Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Friendly Faces, Forbidden places, Dirty spaces... at the Starlust!

We haven't divided up days of the week for fashion blogging responsibilities yet. We're freshly birthed... give us a break. However, Mel gave me her new hat and I fell head over heels immediately for it. When Stein saw it later she dern near had a conniption for it. Thankfully Mel put if up for sale in Room 13 (Split Pea) before going to sleep so we could all get it and then run around looking incredibly fashionable in it! Even dear dear Hank donned the had and pulled it off with every ounce of grace that naturally spills from his ever loving fingertips. Unfortunately he'd gone to bed before we took these photos so you'll have to take my word that this hat is truly unisex. Ordinarily I suppose one is supposed to end a post with some sort of fashion credits... but like I said... somewhat new at this blogging other people's products stuff and I forgot to ask Stein and Marcelle what they were wearing. Feel free to ask them yourselves!
Also this photo links to the new Starlust Motel Flickr Group and there's very special update group too if you're interested in that.

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