Chewed up finger tats from Figure8 @ Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary L$1

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Takashi Alekseev said...

Let me know if you found any chanterelles or white truffles - my favorites!

Awesome job, Akiko :)

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