Friday, May 16, 2008

2pm SL time. Meat me at the Starlust!

2pm SLT, Freebies abound. Because I am physically and mentally exhausted... I've asked a handful of people to describe the Starlust in 4 words or less. These are their responses (verbatim):
[20:48] Marsellus Bombast: like.. fuckin aw some
[20:50] Tilly Tokyo: a diseased raunchy wonderland
[20:49] flopsie McArdle: uh..
[20:49] Allegory Malaprop: Awesome?
[20:49] Stein Shilova: a public health risk.
[20:51] Toast Bard: star lust resort/spa
[20:52] Marcelle DeCuir: oh hmm
[20:53] Marcelle DeCuir: I love it.
[20:53] Marcelle DeCuir: wait that sucks
[20:53] Marcelle DeCuir: hmm Delightfully tacky
[20:53] Crauch Rauch: god
[20:57] Toast Bard: i guess i'd say um
[20:57] Toast Bard: friendship, burgers, resort, spa

And there you have it. Welcome to the Starlust.

(if you're going to ask about the spa part...that's just because I give a mean pedicure)

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