Saturday, October 25, 2008

Big Booty, Big Money on Floyd

BBBM is one of the first shops in world that I ever fell madly in love with. I just thought everything from the textures to the ads was so incredibly visually interesting and unusual for what I'd then been exposed to in SL.

The Big Booty, Big Money Navy Zygote Tiger Dress is one of my first SL purchases and still one of my favorite dresses to wear. Oh I just heard the strangest noise behind me. It was like a cricket really fast and loud or a cicada... only just for a split second. So weird. This next dress, the Big Booty, Big Money Space Ball Sunshine Dress I love more than the first. I love it because it's f'king huge. It flounces. It's princessy but not in a frilly little girl way. I'm not a frilly little girl. I wore it to the grand opening of the first Motel, Hank loved it. I think he wished he could have worn something equally grand.

Recently we've had the serendipitous luck to host BBBM in a giant sunken ship on Floyd. It's weird, it's awkward to walk through, it's dusky and filled with dangerous man eating piranha. I'm flippin overjoyed that Evelyn took the space and made it booty and moneyfull. It's neat, it's fun to explore and there are definitely worthwhile reasons to!

Evelyn's new dresses are so incredibly gorgeous. I've seen so few in world with the same quality and creativity behind them. Her Big Booty, Big Money Epilogue Dress, Metal isn't even my most recent favorite, but it's so lovely I wanted to put a photo of it here. The textures are rich, the colors are so complimentary. If you haven't been to BBBM and think your inventory is sorely lacking (which, I agree... it IS) then click on over and come see for yourself. Look around for a mystery gift as well as a stack of her older releases marked down so low it's a crime not to get them! BBBM on Floyd!

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