Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Massive Starlustland Trash Hunt - Nov. 7th to 9th.

We skipped Halloween here at Starlustland because the grid was just really already full of fun things to do. Everyone was so busy participating or reaping the benefits of so many great Halloween events in real life and on here. Hunts, Haunted places to go explore and so many parties. The aftermath of it all though has left Starlustland in quite a state of disarray! Litter litter everywhere (some of it physical!) and not a drop to drink. But our trash is your treasure this weekend. Nov. 7th to the 9th we're having a massive Starlustland Trash hunt. Specifics of which will come sporadically this week so keep an eye out.
Until then... go dig up your rubber gloves and pocket sized hand sanitizers... They'll come in handy!

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