Friday, February 19, 2010

Final Hunt Prize Roundup!

One last set of prize pics for you guys -- I've covered almost all of the many fantastic prizes in the Starlust Valentine Hunt, which runs through February 22nd. If the item is credited below, it's a hunt prize!

POSES: A Fine Line - Warrior poses set

FEMALE POSE: Adore & Abhor - Zinger
FEMALE DRESS: Touche - SmexiSweater Dress Burgandy
COUPLES POSE 1: Dismorph - Carry Me Away!
COUPLES POSE 2: DmD - Amazed

POSES: Pink Pebble Poses - PPP Starlust Hunt Gift Poses

TEXTURES (on walls): Made by Moo - Vagine Textures (5 colors and textures with baseboards included)

SCENE: Kusshon - Valentine's Cuddle Cave


What more can I say, really? Bottom line is that this is an awesome hunt and you need to get your Starlusty booty out there and do it! Starting point is in the motel in Lloyd -- just search for Starlust Motel or check Apatia Hammerer's picks. Yes, there is lag. Yes, there are cryptic clues. Yes, there are locations you may not be familiar with. This is all part of the adventure, people.

Thanks to Rach for helping out with this post!

Have fun out there, and happy hunting!

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