Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

I'd like to make the overwhelmingly exciting grand announcement that BettiePage Voyager has joined us here at the Starlust. And now stage 1 of our diabolical plot is complete. Begin Stage 2.
(all stages are not only secret but highly confusing so it's best just not to ask what they are)

Because we not only love BettiePage, but also a good challenge... please welcome a Giant Rocking horse to the Starlust Grounds. Big Baby rocking horse was dropped from our skybox two days ago MUCH to the delight of all who got to ride him down and flop around as he crashed on the roof of the motel. I think someone who's better at writing flowery descriptions should have been put in charge of writing this... All I can tell you is to find the flickr photos and come see Big Baby for yourself, he's a gorgeous addition. And on that note I'm going to go get my laundry from the dryer.

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