Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BLONDE Ambition

It’s time to introduce you to my favorite blonde, Zedellbee Zuhal. Zee owns the retro furniture shop (in the form of a giant radio) called BLONDE. Her home store is located on Polly Jean, so you can get the best selection right at Starlust!

Zee offers the usual standards like a full kitchen set. Her prices are EXCEPTIONALLY reasonable, as well as her prim count. However, she does everything with a special twist. The oven is UK inspired, the frig actually OPENS to show food, and the washing machine shakes when you sit on it.  *coughs*

Her latest releases are STOCKHOLM 1961 living room set and the BOAT BAR. I highly recommend picking these up. Not only do they go beautifully in any retro inspired home, but they each come with a little bit of humor.   

For example, STOCKHOLM comes with two chairs (one with a foot stool), sofa, coffee table and two versions of lamps (short or tall). There is also a matching area rug ANNNNND a vintage edition of Playboy to hide when the guests show up.

BOAT BAR gives you two stools for the ladies (of course, the men would stand) and an imbedded barman animation if you sit on the bar itself. If you can click on the boat, you’re offered drinks like Sandy Bum or Sunset Strip. Nothing like a smoke and drink at the bar to help you settle in after a long day of work, aye?

Please open your homes up to BLONDE, you will love it! 

My Get-UP In Peechurs……
HAIR: BP, summer pony
APRON: BLONDE, freebie pinnie
  Tre Blah, turtleneck
BOTTOM: VINTAGE, freebie pants (store now closed)
EYES: Minnu, sky
SKIN: It’s a shop in Dogtown on Lloyd… I can’t for the life of me remember the name because the store is a number. I’m terrible at remembering numbers. Sorry. I suck.

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