Monday, February 15, 2010

More Hunt Prizes!

Valentine's Day is over but the Starlust Valentine's Hunt continues through February 22nd! Besides, every day should be Valentine's Day if you're with someone (my someone told me to say that) and there are plenty of prizes in this hunt that you will be able to use and wear long after the pink candy heart season has passed. If the item is credited below, it's a hunt prize!

SKIN: Imagen - Clara - Este - Deep Purple skin
POSES & HANDHELDS: Don't Freak Out - I Love You poses and holdable hearts
JEWELRY: Bliensen + MaiTai - Blue Valentine necklace, Ticky Tacky - Woe is My Black Heart necklace, Weather or Not - Tough Love Arm Band Silver/Emerald
MOUTH STUFF: Mouth Hugs - heart, Ticky Tacky - Key to My Heart mouth key
WINGS: Sanu - Succubus Wings (also comes with a tail)
LIGHTS: Dash of Romance - Lava Lamp Valentines, Blue MoonPie - Unchain My Heart Hanging Light Set

SKIN: Polar - Sweety skin (2 versions included)
EYES: Hoot - Into the Depths eyes (three colors included, Sweet Valentine and Violet Valentine shown)
JEWELRY: Le Melange - Hey Diddle Diddle choker and dish and spoon earrings, U&R Dogs - Wood Louse necklace, Glow Studio - Red Diamond Valentines earrings
MOUTH STUFF: Detoxx - Sour hearts: Sweet (9 different words included)
GLASSES: Nala - Love Glasses

SKIN: Polar - Sweety skin (2 versions included)
EYES: Schadenfreude - Heartflake Eyes
SHIRT: NUT - Art Tee
SCENE: NUT - Hidden Sunrise Skybox

SKYBOX: NUT - Hidden Sunrise Skybox
INTERIORS (from left to right): La'Licious Designs - Peek A Boo Bear Topiary, Shabby Flamingo - Loveseat, Molto bene - L'amo Photo Board, Mr Tentacle - Huggable Valentine Squid (on loveseat), Herbalys - Gmok the wise, Republica - Heart String Lights

AWESOMENESS: Schadenfreude - Rotating Pasties and Really Tacky Underthings
Yes, Schadenfreude's items get their own gloriously ridiculous photo (though the skin is still the Polar prize). The animation built into the pasties has to be seen to be believed. Bonus: there is a lighthearted Satan theme on some of the underthings. There are lots of options to select from -- choose between different buttflossings, pasties and tassels. How can you go wrong, really?

HANDHELD: BP - Stewpot w/Particles
TREE: Beloved - BCD Love Tree
LIGHTS: UrbanizeD - Catch a Falling Star (you can wear these too)
PANTS: Glow Studio - Vintage Flowers Baggy Pants
SHIRT: Tomoto - Flifla dress (top portion)

As you can see (again), there are tons of cool prizes on this hunt. And hey, don't get discouraged if you're hunting and get stuck -- ask for help in the I <3 Starlust Group! Get your hunt HUD at the motel in Lloyd and have fun with it!


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