Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MiaSnow and More

MiaSnow, who has an outpost in Elliott, has just released a new line of skins for guys called Jake. There are four different styles (rockstar, chops, fight and goatee) that come with options as far as hair and makeup, and there are Jake shapes as well. The following pics feature the Jake skins and many other items from Starlust vendors in a big crazy mix (shops and sims are all noted below). Who loves to shapeshift? Me.

SKIN: MiaSnow -- Jake (Rockstar) (Elliott)
EYES: Hoot -- Into the Depths (Harold)
HOODIE: Acid & Mala -- Black Zipped Jacket (Bill)
SHIRT: Reek -- Baseball Tee (Harold)
PHOTO HUD: MiaSnow Photo FX -- Grunge 1 (Elliott)
PIERCING: The Habitat (Elliott Freebie)

SKIN: MiaSnow -- Jake (Chops) (Elliott)
EYES: Tacky Star -- Simplicity (Harold)
SHIRT: Thimbles -- I <3 Plaids: Alec Baldwin Hybrid (reopening soon)
SHAPE: Symetrie -- Axe (Bill)
TEETH: RC Cluster -- Wooden Teeth (Floyd)
POSE (top row, second from left): PDA -- Gently I'll Wake You (Harold)
PHOTO HUD: MiaSnow Photo FX (Eye Grey) (Elliott)
Note: the teeth are not on the skin, they are an attached accessory.

SKIN: MiaSnow -- Jake (Fight) (Elliott)
PHOTO HUD: MechanizedLife FilterCam (Harold)
POSE: PDA -- You Are On My Mind (Harold)

SKIN & SHAPE: MiaSnow -- Jake (Goatee) (Elliott)
HAT: Split Pea -- Hedonistic Inclination (Lloyd)
PHOTO HUD: MechanizedLife FilterCam (Harold)

MiaSnow also has a cheapie clown skin for girls out now in her shops that is just 69L, so snag that while you can!

SKIN: MiaSnow -- Isis Tan Clown (Elliott)
POSE: PDA -- Long Was The Year (Harold)
EYES: Hoot -- Into the Depths (Harold)
HAIR: @Waffles! -- Fargo eats tofu (Horst)
SHAPE: Beautiful Girls by Abra Exonar -- Odette (Available at Free*Style on Horst)
TATTOO: MiaSnow -- Tainted Heart cutout (Tainted Love hunt prize at Mia's mainstore until the end of February)
DRESS: KATAT0NIK -- Wish Dress: Starlust edition (Lloyd)
Note: the heart tattoo is not on the skin itself, it's a separate item.

SLurl to MiaSnow in Elliott:

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