Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun Stuff from the Starlust

If you know me at all, you know I have four hobbies. 1) Smoking 2) Making Lists 3) Yelling at Scripted Vendors 4) Shopping at the Starlust. I went on a journey today to find some cute cute hair and ended up with an entire outfit!

1) Marika Dress - Sisters (located in the Dock Houses behind Starlust Motel)
2) KK-PNC-Smear Skin - Kandy Kitty (also in the Dock Houses)
3) BP*Folded Braid hair in brown - BP* (located in GIANT Rocking Horse)
4) Pose: Joyous Jill Pin Up - Pudge (located in giant Cheeseburger)
5) Periquita Mary Squares Shoes Black - Periquita Shoes (located in Room 39 of the Starlust Motel)
6) H&V: hay it's got ruffles leggings/socks - Heart Attack & Vine (located in Room 32)

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