Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And Yet More Starlust Hunt Prizes!

There are over 80 prizes in the Starlust Valentine Hunt, and you have until February 22nd to grab a HUD from the motel lobby and start the journey towards claiming all this fun stuff. If you get stuck, ask for help in the Starlust group chat. All items credited below are hunt prizes and can be yours!

MALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Axe
MALE SHIRT: Kid Asia - V-Day V necks Pink
MOUTH STUFF: Pink Yummies - Heartums Cookie
NECKLACE: Peanut - Love Stinks Necklace
FRIEND: Malizz Yiyuan - WodooDoll
FEMALE CORSET: Astraia - Starlust VDay Corset
FEMALE TATTOO: Adore & Abhor - Love me true tattoo
FLOWERPOTS - Split Pea - I'm gonna skin it and wear it as glove
HANDHELD: /ME - My Little Priorities coinpurse

HANDHELD: TOSL - Lollipop Heart Bouquet
BACKPACK: Mixed Nuts - VDay Backpack (2 colors included)
PANTIES: SD Wear's - SD Panther Crave Undies
FURNITURE: Atomic Owl - Three Legged Large Valentine Stool

FEMALE HAIR: Epoque - Lovefest
FEMALE POSES: Olive Juice - Bubblegum Coquette, Dangerous Curves Ahead, Love Letters to Japan
FEMALE SHIRT: Not Without You - Muse
FEMALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Demi
FEMALE SHOES: Ingenue - Audrei Be Mine
MALE SHAPE: Symetrie - Axe
PANTS: The Stringer Mausoleum - Its In The Veins
DEVIL'S RIG: MnM - Devil's heart set (includes horn, tail and wings)

SHAPES: Symetrie (both male and female shapes included)
SHOES: Duh! Red Moccasins (both male and female versions included)
SOCKS: Strumpet - Lover's Quarrel Stockings
FEMALE SHIRT: Thimbles - 1983 (from dress)
FURNITURE: Ponitee - Record Shelf

Have fun,

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