Thursday, May 15, 2008

We're all on pins and needles, this has been at least a month in the making. I've lost track of time so it's probably a bit more than that. Let's call it one and a half months in the making... The Grand Opening of the Starlust Motel expansion!
Situation on the scenic sim of Lloyd is not only the Motel itself but also a fine smattering of shops in Theme buildings as well as the new home of Dogtown (urban shopping!). For a complete list (nee, experience) of all the shops you'll just have to visit us this weekend for the Grand Opening but I will give you some names here now. And I'm giving you to them very much in the same way a drunken New York party goer whispers into a friend's ear the names of celebrities she's just watched perform illegal acts in a bathroom at the Magazine Release party that she didn't really want to attend that night...
In no particular order: DP Yum Yum - Smersh - Fashionably Dead - Thimbles - Pudge - Ki-Squared - Schadenfreude - Timberry - GG Couture - Tres Blah - Kurotsubaki - Lotta - Honey Kitty - La Sylphide - Alchemy - Silent Sparrow - Marly's Vintage Clothing and Hair - Japancakes - Violet Voltaire - Periquita Shoes
And those are just at Starlust itself! Imagine all the goodies from Dogtown!
Crap, I just walked into the back of Toast Bard's Dinosaur and the genius of it has made me speechless. You have that to look forward to! It's a wonderful feeling.

See you the 17Th!

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